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  1. Hello, request this livrery Rwandair A330 Thanks COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  2. Hello, I have just seen that the Ipad App doesn't exist. How Can I put the charts on my Ipad ? Thanks Max
  3. Hello, Can you make Rwandair livrery please ? Thx
  4. Hello, I will report some missing systems : -"STS" on the ECAM when we switch off the packs for the T/O -Brake Fan or Brake Fan Inop -A/THR disconnect button -"ignition" message on the ECAM when the Engine Start Selector is on the Ignition Position Thanks Max
  5. Hello, Can we have a tutorial for the EFB please? Thanks Max
  6. Hello, I've made an update 3 days ago via aerosoft update and since this update, when I released the parking brakes, the speed increased up to 30kt with thrust idle. Any answer about that? Thanks MM
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