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  1. Hi Emanuel, yes, I'm quite sure. It's not a Boeing; in an Airbus you have to push the altitude-button for descending after the messeage "decellerate" appears, and the wanted altitude has to be preselected already. Kai
  2. Hello, when my descend begins (during overflying the white "stick" in the ND) there is no message "decellerate" in the PFD. Even the little yellow or green ball beside the altitude tape goes downwards; the stick in the ND vanishes - but there is no message. Not in the airbus-family A319-321 nor in the latest 330. Is this a known bug or do I have have to make some settings to see the message? Kai
  3. good morning, does anybody knows already if it is possible to mount both honeycomb articles (yoke and the awaited throttle) on the wheelstand pro where I can mount the saitek hardware? Thanks! mfg Kai
  4. I love this bus very much, it's a wonderful piece! I very enjoyed my first flight this morning. Only the EFB is to white (lighten) for me. So I didn't use it. But I don't want to pull down my bloom-settings because I like the sim a little bloomy in general; without it the light seems to be too flat for me (I have a large monitor). So maybe in a future update it will be possible to dim it a little bit? That would be nice. By the way, in the CRJ I can read the tablet without any problems. Is there the same technology in use? Kai
  5. Vector APT or similar things maybe the reason? mfg Kai
  6. Wrong autogen-buildings are detected and solved: they belong to PrealSoft HD cities Genenva. Without this addon everything is okay. mfg Kai
  7. Ver very nice! It looks like an immediately release. How much is the size of the scenery? Kai
  8. Hallo, ich habe mir das experimentelle Update für die Familie heruntergeladen, in der Hoffnung, das die eine oder andere Sache in Ordnung gebracht wird, unter anderem das nervige "Speed, Speed" nach dem Start, das jedesmal so lange bleibt, bis der Flieger nach Erreichen der acceleration height endlich die Nase senkt, um Fahrt aufzunehmen, usw. Was habe ich jetzt? Mit dem A 321 wollte ich von KSMF nach KPDX fliegen. Alles lief super, während des Steigfluges habe ich mir einen Kaffee aufgesetzt. Als ich zurückkam, sah ich folgendes: togacalk, alphafloor und eine Geschwindigkeit, die schön langsam immer weiter herunterging. N1 war bei 93%. Letztlich ging das Flugzeug in de Sinkflug über, um wieder Fahrt zu bekommen. Ob es das geschafft hat weiß ich nicht. Ich habe die Sitzung abgebrochen und mit einem anderen Flieger neu durchgeführt (auch ein prominenter Airbus). Schon fast überflüssig zu bemerken, dass mit der gleichen Konfiguration alles reibungslos lief. Soll ich jetzt (wieder) die Busse deinstallieren, um das experimentelle Update wieder loszuwerden? Dann klemmt es wieder woanders. Langsam bin ich es leid; es ist wie ein zu kleines Tischtuch. Es schaut immer eine Ecke des Tisches hervor und zieht man es dort drüber, sieht man die andere Ecke. Ein größeres, passendes Tuch wäre sehr schön! Ich werde den Bus erst mal in den Hangar stellen, bis ein richtiges, grundlegendes Update (falls überhaupt machbar) erscheint; von den noch offenen Funktionen wie eine unabhängig funktionierende PNF-Seite und ein aufpoppbares ND ganz zu schweigen. Schade! mfg Kai
  9. Thank you Andreas! Now I got the right installer and everything is alright out of the box; like it should be. mfg Kai
  10. Yes, that's my suggestions too. The Simmarket support means that they have received the latest version so I'm not able to get any other, actualized version until Simmarket with Aerosoft can agree about the version Simmarket is delivering. Kai
  11. Okay, you're right. But in apps and features me and you can see: Bergamo Professional That's why the Aerosoft Updater asks me to download the latest version from my account. As you can see it looks like having not the latest version in my account, doesn't it? Not speaking about the circumstance with the syntax-error, showing in my post above. Kai
  12. The answer from Simmarket: Im Kundenkonto ist die aktuellste Version vom Aerosoftserver verfügbar, dort gibt es keine vom 04.01.2019 10:07 enhält AS_BERGAMO-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4_V1011.exeBitte geben Sie das so an Aerosoft weiter.
  13. Just opened a ticket with Simmarket. They told me that the installer which was taken in my account would be the latest one. So I believe of a misunderstanding between Simmarket and Aerosoft. Just downloaded the "latest" installer and of course its the old one: the sybtax-error still exists and the Aerosoft updater reminds me to download and install an actual version.😕. Kai
  14. No, it tells me that my key is not guilty. I have no box, only my download via Simmarket. mfg Kai
  15. Hi, just tried a fresh install: the installer from Simmarket is still the same old one. No yet.I have the error showing in the pic and the AS updater can't detect an actual version too. So maybe Aerosoft hasn't spread the latest installer to every vendor yet. Kai
  16. Thanks a lot! I bought it via Simmarket and from there I didn't receive a notification yet. When it is available and installed I'll give you a feedback. Kai
  17. hello, just got the message from Simmarket about a new version of Bergamo. I downloaded and installed it. The last step before finishing I receive following errormessage: "Automatisierungsfehler, ungültige Syntax". This means that no entry is building in add-ons.cfg. I'm able to do that manually but maybe the installer can do this again after fixing this. I guess the problem is occured by different settings in the registry (with slash or without slash, german windows...).
  18. The same for me! It's nearly impossible for me to get a successful climb. After take off and engaging the AP the planes calls "speed, speed" and starts to descent. Only with slewing I'm able to put the plane higher. Here I flew several minutes, have had a cup of coffee in meantime, caming back to the PC and I saw a speed of about 120 ktn and the nose up (because no flaps were set). There was no vertical management at all. I'm afraid I have the bus put into the hangar until this problem is fixed.😕 What I don't understand: the same situation worked perfectly until the latest updates were delivered. Why have things to be changed which are working in a correct matter until that? It would be better investing time for developing promising things like an independent second ND. Kai
  19. Wow, that would be VERY nice! mfg Kai
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