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  1. Did either of you guys recently install a livery? Even if not for the CRJ. If so, remove that livery and see what happens. Airports can cause this too, mainly the freeware stuff. You can think it crazy, but I have seen this behavior caused by a livery or scenery that does not follow the SDK. Even if you are not using that livery or scenery, it is still loading.
  2. LOL. Good ribbing between the services. Gotta love it. When my oldest joined the Army I had a T-shirt made for him that read: A-int R-eady to be a M-arine Y-et My youngest is a Staff Sgt in the Air Force. Running joke is my kids got progressively smarter than their old man.
  3. Most definitely got my leg pulled today. We were decommissioning a communication tower site and I was setting up a Go Pro camera to get footage. I jumped out of the back of a lifted Ram pickup and found out that is not smart when your brain is 16 but your body is 56. Needless to say, I got my leg pulled as well as twisted. However, ever the Marine, I just had to suck it up and continue with the mission not letting any temporary setback create permanent problems. I then went back and flew the CRJ with no issues that detract from flying it. Strange how perspective in life soothes the soul and shows us what really matters.
  4. Since SU10, I started to notice on the CRJ, Fenix, PMDG and Maddog, a lot of roll instability/touchiness which was driving me nuts. I had originally chalked it up to SU10 changes. However, the real issue FOR ME was FSRealistic. I had never looked at it because I thought it to be a camera only mod. What I discovered was a new feature in the program called Low Alt Turbulence. It was selected ON in all the downloaded profiles I tried. The feature actually says it is a beta feature. Turning this off improved hand flying all of my aircraft during departure and approach. What I was experiencing was a tendency for the aircraft to over control in one direction or another while I was inputting normal control movement. I would make a slight roll right to line up with the centerline and the aircraft would roll WAY right, causing a left roll correction which would then roll WAY left. I did not notice much difference in pitch control but that could have been because I was fighting the roll so much. Either way, turning off this FSRealistic feature returned everything to normal. Thought I would share the experience in case anyone else is seeing similar behavior AND are using FSRealistic.
  5. CRJ5 is the correct identifier for the CRJ-550
  6. Just to add. Without a third-party app like Axis and Ohs, you are limited to what Asobo offers even if there are a myriad of other options available to control and complex aircraft. EVERY aircraft is released with the ability to be fully controlled. I would not fly without Axis and Ohs. If you are only going to get one add on, that is the add on you should get. I cannot speak to SpadNext but heard similar things about it and I don't use FSUIPC for this stuff.
  7. I am at a loss on this. I have never seen it with ILS or RNAV approaches. The needles are always where they are supposed to be. Does it matter what livery you use? Liveries can wreak havoc at times, even ones that are loaded but not being used.
  8. Is this default KORD? Are you using Navigraph or default sim navigation database? I have not seen this at KORD. I use Navigraph in the sim and airplane and KORD from FSDreamteam (direct, not marketplace version).
  9. Again, if you "used to love the CRJ" and the CRJ has not changed what has changed with regards to your love for the CRJ? Is it the fact that there are shiny new airplanes available and you like them better? That's ok. Frankly, I like the 737 and Fenix A320 better than the CRJ. Mainly because of the type of flying I do. It is you guys that are way off topic. Saying things like "I am not going to buy your A330 until you prove you can support the CRJ" is just shy of childish. Number one, it is an empty threat that will not move the AS needle one tick. They have things to do a way of doing it that neither you nor I will change. What seems strange to you is actually just me being grounded in reality. I will not get an update for the CRJ until the update is released. AS and many other publishers have learned the hard lesson of NOT providing even the smallest hint of when something will be released. For example, over at PMDG, RR made the statement "I think we can show a preview of the EFB around mid-October-ish" and now folks are pissed because they did not "release in September as promised". We would get a lot more information if people were not so childish as to hold their breath on every word that is put out. Another example, weather radar. The day SU10 came out, every child was expecting a weather radar to show up in an update. Frankly, the forums are a comic relief for me. Most of the time it's like watching a show that would be titled Cheech and Chong and the Three Stooges Go Flight Simming.
  10. Well, if you used to love the CRJ and the CRJ has not changed, why don't you love the CRJ anymore? This is the kind of non-sensical crap that takes all the wind out of all the individual "If X wants to keep ME as a customer, then..." statements. Honestly, you will be happier when you realize that NO COMPANY wants you, as an individual, as a customer, they just want customers. If you are a customer, then good, if not, no one loses any sleep over it. Last time I had a customer say something like "if you want me as a customer..." they ended up not being my customer anymore. Funny thing is I have sold HUNDREDs of THOUSANDS of dollars of goods and services to that non-customer since, flown in their private jet, fished in their boats, gone to their family events and drank their beer. They still think I am an asshole, and I am, but they prefer my results to my don't give a crap attitude. Again, I am sure that more CRJs are sold every hour than there are threats of not buying the next release.
