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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 2005 or newer for best results. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: RouteCharges (May 2020) Best regards David
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    I've created this forum for discussion of the Aerosoft A330 Professional performance data for flight planning (basiscally Simbrief and PFPX data). Attached below is a link to the Simbrief profile I created for the Aerosoft A330-343, and attached to this post is a PFPX profile I created for the A330-343. I'm sure that in time some talented people will improve upon what I'm provided, but you should find my performance information fairly accurate. Over the weekend (February 14th) I will update this post with a procedure for using Simbrief and the Fuel Planner together for calculating very accurate fuel loads. Best wishes my friends! SIMBRIEF Aerosoft A330-343 Professional Aircraft Profile To use this profile you must first have a Simbrief Account and be logged into it. A330 Version CLICK HERE PFPX Aerosoft A330-343 Professional Aircraft Template (presently for version but we'll update this soon) At the bottom of this post is the template file you can click on to download. Place the template file in the following folder and you'll be ready to use it to create other A330-343 profiles: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTemplates SPECIAL NOTE: Please see the post below for needed information before you can use the PFPX Template: Aerosoft A330-343.txt SIMBRIEF FLIGHT / FUEL PLANNING PROCEDURE: Let's remember that our Fuel Planner does not take into account Great Circle Navigation, which is necessary because despite what Flat Earthers would have you believe, we really do live on a globe/sphere (and I've seen it), and this means that the closest distance between two points is NOT a straight line! The AS Fuel Planner also does not factor in SIDs or STARs, which depending on the Departure or Arrival can add or reduce the distance flown significantly. Due to these things (and a few others), the best way to generate a flight plan and calculate the fuel load is to use Simbrief or PFPX. Both tools take into account Great Circle Navigation and SID/STAR distance flown. Step 1. Open the AS Fuel Planner, enter the number of Passengers (PAX) and amount of Cargo. Note the Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW). Step 2. Open Simbrief or PFPX (and using the Aircraft Profile that we created) set the PAX and Cargo and ZFW to match the AS Fuel Planner Values, set the other values and generate the flight plan. Step 3. Take the Simbrief/PFPX calculated Block Fuel and enter that value directly into the AS Fuel Planner TOTAL FUEL field. Adjust your Takeoff Trim to the value you wish, and then select Generate Loadsheet. IGNORE ALL OTHER FUEL PLANNER VALUES - DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING INTO THEM! Now you can fire up the Aircraft, go to MCDU3 and INIT the Loadsheet and you're off to the races! Once you've done this a few times you can generate a Simbrief Flight Plan and Generate an Airbus Loadsheet in about 60 seconds. IMPORTANT - SIMBRIEF FUEL FACTOR For the most accurate fuel planning use the following: 500nm-2000nm use Fuel Factor of P0 (zero) 2001nm 3000nm use a Fuel Factor of M03, Greater than 3000nm use a Fuel Factor of M05. * That said, unless you are pushing the Airbus to fly just as far as it will possibly go, I strongly recommend always using a Fuel Factor of P0 (zero), this way you should never have a fuel issue on your flights.
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    I haven't had time to create a Simbrief profile for the smaller buses, but when I do I will post it in my first post in this thread. I won't be creating PFPX templates for the smaller buses as they already exist.
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    At this moment (June 30) the following products are updated to Prepar3d V5 status (some might still be uploading btw): Mega Airport London Heathrow professional (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Updater tool (this tool updates itself on startup) Cologne/Bonn professional (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Tenerife South (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Gomera (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Gran Canaria (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - El Hierro (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Palma (full new installer on your order history page) Barcelona Professional (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Madrid professional (full new installer on your order history page) Malaga professional ((full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Mallorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Menorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Ibiza (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft-Kosice-Barca Airport (full new installer on your order history page) Mitchel Wing U2 (free product!), get it here: http://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_P3DV5_V2000.zip Gibraltar Professional - (full new installer on your order history page) SIMstarter NG P3D - (full new product, 60% discount for existing customers) Anchorage professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Fairbanks professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Milano Malpensa professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Frankfurt professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Honeycomb tool - (updated via the updater tool) Helgoland professional - (full new installer via order history page) Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 professional (full new installer via order history page) Genf professional - (full new installer via order history page) US Cities X - Boston- (full new installer via order history page) Lukla - Mount Everest Extreme (full new installer via order history page) Aerosoft A330 professional - (full new installer via order history page) NavDataPro-Client (Windows) - (automatic update) Geneva professional - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-US Cities X – Chicago - (full update via order history page) Skiatos - (full update via order history page) Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Cleveland - (full update via order history page) Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Detroit - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-Antarctica X - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A318/A319 professional (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A320/A321 profesional (full update via order history page) Welcome to Kolyma - (full update via order history page) CRJ professional - (full new download from order history page) The following projects are not scheduled to be updated to Prepar3D v5: DC-8 If you bought these products on other shops you will find the new installers there. When that is depends on the shop, they all have access to the new files at this moment.
