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  1. I'm not familiar with Milviz products. Was the amphibious version in the same package as the wheeled version? Also I am familiar with the Quality of Aerosoft products and I trust them to deliver a high quality and great value product with excellent customer support so I will wait patiently for the Aerosoft version.
  2. I would rather wait for the Aerosoft amphibious version.
  3. Thank you so much for adding the Beaver to your projects list. This is what makes Aerosoft stand out from other manufacturers, the willingness to listen and respond positively to their customers requests. You guys rock!
  4. True Mathijs, but the Cubs cant compete with the the Beaver when flying moderate amounts of cargo. I am hoping to be able to use Microsoft Flight simulator in conjunction with FS Economy and a Beaver would be perfect for this.
  5. This new sim is just crying out for a D.H. Beaver so I really hope you guys will consider adding it to your roster in the near future. I would love to get out into the Alaskan bush and do some flying and water landings with that plane.
  6. Thanks Mathijs. I, think I will play it safe and order two premium deluxe copies. One download and one box. That way I know I can get everything including the art book and still not have to worry about having to insert the dvd every time on start up. Plus it helps support both Aerosoft and the developers so win win!
  7. Ok here is my question. I am interested in buying the boxed version purely for collection purposes. Now I understand that to be able to run the sim on my computer without having to insert the disc every time , I would have to purchase a separate online version (either Microsoft store or steam version). This isn't really a problem for me. However if I buy the basic version online will I be able to add the extras that come with the Premium deluxe disc version (assuming that I bought the premium deluxe version on disc)? Or would it be best to buy the premium deluxe version online and just buy the basic version on disc, Is there any difference in the contents of the box between the basic disc version and the premium deluxe disc version apart from the data on the discs themselves?
  8. Thanks Mathijs. Hopefully it won't be too long till the actual Bravo quadrants are with us also. I think the combination of the Bravo Throttle quadrant and the Airbus throttle addon will give us a really immersive experience.
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering if Aerosoft will be selling the upcoming Airbus Throttle pack addon for the Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant, and if so will there be a pre-order discount offered?
  10. LOL. I got all excited when I saw that there had been a new post on this thread! Ah Well, back to hibernation.
  11. Thank you Mathijs, I am looking forward to getting back into flight simming with the release of the new MSFS and this piece of kit will go a long way in terms of immersion in the new sim. Finally it will be "As real as it gets!"
  12. Hi Guys, I recently pre ordered this throttle and I was just wondering as the release date is not yet known, will we be emailed when it ships so that we can arrange to have someone available to accept delivery?
  13. That looks to be exactly what VRS TacPack seems to be promising to deliver in the not too distant future.
  14. Very happy Christmas to all and a special thought to those of us (like me), who have a loved one serving their country overseas at this time of year. May your god bless you and keep them safe.
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