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  1. 1) Semantics...I was getting to the root of the OP's question. 2) Answers that question....
  2. Sorry to bring up the V1 call-out again, but I thought it was stated in the last topic (closed now) that you were looking at having it for the A330? Did this change or have I misunderstood?
  3. Are there any details about the sounds you're working on? I remember it was stated that the new busses will have all new sounds (which to me is a very important aspect for a sim).
  4. No rhyme nor reason to the likes/dislikes in this forum sometimes...
  5. Not for nothing, but he is right if memory serves me correct. This aircraft was initially expected in 2015, moved to 16 and now expected in 2017. Have you been following from the beginning?
  6. Will the view speed in the virtual cockpit when using the hat-switch be sped up at all? For example, in the PMDG I am able to "look" around the cockpit much quicker when using the hat-switch as apposed to the Aerosoft busses which feel as though the movement somewhat lags. Still love the aircraft and can't wait for the 330!
  7. Bigt

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Hawaiian Airlines please!!!