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  1. No. I already reinstalled ASP3D and controllated the path. All fine. Switching ea of in sim do the trick and then switch it on again. Nasty bug in my opinion
  2. Just uninstall and reinstall the client only.....that should be enough as the ea and shader files are client parts. No need to reinstall complete P3D. Are you using vr also?
  3. I have found another issue wich is related to EA mode of P3D V5. My FPS also gets slowly reduced over several hours of flying. If I get to lower FPS ranges, I have a workaround: I start my flight with EA Mode on (Checked) When FPS drops while in flight go to menu Untick EA Enhancement (set off) Go back to flight (just a second is ok) Go back to the menu to check EA mode (set on) FPS are completly back Normally I get around 30 FPS in VR on complex scenery. In the air about 35+. These 35+ start reducing slowly to somewhere between 15 and 20 FPS. After
  4. @Mathijs Kok @RobsonM Good Morning! I have some good news. The last file is working for me. I had no "bad" token requests since a couple of flights with each several hours of testing. Regarding my FPS drop it seemed to had another cause wich is NOT related to Aerosoft A330!. Therefore I would like to apologize taking your time to working on a solution without being "the cause". I found out that there where some issues with ASP3D (BETA), at least on my end! After 45 Minutes, wich equals the 3third "weather refresh" there where problems of injecting the we
  5. The previous file has still issues. Or better explained: Not the file has probably issues, but the behaviour is not gone. Strange is, that if starting P3D and a flight and being logged in, the log in the EFB says "Logged in" and Token refreshed "done". Thats ok. But if I lock out from the Aircraft cfg. tool, the EFB log keeps saying logged in and token refreshed "done" for the next couple of cycles (each 55 min). But how can it refresh it if I am NOT logged in anymore? I logged out previous. I wil test this file again. But today I flew and used the EFB with navigraph charts, and af
  6. @RobsonM Test done. First refresh after 55 Minutes was a succes. No FPS drop. Did you actually made a change to the code? Or are these the same as prior send to me only with LOG section? Note the Frames in the screenshots are with VR enabled. Can you provide me these files without the lower LOG Section please? I would like to implement them and not wanted to wait untill Aerosoft releases them "officially" because I am mainly flying VR and Charts a required in Cockpit therefore. That would be really nice! Thanks a lot Marcus
  7. I will test the file you send me. I am not using NavDataPro (3 TAB) at all. ON the first TAB I use also Navigraph. So First TAB Navigraph and Third TAB also Navigraph. I don´t have a subscription for NDP. I hope I understood you correctly. Is this answering your question? Thanks! Marcus
  8. @RobsonM 15:10 german time: Stopped P3D Overwrite to files in EFB Folder with "FIX" Logged in via A3xx config app Started the saved flight again 15:12 german time: Flight is running and 1 Chart from kneeboard is selected. 15:57 german time: FPS drops again every 30 seconds for the duration of 60 seconds. Fixes didn´t work for me 16:15 german time: I can refresh the EFB. No errors. Also the A3X config app still shows I am logged in. But the FPS drop is still there like I mentioned before. Manually login me out and r
  9. I will try it right now. Give me some time. Because I will test and can see the "problem" / "solution" after 45 to 60 minutes and will report back. 15:13 German time: Test is started. Marcus
  10. @Mathijs Kok @RobsonM @RobsonMShort anser to your question: round about 45 to 60 minutes after loaded the flight with an A330 from aerosoft! Some interesting findings regarding this issue! Read carefully and precisly please. I did some tests and could further lead to a setup wich lead to my issue. My flight Setup normally, summarized: Starting Axx config app to log me in to navigraph charts and his browser via the "Login in browser" button Simlink is normally used! Version navigraph-simlink-win- BUT for this test below "deactivat
  11. Thanks Mr. Kok! All my stated above does seem to fit. Ifurther testing and will report back with time stamps and exact describing my case
  12. @DaveCT2003 Dave. I hope you are doing well? I think I did found the cullprit. It seems to be related to Navigraph/Simlink. If using Navigraph then every 30 seconds my FPS went down from high 50is to low 20is. In VR even worse (of course) This is only when using Navigraph charts and before starting P3D being logged in via the Axx configurator (Green confirmation that I am logged in). After a time flying suddenly my FPS dropped. This FPS drop exists over 60 Seconds! After 60 Seconds it goes up again to normal behaviour. Then it goes down again after
  13. Try to uncheck the checkbox in the Aircraft configurator (Axx Configurator) under the section "Performance" named "Force ECAM Software Rendering" since I unchecked it, no CTD with this D3D10warp.dll messages anymore Regards Marcus
  14. Thanks for replying and seeing this also just like me. I know there are a lot of parts playing nicely and less nicely together. We will monitor this and I will report further issues if I find them. But I would like to see a little more "feeling" from Aerosoft and show the customers as well that you are struggeling with this. I knew I was not alone with this meaning about a unstable product and a way to early release. I am a early adopter, paid for it.....and will not buy that early again. Thanks Dave for your kind words........ Somet
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