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  1. You can find a number of questions like this and answers by simply searching Xbox on this forum. Reading the FAQ and searching here or on Google will get you quick answers to most questions. Showing results for 'xbox' in content posted in Aerosoft CRJ. - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  2. Touche. I meant to put "anonymous" in my signature. Thanks for catching that. No you may not doubt my ability to replicate. I have over 400 hours in this aircraft. I also never even mentioned a flight plan or FMC so don't know where that came from. However, again, props where deserved. Good catch on anonymous.
  3. Cannot replicate. I guess I need to doubt your ability to fly or talk to pilots at an airport now? My down vote btw. I don't to anonymous.
  4. If it is possible it will be one of the "glowing" cylindrical knobs in the comm panel (center console)
  5. I will check that. I know that when I have heard COM2 and I wasn't wanting to, I just change the frequency.
  6. What departure? What was the first waypoint entry in the FMS. Some departures are flown from takeoff to an intercept point. If an RNAV departure does not start at the runway, then I fly the departure in HDG mode until I am on an intercept path. I don't know if this is real world behavior. Maybe one of our "real world" CRJ pilots can tell us. What I do know is when flying the AS CRJ in Flight Simulator, this procedure works. The departures out of KDCA are a good example of what I am talking about where there is an intercept point you should fly to from the runway and then onto the main body of the SID.
  7. So, to sum up everyone. Sound sets are subjective. Aircraft developers should put most of their time into the aircraft. If they produce an outstanding soundtrack to go with it, great. If not to someone's liking, others will, and we can choose to download/pay and install them or not. God, I love capitalism.
  8. This is the biggest problem with the subjectivity of sounds. The Threshold series of 737's just got released with it's own sound pack. The long time Zibo flyers are upset that the cockpit is so quiet. If you have ever flown in an airliner cockpit, it is pretty quiet. The engines are way behind you, the apu is on or near the tail. Other than some ground roll, the sounds of switches/warnings and wind on the screen, not much is happening. Add on to that those pilots fly with headsets of some type and sounds are pretty isolated. I fly with my boss in his Eclipse, and we use Bose noise cancelling headsets. We only really hear ATC, our voices and notifications pumped into the sound system. The sound sets above are nice, but most seem to be taken from outside the aircraft and manipulated to be used in the cockpit. Here's the deal. If you like them use them. If you don't, don't. Life is simple when you don't try to complicate it.
  9. In a world where a lot of folks are, in my opinion, foolishly chasing frame rates, some things are better left done on another device like a tablet, phone or laptop. It's all about pixels and I would not recommend implementing something that does not offer a true benefit. In real life pilots carry their company issued Ipads or what have you on board and they are not an integrated part of the system. In the sim world, the EFB's in cockpits are really just a glorified method of getting fuel and weight on an aircraft. Slick yes, but trying to turn them into fully functional EFB's is a recipe for frame rate and performance disaster. I have tried both and I find that having my charts on a laptop next to my main screen is actually more realistic as I turn my head to see my EFB data and then turn it back to look outside. I would rather have an option to have the entire EFB on my external device and remove it from the cockpit view entirely. A remote EFB over the network if you will.
  10. Correct climb method from takeoff. Never use V/S for climb. Your oscillation is caused by the aircraft getting behind the power curve and not being able to recover. In other words you are stalling the airplane at altitude. V/S mode is only used in descent.
  11. I am sure it is and in fact I subscribed. So far, every sound pack has been a nice addition and I thank you for posting it. I had never given much thought to the sounds. Notice that no one else has commented on the sounds you posted about. They were not really interested in sounds for the CRJ. They were interested in pointing out a subjective flaw and getting in as many down votes as possible.
  12. This is where they go for me. All the CRJ variants use this same directory. C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj\work
  13. Nice! Now we will probably hear from the "Why should I have to pay extra for sounds?" crowd. People don't seem to understand the simulation chain. Asobo (or XPlane) provides us with a sim to start with. Publishers (free and payware) provide us with addons to use. Other publishers (free and payware) provide us with options to use with the addons. Now we have a choice and choice is good. However, choice sometimes has a cost. We can always choose not to make a choice though. Unfortunately, most people will choose to waste time making downvotes instead of researching solutions to their wants.
