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  1. Thanks for the help! Seems it may be a time consuming task but I'm tempted to give it a shot.
  2. But I want the internal sounds to be used for both internal and when using wing views. If I change the external sounds to viewpoint=1 won't that mean the external sounds will play when inside the flightdeck?
  3. Hi, I know making edits to the aircraft CFG is not officially supported but I'm still going to ask: Is there a way to edit the Aircraft CFG of the A330 so that I at least get the cockpit sounds when using one of the wing views from the viewbar? I understand that this addon is geared towards being in the flightdeck only and it is not in the same price point as some other big name aircraft developers. But it is nice sometimes to have a look from different views and I'd prefer to at least have the flightdeck soundset be present when doing so instead of the external sounds.
  4. Agreed. It seems odd to hear the buzzsaw sound of the engines at 39,000 feet.
  5. I will try that at the end of this flight. Thanks for the tip.
  6. So after the latest update, I am getting these D3D10Warp DLL crashes on the A330. I didn't want to start a whole new thread so I searched around first. But now I basically can't complete any long haul flight for my VA without fear of this aircraft crashing. This is a new issue for me as it was pretty stable previously. Have there been any updates about this?
  7. Would the A330 be brought to MFS prior to moving on to other models? I'm a huge fan of your A330.
  8. Such an odd issue. I ran the update, and just completed a long-haul from Frankfurt to Seattle on the A330. Personally, I'm very happy as my shutdown sounds worked for the first time! Going to do a Seattle to Honolulu flight soon but so far so good Unfortunately, I see that there are some people that are still having the issue.
  9. Will do once I get home. I'm suspecting there has been an update that I missed. Thanks!
  10. Are you guys on the A330 or A318-21 series? Just trying to figure out if there was an update for the A330 that I might have missed.
  11. Thanks Dave, I hadn't realized that. Well I guess the two are not related lol.
  12. Don't know if this is related but when I start the A330 the proper way using the ENG Start switch and then the master switches, my VA ACARS program shows some oddities. I start with Engine 1, and it comes up and running as normal and this is noted in my VA ACARS program. Once stabilized, I begin the start sequence for Engine 2. When I do this, the ACARS program records that Engine 2 is ON, then it shows Engine 2 OFF, then it shows Engine 2 ON again. So if shutdown sounds are only getting triggered once, maybe something is broken in the formal start sequence coding. When I start th
  13. OK. Currently in the A330 now doing a long-haul for my VA but I'll try and make this change for the next flight and report back.
  14. Any word on the part of his question regarding the engine sounds at/above 10,000? I was going to start a topic on that myself but he beat me to it.
  15. I tried loading the 330 directly from the scenario screen like you mentioned using both cold and dark and the default turn-around state. Still, if starting the engines the proper way, I get no shutdown sounds at my destination. Starting them using Control +E and I get shutdown sounds at destination. Although this leads to weird looping start-up sounds. I also don't always get full start-up sounds for the APU. Sometimes they work. Other times I'll start it, switch to external view, and nothing until its fully operational and then boom, the running APU sound pops on out of nowhere. Absolutely ri
  16. I usually load the Default Turn-Around state but still have no shutdown sounds on arrival. How are you loading the aircraft into the sim? Do you load it from the scenario select screen or wait until you're in your scenario with the default F-22 then load in the Airbus?
  17. I'm not familiar with your initial issue but the engine shutdown issue and the CTRL+E stuff is still being discussed in this thread below (I am one who is experiencing the issue). In my opinion, I think far more people are experiencing it then they realize (they just aren't reporting it). Glad you also mentioned this to them.
  18. Dave, Mathijs mentioned the OS and P3D re-install. As for the LM forums about the engine spool sounds, I believe those were about the known bug when switching camera views that would cause an engine spool up type sound to play. That was fixed with 4.5, I believe. That thread goes back to 2015 which pre-dates p3dv4 so I'm not inclined to think this has anything to do with a Client-only update (which is what I did to answer to your question). It also makes me more hesitant to spend a bunch of time uninstalling and re-installing everything when my sim, aside from this iss
  19. I have a pretty darn decent PC from Jetline Systems. I'm running P3DV4.5 latest hotfix and everything is working well. I don't have this issue with my PMDG 747-400 nor the -8. I don't have this issue with my FSLABS A320. I don't have this issue with the QW 787. I don't have this issue with the Captainsim 757III. The only one I have this issue with is your A330 so I guess I'll have to just deal with it because if you think I'm going to reinstall the OS and entire sim just for your A330, which I do like BTW, you are out of your mind. Hopefully others come forward and actually start r
  20. Well this is from the A330. In the firs clip, I started the engines using Control-E as the workaround posted in this very thread. When doing that, once I go to the shut the engines down the appropriate shutdown sounds are triggered. In the second clip, I started the engines using the Engine Mode selector and Engine master switches. When the engines have been started that way, when you go to shut them down, the sounds are NOT triggered. The sounds are there, as you can see, but not getting triggered. The video on my iPhone has the panel, I'm not sure why it didn't upload
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