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    Version 1.0.0


    ZK-NNC, the most recent delivery to Air New Zealand brought to the simulation world! Check out www.kiwiflightsim.com for more! The following file includes a Manual Installation and Automatic
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a repaints for Aerosoft's Airbus A321 IAE model in the colors of Arkia 4X-AGH And 4X-AGK. Arkia got the first Airbus a321Neo LR. ©Eyal Rokach ©EyalSimBuilding My website for more liverys: https://eyalsimbuildings.weebly.com/ enjoy!
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    Alright no problem, I was just wondering what the screenshot was showing, to help you. Let us know it goes. Is it XP11 with the CTD or the FFA320? Best way to resolve any CTD with the FFA320 is to remove the aircraft folder (save anything custom, changed, for example liveries) and re-install the aircraft. Where did you buy the aircraft, depending on this, get the latest stable release. If you having CTD issues I would suggest not using beta.
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    Hi Joe, I can't see that anymore either, but it was just a link to another thread in the updates section which I accidentally posted in. It probably isn't showing now because I asked Heinz or someone else to delete my reply because it was in the wrong thread. Thanks very much for your info. I will give that a try. I am also having some CTDs with the FFA320, but that's another story . Otherwise it is a fantastic plane. Cheers,
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    reposted as requested with an update after.. I have not seen this issue on any flight before. 149.2 ZFW 23.6 fuel both weights in lbs KSEA to KPHX Ran into the managed speed issue that still happens but for me at least very rarely now. After switching the arrival rwy in the MCDU the problem went away as before, but now I am climbing at less than 500 ft/min in managed mode with a CI of 80. My epr is 1.517 and the CLB rating shows 1.519. I have flown this heavy in the past with no issues. If I go off A/T or push the levers to max nothing changes with regard to engine output. I show the modes as THR CLB CLB NAV. All MCP buttons are pushed to the plane. Is it just the weight? I mean I flew earlier at 148 zfw and the climb was what I call airbus slow...slow but normal from what i have exprerienced.... Flew the exact route again. Same time/day/wx/ Same load sheet from the aerosoft load manager. Normal behavior this time...it's a real head scratcher. My MCDU preflight is always the same as I run a checklist on that. On another note. I have found that if I begin my descents about 40nm from where the TOD is predicted, my managed descents, speeds and target altitudes are all spot on until A/P off for landing. It would seem that the calculated TOD's are somehow past where they should be.....
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    Hi JackSwyr, In case of unclear messages that make little sense, the current ECAM status query helps. Simply press the T.O Config button. Greetings Martin.
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    All of this is in reference to the A330 forums specifically. I am posting this to comment on the closing of the A330 preview forum. And then the subsequent forum to discuss yeas and nays. I'm posting this here because the appropriate forums are closed. I have some things I would really like to say. I'm not a troll. I just very much disagree with the way aerosoft is conducting themselves. Also, I have read basically every single forum post for the A320-A330 preview forums going back the last year and a half. Every. Single. Post According to the release schedule the A330 is now late. The A18-19 was also late. That's not ideal but development takes time. Ok cool. But then for the project manager to be kinda flippant about it. ( the post is deleted now, but I think he wrote he was sitting down with a glass of wine and writing the post. It's not a yelp review! It's an update on a late product of which your in charge. ) (I'm not calling @Mathijs Kok unprofessional) I don't care so much about release dates and whether the whole project is late and by how much. But a person @calzoom asked some very legitimate and uncomfortable questions and Mathijs Kok basically ended up closing the forum. And then whole downvoted forum was opened then closed. Saying people are trolls because they disagree with you is ridiculous. I dont really have much of a point. More of a general collection of statements. But if I was to have overall statement(s) it would be this / these: 1) Closing forums because not everyone agrees with you is not right. 2 ) Updates should be separate from the forum. The forum being a place to discuss. And updates by the project manager in a separate closed update section. 3 ) This is a forum to discuss a virtual plane, not Greys Anatomy. There really should not be so much drama. Just turn off the upvotes and the downvotes.
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    Normalerweise reicht die Rechenpower meines aaaaalten Nokia 6210 vollkommen aus, um mich im Schach zu besiegen... 🤣 (sorry für das OT 😉)
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    Sorry to push this, but basically is there a way to stop any of the doors moving automatically - I need to manually close doors /cargo.. Thanks, Gaz
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    Hello captains. Fantastic job. I would like appreciate your work. I will wait with enthusiasm for implementation of this up to date PFD functions. Thank you and happy landing.
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    Ist ein Bug wodurch der Serveranfrage nicht funktioniert. In der Beta 11.32 wurde dieser scheinbar behoben. Du kannst also entweder auf die 11.32 Beta updaten oder musst warten bis 11.32 das Betastadium verlassen hat. Alternativ helfen Wetterprogramme wie ActiveSky XP, xEnviro, SkyMaxxPro uvm. Gruß
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    „X-Plane 11 - Add-on: Aerosoft - Airport Frankfurt“ has been updated to 1.10 Neue Version 1.10 Added SAM-Plugin support Updated high-res ground decal Fixed an issue with slowly loading textures
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    Just a Hello from a new member. I just purchased the Twin Otter, what a lovely aircraft (apart from the altitude setting on the auto pilot 😉 ) I've also downloaded some great textures from the download section, the Flybe paint is a particular favourite. I do a lot of my sim flying in Alaska. Could someone point me in the right direction for an appropriate airline texture for the Twotter extended (wheel or tundra) that suits this region. So Hi and thanks. Gary.
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    We do have it in mind. We are working on making most of our scenerys available for XPlane 11, but we have to find a developer for each project which is not that easy. But yes, Madeira is of course on our list, but no definite plans yet.
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 IAE United N483UA (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    Hi, look for this package: 1934 - Payload for Lufthansa - the A321&A320 models are great.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Easyjet Switzerland A320 HB-JXF for P3DV4
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    Version 3.0


    ATENCIÓN: Esta versión del repaint solo es compatible con Airbus A320 Professional (P3D v4). Para otras versiones visita mi perfil. ATTENTION: This version of the repaint is only compatible with Airbus A320 Professional (P3D v4). For another versions visit my profile. (ES) Probablemente el A320 más representativo de la livery de LATAM que está en Chile, recibe una nueva actualización, que además de rehacer el avión de cero, lo hace compatible con el nuevo Aerosoft A320 Profesional para que todos lo puedan disfrutar ! Algunas características de este repaint son: Dimensiones reales basadas en el avion real. Compatible con Livery Manager. Código SELCAL real de la aeronave. Detalles como adhesivo de certificación ILS Cualquier problema con el repaints me pueden escribir aquí a la información de contacto incluida en el WinRar. Saludos ! Prohibido re-subir esta textura a otro sitio que no sea Aerosoft sin mi autorización, así como también subir este archivo a páginas de aerolíneas virtuales sin expresa autorización, no robar créditos, el trabajo es gratis, agradecelo no robándolo. Prohibido editar, modificar o basarse sin autorización. (EN) Probably the A320 most representative of the livery of LATAM that is in Chile, receives a new update, which in addition to redo the plane of zero, makes it compatible with the new A320 professional airsoft so that everyone can enjoy it! Some features of this repaint are: Real dimensions based on the actual plane. Compatible with Livery Manager. Real SELCAL code of the aircraft. Details as an ILS certification sticker. Any problem with repaints can write me here to the contact information included in the WinRAR. Best regards! Forbidden to re-raise this texture to another site that is not aerosoft without my authorization, as well as upload this file to pages of virtual airlines without express authorization, not stealing credits, the job is free, thank you not stealing it. It is forbidden to edit, modify or base without authorization

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