  14. Once again, I must re-iterate that it is futile to compare what one plane does and does not do to another. First, different aircraft. Second, different publisher. Third, possibly different programming. The PMDG products will have a working terrain and weather radar when they have it and the AS CRJ will have a working terrain and weather radar when they have it. We have no clue what is going on and will go on behind the scenes between ASOBO and different publishers. PMDG and Aerosoft are by definition different with different priorities. The results of this are we have the CRJ now and are waiting on the 737 NGXU. This is no different than going to the PMDG forum and saying "Just curious if you guys are going to release the 737? Reason I ask is that Aerosoft has released the CRJ."
  15. That must be operator or equipment specific, because I know for a fact that the HGS can be used for RNAV GPS and RNAV LPV approaches, neither of course based on a localizer. The HGS is even used during visual approaches because it gives better situational awareness. I could be wrong, but I cannot find any directive that says, "don't use the HGS for XXXX type of approach". After all it only displays the same info that you would find scanning the T except with your head up of course. I am eager to learn, point me in the right direction because I could be doing it wrong. I'll keep searching.
  16. Well I could be wrong, I was once. However, I cannot find a cockpit picture of the CRJ with that system in view. The only thing I found was a cockpit poster.
  17. What about GPS approaches? AFAIK those are non-precision and are not based on a localizer.
  18. Well, since all the CRJ-700 cockpit posters I find have similar font to the AS CRJ, I will go with that unless I see something from a real CRJ pilot taken from a real cockpit AND they can show that that is the only FONT option on the HGS control panel.
  19. VECTORS is NOT a waypoint. It is a an advisory that the SID or STAR you are flying has a portion where you are expecting RADAR vectors to the first fix. If you are under ATC control you will fly whatever heading they give you. If no heading is given on takeoff, you fly runway heading until VECTORED to a different heading. If you see VECTORS the FMS is waiting for you to hit the Direct To button after ATC assigns you to "Cleared direct XXX". If you don't have ATC, just choose direct to when ever you want.
  20. There is no auto-throttle so the speed bug is ALWAYS advisory. In Spd mode it ADVISES the A/P what speed to climb or descend and the A/P pitches and trims for that speed, just like you would do if hand flying. Are you by chance using the HC Bravo with one of the templates published? If so I have found a few of them, including the one I have used from day one, reverses the dial for V/S mode so that it more realistically mimics the wheel. So INCR (turn right) will command V/S in the negative direction and DECR (turn left) will command V/S in the positive direction. That is just a stab at your problem because I have never seen this from the day of release. My install is able to smoothly fly the V/S set and changed to follow the snowflake all the way until I get to a speed restriction and then I switch to SPD mode and use the throttles to control vertical speed. More throttles, speed is maintained and descent rate gets lower and if not careful can start to climb, less throttles and the speed is maintained and the descent rate gets higher.
  21. What if you don't like that one too? Do they have to release another? Then another until the subjective notion of sound is satisfying? Then what if I don't like that one? What if I always sit in the right seat and it does not sound like what a co-pilot hears? I hope you can see the problem with trying to satisfy not just everyone but even a large number of people with a sound set. When I played in bands, I had a guy come up after we played Black Magic Women. He scoffed at my solo by saying 'That did not sound like Santana". My reply, "That's good, I am not Santana. Also, which Santana did you want? The album;Which Album, Live; which concert?" At some point, someone will create sounds to their liking and offer them up, not sure if payware or freeware. You can try them and decide if they are satisfactory and buy them if needed/wanted.
  22. Looks pretty spot on to me. Why would you show a pic from a manual when you could just take a real photo next time you actually fly the plane?
  23. Actually, it is practical because you CAN do that. You CAN set up a different controller profile in MSFS for each aircraft you want to fly. You CAN remember to swap out the profiles before flying each plane. You CAN do all that, so it is practical. Or, you CAN get Axis and Ohs or SpadNext, set up profiles for each aircraft once while at the same time unlocking more feature rich control capabilities and then let AAO or SpadNext do the remembering for you when you select an aircraft to fly and load in the aircraft specific profile. They work with all aircraft and you will save yourself a ton of time and headaches. Both options are practical, one is just more sensible and time saving in the short, mid and long-term.
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