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  1. When I installed MFS Standard Edition first the additional download content was interrupted at 15.89 of 16.09GB. I had at least two insufficient boat patches. In MFS I couldn't select the marketplace and the content manager kept loading infinitely (also with the deleted incomplete patches). While playing activities I had stutters and poor performance mostly at the beginning of the flight and relatively short in front of the airport (the MSI Afterburner showed no issues - same issue without Afterburner), but that vanished completely after restarting the scenery or nearly while flying in windows
  2. Dear Aerosoft, I purchased one NavDataPro Cycle in march 2017. I tried to activate it on the 24.07.2017. The key was/is shown as expired for a download of the 1603 cycle. I also had started a supportticket, but the issue wasn't resolved. So I wrote an email to info@aerosoft.de on 31.07.2017. I also ask for a refund, but got nothing so far. I was told to wait for the 07.08., when the IT specialist is back at the office. I got no answer. So 8,99€ for nothing?
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