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    Yes, without the A/TR on you would have to use a Wind Additive.
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    If you're using the A/THR then there is something with the Airbus called Mini Ground Speed (or Ground Speed Mini / GS Mini). I believe we covered this in the manual. With GS Mini, you don't perform a "Wind Addative" as you do with a Boeing or really a Non-Airbus aircraft. GS Mini handles this all for you. If you're flying an approach with a manual throttle (don't... LOL), then I'd have to look up the limites for that and it won't be easy given that Airbus is sold on GS Mini. Before we had GS mini working again in our buses I used a Wind Addative for a comparable Boeing aircrash, ah, aircraft.
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    Try 5m and see what happens please. As said, I'm not entirely sure what exactly causes this, however it seems to be a combination of aircraft size and airport specifications, even though I don't know which ones those are.
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    Vielleicht gibt es ja auch mal die Möglichkeit für EDXW ;-)
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    I'll double check later, but I believe I already updated that in the initial post.
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    I am afraid this is the standard Feature Transfer issue. This is what Microsoft states about that: "is caused by missing system files or broken system registry structures. This is a critical sign of an unstable system that is typically caused by improper maintenance of the computer." https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/feature-transfer-error-loading-portable-scanner/2eff88c0-11ed-4e93-9f9b-bcc4368bad56 It is a VERY nasty issue that can in be incredibly hard to debug. I had it two times (Adobe, I hate you deeply) and both times I ended up reformatting the disk. You have to solve it though as it can affect any application that uses the same bits of the OS.
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    As far as I know the sounds are exactly the same, will check. Hiding and showing the EFB means making new models for all types and reloading the aircraft, not easy.
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    Regarding the circles, they are dangerous or restricted areas. For more information on LIDO charts please see the following links: To understand HOLDS better, please see THIS DOCUMENT. Click HERE to download the Legend for Chapter 5 of LIDO Enroute Charts. LIDO Chart Video Tutorials https://www.lhsystems.com/tutorials/lidoroutemanual-tutorials Something that is helpful to keep in mind... Flight sim mirrors real aviation, and both have been a part of the Internet for a very, very long time so many answers are there waiting for us for the cost of an internet search. Please don't take this to mean we mind you asking here, but it takes time for people to get back to you where an Internet search will provide you with answers right away. Best wishes.
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    I don't know what is wrong. I don't own any FlightFactor product and I don't knwo which issues the updater may create but it clearly tells you you have entered 'an incorrect user name or license key' so I would start with entering your correct user name and license key and try again. Further, if you have bought the aircraft shortly you can't update within the first 12 hours after purchase - this is what the installer tells you. If you have entered correct credentials and can't update after these 12 hours I think it's best to contact FlightFactor support directly as there maybe an issue on their end and the will surely help you out. So, the last screenshot shows you got it running?
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    We're not sure if this is P3D, ActiveSky, the Airbus, a system issue, a particular setting or another addon, but we are investigating. There is an existing thread for this which I will post below and ask you to report there if you don't mind. Many thanks!
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    The following announcement is for FS2Crew users (Aerosoft Airbus Pro Edition) [22 May 2020] We just added a P3D V5 install option for FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro Edition available here: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-Aerosoft-Airbus-Pro.html We haven't tested in in P3D V5 yet, but I'm not expecting any issues. The P3D V5 install option is currently only available to those who purchased through the FS2Crew website. To access, simply re-download FS2Crew via your FS2Crew account. Click "Completed Orders". www.fs2crew.com Once it's been tested with the A330 and non-330 Aerosoft models, we'll release it to the 3rd party resellers. If you experience any issues with the P3D V5 version, please report it in this thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575656-aerosoft-airbus-pro-for-p3d-v5-public-test/
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    Im Overhead-Panel sind die R/L Packs off / die sollten auf Auto stehen APU Bleed On / sollte aus sein APU On / sollte, wenn beide Triebwerke laufen aus sein Triebwerk 1 liefert keinen Strom/ weil als Quelle nicht eingeschaltet Im Glareshield ist der zweite F/D nicht aktiv / sollte aber aktiv sein Schau mal, das die Startvariante erst mal passt, denn ein Triebwerksausfall ist so unwahrscheinlich, es sei denn, in den Flugeinstellungen der Zibo unter Ausfälle befindet sich ein Eintrag für diesen Vorfall Den du dann über alle Systeme reparieren entfernen kannst Im Video am Tag liefen beide Triebwerke, da waren die Turbulenzen In den Bildern ist Abend dargestellt und da ist ein Triebwerk aus Großes Fragezeichen, wo die Fehlersuche beginnen soll.
