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  1. I only fly your A330 but I find that if I don't have the full approach with runway info put into the box, the aircraft skips TOD. So on long hauls, I make sure to fill in everything that I will likely expect on arrival and also set my VA software to Pause at TOD just in case the airbus decides on its own to skip it.
  2. Crazy that a fix hasn't been found yet. This has happened twice to me in the last several weeks, in addition to some other random CTD's. Most unreliable aircraft in my hangar, sad to say.
  3. Yet Aerosoft won't fix it to fade out at altitude like Fslabs or PMDG......
  4. I have my sounds routed to a Klipsch home theater system so for me, no. How about Aerosoft add the feature like other devs or like AT has coded himself?
  5. AT, I'm using your sounds in the CS757 now and love them! I agree with SteamingSpoon, you guys should totally work on something for the A330, especially since Aerosoft will likely give some excuse about how it can't be done.
  6. Well let's hope Aerosoft comes to their senses and starts coding this as other developers are doing.
  7. Is there any discussion at Aerosoft to try and code the MSFS versions of these aircraft to fade out the engine sounds as altitude increases? PMDG and FSLabs both do this but they are also in a different price range. In the meantime I've been doing what you suggested, I just lower the P3D engine volume once I reach cruise level in the A330 so that I no longer hear the loud buzzsaw sound.
  8. Thanks for the help! Seems it may be a time consuming task but I'm tempted to give it a shot.
  9. But I want the internal sounds to be used for both internal and when using wing views. If I change the external sounds to viewpoint=1 won't that mean the external sounds will play when inside the flightdeck?
  10. Hi, I know making edits to the aircraft CFG is not officially supported but I'm still going to ask: Is there a way to edit the Aircraft CFG of the A330 so that I at least get the cockpit sounds when using one of the wing views from the viewbar? I understand that this addon is geared towards being in the flightdeck only and it is not in the same price point as some other big name aircraft developers. But it is nice sometimes to have a look from different views and I'd prefer to at least have the flightdeck soundset be present when doing so instead of the external sounds. Is this possible with simple CFG tweaks or would this be a major edit? Thanks for any responses.
  11. Agreed. It seems odd to hear the buzzsaw sound of the engines at 39,000 feet.
  12. I will try that at the end of this flight. Thanks for the tip.
  13. So after the latest update, I am getting these D3D10Warp DLL crashes on the A330. I didn't want to start a whole new thread so I searched around first. But now I basically can't complete any long haul flight for my VA without fear of this aircraft crashing. This is a new issue for me as it was pretty stable previously. Have there been any updates about this?
  14. Would the A330 be brought to MFS prior to moving on to other models? I'm a huge fan of your A330.
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