  11. No weather radar, unless all you want is a 2D resource hogging bitmap with a top down view and no regards to altitude.
  12. Well I can tell you as a day one client of AS that none of what you say was, is, or will be an issue. That is the only the perception of the new crowd of flight simmers. Most lack the experience of what simulators were and are and becoming. They think they can snap their fingers and scream immersion this or immersion that and crap happens like magic in real time. It's a new platform, it is still a new aircraft and the complexity of both are extreme. Remember, AS beat PMDG and everyone else to the airliner game in MSFS (Capt Sim don't count because slapping a coat of chocolate on a turd is just a chocolate covered turd). On top of all of that folks try and tell AS how to run their business. It is childish, without merit and frankly moronic. All the while these people scream about economic doomsday, the CRJ is still selling hour after hour. The idle threats and uneducated economic lessons notwithstanding. If any of these folks think they can do better, the market is awaiting.
  13. Of course, it is about money. So what? When did that become a problem? Every business is in business for one simple thing, to increase shareholder wealth. It does not matter if you are a single proprietor plumber, a partner at a law firm, a doctor running an office, the owner of stocks in Microsoft or for that matter if you are like most people who are employed. Employees actually are little micro businesses that trade their time to companies and provide production or services. I would get pissed and dump a stock in a heartbeat if I found out they were doing anything else but making money and increasing my wealth. It's called capitalism and even the Chinese have embraced it. Now, what you call a fact is not in fact a fact, factually speaking. They make more money by selling something to you and then having you come back and buy something else.
  14. This! This is yet another GREAT reason why everyone should be using AAO or SpadNext. Do you know that I don't have to remember to switch bindings? AAO does it for me. I just load and fly and have only view bindings in the sim.
  15. Just an update update. Since Hulu offered Disney Plus for only an additional 2.99 a month, the AS team is currently busy binge watching the Mandalorian and Obi Wan Kenobi. It was said that they may get back to business before they begin watching the complete Marvel collection, but nothing was promised. In other developments, AS has determined that they will redo the entire CRJ line using a mix of Unobtanium and Mandalorian steel. When asked why, Mathijs stated "because it will be really cool, and the Fenix won't have it." The Fenix developers are rightfully upset that AS would make the CRJ out of what Fenix called "junky space metals". A spokesman for Fenix said "They are great for trans warp speed and making the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, however atmospheric flight may have too many issues to overcome. If pilots want their fake aircraft made out of fake metals and they blow up causing chaos on VATSIM, don't say we didn't warn you." PMDG was contacted but so far, they have not given an opinion.
  16. Here is the latest rumor regarding the update release.
  17. Do you have a source for this tripe?
  18. I just googled the Collins HUD and use the actual manual for this. Microsoft Word - 9701-1153RevA.doc (smartcockpit.com)
  19. My reading comprehension is just fine. You said " I don't want to pay double for a plane variant that I'm not going to use never" You said double. Now you also went on to tell AS how to price their stuff based on what you want. That is not the way the world or the markets work. You also complained about being forced into XYZ. Again you are not forced. Look at the price and if you want it get it. If you don't like the price walk away. I don't believe you live in a tyrannical country that forces its citizens to purchase the CRJ under penalty of prison or death.
  20. I don't see where you are forced into buying anything. You either by the package as offered or don't. Unless you are under some hypnotic trance you should have full use of your abilities. You also don't pay double the price. You pay exactly 40% more for double the aircraft. You see how good that looks when one applies proper math. Just to make sure you understand, if you were to pay double (which would be fair for double the aircraft) you would pay 100 euro not 70 euro. You math was way off. You assertion that more CRJ sold would be better for everyone is a non sequitur. I'll bet you cannot even tell us how more CRJs sold would be beneficial to you, much less EVERYONE. The current model may discourage you but again you are in no position to say it discourages anyone else.
  21. Well, go through and read posts here. I no longer assume anything. One could assume just about anything, for example, running through the tutorial line by line can take some time and discharge the batteries. Something is amiss because I have never had to touch the generator switches and I start cold and dark every time.
  22. Sure, it matters. Battery will run out without the generator or ground power recharging it. Unless the proper steps are being followed and outlined by the user, there is no way to help. Heck, this could be the product of an invalid install or bad livery.
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