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    For sure there will be still addons required. MSFS is not a simulator where you will get worldwide high end airports. Default is better than FSX default, but still default. Even the deluxe default airports will require addons. Cologne is for us an important POI. But not for other. Asobo can’t model worldwide every POI. Most is still autogen generated by AI. And it is based on bing satimages. So go to bing and you see what you can expect in different regions (age and quality of satimages). So at the end MSFS is still a giant step and a great future sim, but we will still have to buy addons.
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    Warning… this is work in progress and if you dislike us to toot our own horn, better not read on. As you know we have been working with Microsoft and Asobo to get the new sim into retail stores (with great success, it will be available widely in Europe) but less known is how our developers have worked with Asobo on making complex add-ons possible. The major credit goes to Stefan Hoffmann and Hans Hartmann here. But Asobo has been incredibly kind and it was a fair exchange of ideas and code. They helped us getting a product done, we helped them shape the SDK so it will benefit all add-on developers. And honestly, companies like PMDG, and Carenado are friends of us, this is not something written to get our code to work, if this works any complex code is possible. We have just been selected by Asosbo to assist. In response we have invested a lot on the new platform, hired new people specifically for the MFS products, moved resources around. To be honest, we have been seeing and using the new sim for over a year now and we believe in it. Now other companies have shared images of their models in the new sim (or will do so shortly) but I can assure you none will be able to show you something like this. Complex displays, using nonstandard code. P3D V5 standard. There will be video soon, shared in combination with Microsoft. This is code that actually works. Not bitmaps. Things like the reflections still need tweaks (did I mention this was work on progress?) but we really wanted to show you what people have been working on for the last few months. These images are pretty high definition, click on them to see the best resolution the forum allows. Now as you might assume, complex aircraft are not our only market. Airports are a major part of our product line and the scenery developers that work for us have been working with Asobo to get our airports in the sim. Of course, Paderborn airport, where our HQ is based, had to be first and we are happy to see Microsoft has included the files Jo Erlend Sund made, that we send them into the default sim. And yes, you will be able to find our office. In pretty high detail. We will have more images soon but here is a first image. The CRJ images are also on that airport btw. Again, all shown here is work in progress, things might and will look different when released. In the first release some stuff might not work as we want it, but we’ll be open and honest about that. As said we are working with Asobo to get things working and in the end we believe we will match all features the a mature platform like P3D offers. Speaking about release. No, we are not willing to give out dates for releases. Things are still very much in flux. Every single day changes in the SDK allow us to tweak things. We are also not hurrying things. MFS is an incredible product. When you get it you will need many weeks to explore what is possible, how to tweak the hundreds of settings to your liking, see how Chernobyl looks and no, Asosbo did not model this, this is a fantastic example how their code create scenery from data). When you are done with that, we hope to have the CRJ and some airports ready for you to download. Ahhh, I see the first questions… is this a free update from existing products? No, my friends, it is not. There is a shite load of work already been invested in this new version. It is not a simple port, almost every single file is new. Prices will be decided when we get closer to release. As a last comment. No, we are not abandoning X-Plane or P3D, we love all simulators at Aerosoft and while we might have our own likes and dislikes, we sell what customers buy. You decide, not us.
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    Da sind schon einige Fehler im Log.File vorhanden. Nur bin ich jetzt leider nicht der Held, um die sauber zu analysieren Hier der Auszug den Fehlern der ZIBO Wie es aussieht, blockiert der Gatekeeper die Zibo.XPL Dann sind hier unstimmige Frequenzen aufgeführt, nur, inwiefern die zum Chrash führen?? Und dann noch ein Kalibrierungsproblem einer T.Flight Hotas Achse. Das Wetterradar und AVI.TAB ist geladen und scheidet als Fehler aus. Eventuell der eigendliche Download, aber der MAC macht das mit dem hauseigenen Entpackungsprogramm gut und schnell. Du kannst aus dem Appstore das Programm KEKA nehmen. Ist Freeware und kann 7.Zip veraarbeiten. Das nehme ich auch Nun ist betimmt nochmal ein Fliegerkollege so freundlich und schaut sich das Log.File mal mit Kennerauge an. Noch eine Idee zum Schluß Stöpsel doch mal deine gesamte Peripherie ( Joystick, Ruderpedale etc ) vom Rechner ab und starte X-Plane mit der ZIBO.
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    I'm not familiar with Milviz products. Was the amphibious version in the same package as the wheeled version? Also I am familiar with the Quality of Aerosoft products and I trust them to deliver a high quality and great value product with excellent customer support so I will wait patiently for the Aerosoft version.
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    Hello! Looking for the new A330 Corsair F-HROK & F-HJAZ! THX
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    Okay, will ask the Project Manager on Monday.
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    morning all. just a thought. put up a survey page for for aircraft to be first in the new mfs. my vote would be a330. cheers Steve
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    Next week... Being tested.
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    Prop and jet aircraft are on separate development trajectories, so hardly affect each other.
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    Okay, I officially put a Beaver project on our project management system....
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