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  1. Now if we could just have a little model of Mathijs cycling home from work....LOL
  2. I have just downloaded and installed Paderborn and would like to offer my thanks for this generous gift from the team at Aerosoft. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thanks so much
  3. Some people were having problems with the in game marketplace in the steam version so if its ok I would like to leave this post for anyone here who may have the issue of marketplace stalling on "purchase pending" page. Many thanks to MSF forum member SpiffyMark for enlightening me on this. To use the marketplace on the Steam version you have to have the Steam overlay enabled. now if you don't know how to do that follow these steps. Open your Steam client. Click on the option named Steam present in the upper left side of the window. From the drop-down box select Settings t
  4. Sorry Mathijs our posts were kind of crossing there. I did not intend to imply that it was Aerosofts responsibility.
  5. I am not pleased with how Microsoft have gone about things but I know its not the fault of Aerosoft so I for sure will be keeping my boxed copy!
  6. Well if the information in that avsim post is accurate, then I have just wasted the price of the premium delxe version I ordered on steam and I didnt even receive the premium content (another ongoing known issue). and since the steam download took so long to install, I cant even get a refund from steam.
  7. If that is indeed correct then can I draw your attention to this post over on the Avsim forums? https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/580264-just-got-my-premium-deluxe-dvd-version/
  8. I'm not familiar with Milviz products. Was the amphibious version in the same package as the wheeled version? Also I am familiar with the Quality of Aerosoft products and I trust them to deliver a high quality and great value product with excellent customer support so I will wait patiently for the Aerosoft version.
  9. I would rather wait for the Aerosoft amphibious version.
  10. Thank you so much for adding the Beaver to your projects list. This is what makes Aerosoft stand out from other manufacturers, the willingness to listen and respond positively to their customers requests. You guys rock!
  11. True Mathijs, but the Cubs cant compete with the the Beaver when flying moderate amounts of cargo. I am hoping to be able to use Microsoft Flight simulator in conjunction with FS Economy and a Beaver would be perfect for this.
  12. This new sim is just crying out for a D.H. Beaver so I really hope you guys will consider adding it to your roster in the near future. I would love to get out into the Alaskan bush and do some flying and water landings with that plane.
  13. Thanks Mathijs. I, think I will play it safe and order two premium deluxe copies. One download and one box. That way I know I can get everything including the art book and still not have to worry about having to insert the dvd every time on start up. Plus it helps support both Aerosoft and the developers so win win!
  14. Ok here is my question. I am interested in buying the boxed version purely for collection purposes. Now I understand that to be able to run the sim on my computer without having to insert the disc every time , I would have to purchase a separate online version (either Microsoft store or steam version). This isn't really a problem for me. However if I buy the basic version online will I be able to add the extras that come with the Premium deluxe disc version (assuming that I bought the premium deluxe version on disc)? Or would it be best to buy the premium deluxe version online and just buy the
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