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  1. Great, can't say I'm surprised by that answer.
  2. Doesn't look like this has been fixed yet. Any plans for this? If I'm doing something wrong which would cause this I'm open for suggestions.
  3. I can only speak for my myself, I like to do the settings by myself but not using ViewFocus nor the automatic copilot. Therefore the checklist is more or less just a reminder for me, only catching my attention if an item is not set. But I understand this is not really the intended use for the checklist functionality. My question has been answered.
  4. Well thats unfortunate... But thanks for clarification.
  5. Hi After a long break of flying I updated the Airbus A320/A321 to the latest version. During my first flight I noticed, that the challenge/response pace between the PF and PNF became extremely slow. Especially the break between a response and the next challenge is almost annoying. In my memory the pace was a lot higher than it is now. Is this a problem on my side or is this intentional? Regards
  6. Hi I hope thats the correct part of the forum to report this issue. The following behaviour could be reproduced three times now. After a turnaround, no matter what pitch trim setting is used for takeoff, it gets reset back to 0 during takeoff at about 80 kts GS (or somewhere between takeoff trust and V1). This does not happen during the first flight. Im using the A320 professional, version Regards
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