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  1. Dear Aerosoft, I purchased one NavDataPro Cycle in march 2017. I tried to activate it on the 24.07.2017. The key was/is shown as expired for a download of the 1603 cycle. I also had started a supportticket, but the issue wasn't resolved. So I wrote an email to info@aerosoft.de on 31.07.2017. I also ask for a refund, but got nothing so far. I was told to wait for the 07.08., when the IT specialist is back at the office. I got no answer. So 8,99€ for nothing?
  2. When is this version available for download. The PMDG OC states I can download it via Aerosoft. The PMDG version I can still download is 1.20.8389.
  3. Ich hatte letzte Woche die 737 NGX mit der Version 1.20.8389 installiert. Nun gibt es im OC ein Hinweis, dass ich die neueste Version von der NGX installieren soll. Ist dies eine falsche Meldung, bzw. diese zur Version vom 12.07. gehörend?
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