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  1. Sounds good. But I'm afraid the updatefunction of of AO won't work anymore after doing that. Kai
  2. Addon Manager is a wonderful tool, comparible with simstarter for P3D a little bit. A very easy and comfortable way to have only these addons active I like to use at the moment. Very helpful to handle the tons of freeware which are out already and for evaluating purposes IMHO. Kai
  3. AO uses symbolic links and addon manager does it too. Is there a way to have the AO library can be read out by addon manager for using it in the manager like other addons too? Michael, did you check this already? Kai
  4. Very nice! I'm there in my holidays every year near Kufstein, climbing the Kaiser-mountains. I told my children: look over there, right behind Kufstein, there is LOIK. And now, at your first screenshot, I can see the "wilder Kaiser" in the background! I'm looking very forward to the release!
  5. I'd like to give a positive feedback too: just finished my leg from EGLC to EGPE. Everything was working perfectly and smooth. I made a wonderful ILS-landing in Inverness. Nor more graphic and speedtape issues, the plane gives a lot pleasure to me. Many thanks are given to the Aerosoft-team!
  6. This is a HF2 thread (not only CRJ) so I can say and hope here that delevopment of the planned traffic tool that was held back unfortunately can go on; maybe the issues are ironed out now.
  7. A very pleasant and welcome tool, thanks a lot!
  8. Good morning, for the airbus(ses): will it be possible imprting a readymade flightplan from PFPX or Simbrief like it is possible in P3D? Or asked vice versa: will there be a flightplanfolder (for AS-busses) where the flightplans can be saved and imported into the CDU?
  9. Details and immersion are one of the highlights of MSFS. There are other sims at the market which show much less details because of the above meant reason and their outdated architecture. So maybe it could be a good idea to meet one of these sims if somebody doesn't need these "quantities" of details?! I read a lot of comments like "too much details, not nessessary, too much lego, no time looking for it because I have to handle a systemdepth plane during approach...". Fun! I use the CRJ and the FBW bus and I have always time for a small look outside the window to enjoy myself seeing the overwhelmed landscape; even during approach! Never forget, these details are mirrors of the real world! Not the older landclass architecture.
  10. ILS-approach is no problem at all and it doesn't matter using the FMS or NAV1-mode. Important is to set the right frequency (you have to do it manually; it's not automatically like in the airbus) and the right speed to allow the airplane to sink. I intercept the glideslope with about 180 kts in most cases and that fits very well. But soon after (nearly immediately) I have to slow down the thrust levers, otherwise the plane starts sinking too late and it will stay above the glideslope.
  11. No, it doesn't. I'll try reinstalling later.
  12. I see the same issue; it came after the Asobo hotfix today. Looks like that:
  13. Good morning, I entered some wrong entries into the scratchpad, accidentially. I tried to delete them either with "delete" or "clear". But the entries don't disappear. In the section "messages" in FMC there are some unknown messages too; I think, this belongs to the errornous entries I did. These messages can't be deleted too; I don't know how. With a restarted sim the scratchpad is empty again but that's not the right way I think. What di I have to do here?
  14. Approaching is now possible perfectly, thanks a lot Sascha!
  15. Tja, warum geht das beim X-Plane? Warum geht das auch in der Linux-Welt? In der MS-geführten Welt tickt einiges anders; so eben auch beim MSFS. Du siehst ja schon, was es für Probleme geben kann, wenn ein Update da ist und jemand vergißt, einen Mod aus dem community-Ordner herauszunehmen der vorher lief und jetzt Zicken macht. Bis man darauf kommt... So wäre es dann auch mit zig verschiedenen MSFS-Varianten; einige hätten wahrscheinlich sogar noch die beta aus dem letzten Juli drauf .
  16. Ich möchte nicht das Geschreie erleben, wenn jeder seinen eigenen Stand des Sims hat, den er gerade für gut befindet. Wie soll dann bitteschön support und Fehlersuche geleistet werden? Es ist schon okay, das die Basis überall gleich ist. Einen kleinen Abglanz, was unterschiedliche Versionen veranstalten können, findest du direkt bei Windows selbst, wo bei einigen Nutzern Fehler aufploppen, bei denen man sich dumm und dämlich sucht, wo dann auf MS geschimpft wird und um dann festzustellen: du hast ja noch die vorvorletzte Windows-Version drauf . Nach einem Update läuft dann alles bestens .
  17. Very interesting! But if I use the GA-flaps-lever instead of the flaps-axis (which is a trigger only) the CRJ-flaps lever responds in a correct way; using the whole way from up to down.
  18. The same for me too. But you can trigger the flaps with the GA-lever very comfortable - just as a workaround for the moment.
  19. Okay, there's no problem, just wait until the sim's performance is back for you. But many many other user have a very well working sim; why should everybody wait now? I know, you didn't say that but it looks like as if you mean it because you complain several times about that. It's sad for you, yes, no doubt about it. Hopefully it will be better again as soon as possible.
  20. A "pause before TOD" - is this feature implemented?
  21. Just did my simupdate and the perfromance is, no surprising, equal or even slightly better and smoother than before. I use the FBW A320 Mod and a lot of scenery addons, linked in via addonlinker. So there should be no problem with the CRJ.
  22. Let's see if the CRJ will be affected by this; maybe only some users have this problem, caused by some addons in their community-folder e.g.
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