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    You have at least two who reported this. This does notz mean others haven´t this issue as well. You have to perform at least 1 1/2 hour of flying to see this. I am not trying to be rude, but the fact that if the issue is present, and I switch from the A330 to an F22 Stock plane and the FPS are back, must be related to the bus. Because the only thing that changed is the plane. Also changing settings while flying does not have any influence. Saving, shutting down P3D, firing up again, loading the saved flight does bring FPS back as well. So P3D or the Bus, or the combi of them, must have some influence on this. But ok...... I am just a customer who is trying to get some help from Aerosoft.........sorry for asking. I expected this answer to be honest. Regards Marcus (IT Business Analyst/Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner) I just don´t get it why this answer has to be so customer unfriendly, at least so it seems to me. I just found something strange going on and asked Aerosoft to help me out. Not more and not less. And now I am getting asked what you should do.....? Sorry. But I did not be unpolied in any way. Just describing a issue and asking for help. Well....
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    @mopperle @Mathijs Kok I think I found the issue cause. I turned off the "Force ECAM software rendering" in the Airbus A330 Configuration tool. I am now several hours on my way without any issues. Turning this on seems to make problems on my rig with this d3d10warp.dll ctd. Regards Marcus
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    Version 1.0.0


    Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras PR-YJA Semi-fictitious repaint, the real PR-YJA is an A321neo LR. NOTE!!! As the Aerosoft model does not allow me to edit windows and some doors, unfortunately the A321LR's 2L / 2R ports (behind the wing) are positioned in the same place as the A321ceo's door (in this case, they are the 3L / 3R). The Aerosoft model, because of the windows, did not allow me to reposition that door. In addition, the window on the old A321ceo 2L / 2R port is appearing in a larger window, for the same reason that you cannot edit the windows. I hope you understand this limitation of the Aerosoft model, it was the only solution I found for that. DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use AirbusX Extended Livery Manager. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid! http://www.texturasbrasileiras.com/ http://www.texturasbrasileiras.blogspot.com/
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    No, ActiveSky does not map the Tropopause. However it is important to remember that for aviation, the Tropopause model is almost always a model rather than a measurement. This was true for the Concorde and 99.9% of very high altitude military aircraft (at least when I was flying). For our purposes, and I believe what Derek at Simbrief uses, is the average model based upon Latitude (see my post above), especially because mapping the actual Tropopause is far, far more complicated and requires a very specific effort, and as I mentioned it is (or was) rarely used in aviation. I'm sure TGoncalves is more current and can tell us if things have changed.
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    Version 1.0.0


    To install this aircraft, copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional'. Replace the XX in [FLTSIM.XX] by the next number in your sequence (like [FLTSIM.11,12 etc]) [FLTSIM.XX] title = Aerosoft A333 professional LTU D-AERK sim = A330-343 model = panel = sound = texture = D-AERK kb_checklists = AirbusA333_check kb_reference = AirbusA333_ref atc_id = D-AERK atc_airline = LTU atc_flight_number = 1000 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A330-343 ROLLS-ROYCE ui_variation = LTU ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes = LT description = Airbus A330 - 343 RR / LTU D-AERK \nwww.aerosoft.com\nRepaint by Steve Drabek Next, copy the complete texture.XXXXXXX folder in the zip file to the your \AS Airbus 330\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional folder (your folder will be wherever you installed the Airbus) That's it!
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    If you enter wind 000/5 into the FMGS, this means that the FMGS thinks you have 5 knot wind coming from the North, not calm wind (000/0). Since wind is variable the direction doesn't really matter. I have just seen that it's common to just end North as the direction so that's what I have been doing. I am not sure but some airlines could also enter the wind as full headwind for the runway for maximum vapp buffer, so as I said there could be many different SOPs If the wind is reported 27010KT 200V350, I would enter 270/10 into the FMGS as 270 is the base direction.

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