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  1. Hallo Manu404, es kann sein das dein Shadertool "Envshade" die Bodentexturen, um die des Airports herum, farblich anpasst. Dies hat dann, wie du gesehen hast, zur Folge, dass diese anders aussehen als die des Airport EDDM. Shadertools sind in der Lage Helligkeiten und farbliche Anpassungen vorzunehmen. Dies ist vermutlich die Ursache für die farblichen Unterschiede. Ich habe kein Envshade und kann es deswegen nicht zu 100% belegen. Test wie folgt: Envshade Shader Nutzung in das Menu ausschalten. Shader Ordner P3D löschen (
  2. Honestly it is very simple. I would like to summarize lot´s of opinions in 2 short views. View one: Aerosoft as a supplier Sales count. P3D addons did count into this, till MSFS came. MSFS has more users = Aerosoft has more revenue. End of Story: Sell MSFS addon products. Much higher numbers=more revenue. Why not? View two: We customers at P3D Features we need count. P3D and P3D addons do still count into this. Also after MSFS came. We took time to find that out. We are back because MSFS does not fit into "simulating flights with complex aircrafts
  3. Than why don't they work close with P3D LM too? Their products are sold as compatible and working close with LM is something other devs do too. I am also confused about the controversy statements or actings from Aerosoft. MSFS had 6 patches in 4 to 5 months. LM had 3. In that time.
  4. Is this problem solved in between? Because I own MSFS too and would like to get some airports for it, but I see there are obviously issues with Aerosoft products and MSFS. So I would wait so long till the issues are solved. A kind feedback from my side, about something I sometimes see here (and I mean in honestly: KIND feedback just to be keen of) 😉 If only one/or several out of thousends of users report an issue, does this really exclude that Aerosoft products have this issue? Or could it be that maybe just not enough users report them for other reasons? As they have enough
  5. Thanks for your Reply @Mathijs Kok Isn´t that the case right now since HF1 on V5.1? When will that "settles" be? This means your A330 product is not compatible with P3D V5 at this moment and for uncertain time. Right? Is there a Timespan which you can communicate. Days, weeks or maybe months would be enough feedback for me? I do really understand this from your point of view. But hopefully you see also the users point of view. They are "hanging" in the air for an unknown timespan which surely does not lead to raising revenue. First of all: I like Aeros
  6. Hi at Aerosoft. The PBR textures don´t look right since P3D V5.X. Currently I am on P3D V5.1HF1. Dynamic reflections "off" does eliminate this glossy film. All other Dyn Reflect. settings (like Low, medium high or ultra) does not have any influence on this glossy film. This glossy film is also visible on the inside cockpit textures with PBR. Turning Exposure on/off or changing HDR sliders does also not have any effect. Is an update planned to make this plane compatible again? System specs Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.1.12.26829 Editio
  7. Thanks for posting. But we should leave it to the subject and also not make any assumptions here... Let´s ask Aerosoft to follow up and release patches as soon as possible. That would be great! 😉 Marcus
  8. Really appreciated it Mister Kok. And I would like to have it respectful here (to all the others posting here). 😉 A follow up would be great. Especially as the Lead Dev from LM, Mister Mc Carthy, has now stated it is not an issue anymore. Regards Marcus
  9. Hello Mister Kok, that isn´t the info LM stated on their own Support Forums as well which some well known Devs, who are Beta testers, given us. Here is the quote from Rob McCarthy from LM at one of the topics regarding this issue. He is also speaking of its "own" P3D simobjects as well of once from the other 3.Parties "Hi Peter, Yes, we will continue to fix content issues that exhibit this issue. Some default content has been fixed in 5.1 and we are planning to include more in the upcoming hotfix. We are also working directly with third parties to help na
  10. Dear Aerosoft! Almost all of the Mega Airports and other Airports, which can be purchased via various Markets as well Aerosofts own marketplace, where "sold" as compatible with P3D V5. But due the new Lightning within P3D V5.X and the Enhanced Atmospherics Mode turned on, there are issues with almost all of the Airports. They have textures shining through clouds/fog and do not match/blend well with the new EA mode. As Aerosoft publishes scenery compatible with P3D V5.X, I would like to know when we can count with updates. Here are some Airports w
  11. I can also confirm this. Today I flew ibn the A330 Lates build) from LSZH to MMUN and above Greenland suddenly out of nothing (I did not interact with any knobs) managed speed magenta triangle at PFD disappeared, therefore a new indicated managed speed, also in magenta at the PFD below the speedtape, showed 128 kts. My FMGC stated Managed is 0.81 MACH. I had to choose selected speed 270kts, otherwise the plane would loose to much speed. I played around with some settings (CI, Autothrottle, Thrustlevers different modes, etc). Nothing helped to get back in managed mode, at least the plane di no
  12. No. I already reinstalled ASP3D and controllated the path. All fine. Switching ea of in sim do the trick and then switch it on again. Nasty bug in my opinion
  13. Just uninstall and reinstall the client only.....that should be enough as the ea and shader files are client parts. No need to reinstall complete P3D. Are you using vr also?
  14. I have found another issue wich is related to EA mode of P3D V5. My FPS also gets slowly reduced over several hours of flying. If I get to lower FPS ranges, I have a workaround: I start my flight with EA Mode on (Checked) When FPS drops while in flight go to menu Untick EA Enhancement (set off) Go back to flight (just a second is ok) Go back to the menu to check EA mode (set on) FPS are completly back Normally I get around 30 FPS in VR on complex scenery. In the air about 35+. These 35+ start reducing slowly to somewhere between 15 and 20 FPS. After
  15. @Mathijs Kok @RobsonM Good Morning! I have some good news. The last file is working for me. I had no "bad" token requests since a couple of flights with each several hours of testing. Regarding my FPS drop it seemed to had another cause wich is NOT related to Aerosoft A330!. Therefore I would like to apologize taking your time to working on a solution without being "the cause". I found out that there where some issues with ASP3D (BETA), at least on my end! After 45 Minutes, wich equals the 3third "weather refresh" there where problems of injecting the we
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