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  1. To clarify... does this mean aerosoft is considering removing the web browser all together. Or just that link. Because I personally would love to be able to create a flight from simbrief inside the aircraft
  2. A second workaround. If the issue happens while using GSX v2 refueling. I was able to disable GSX then use instant load in the options MCDU. After which the refueling should go away. Re enable GSX services and continue. note. Wait till services are done. Otherwise the services will get messed up
  3. I posted about this a while back. The flight data recorder isnt working on any of the busses. I imagine this is low priority but its fun to see my flights in google earth.
  4. I could just be blind. But when I am not seeing the button to turn on GSX services. It’s just not there in the options screen on the MCDU
  5. All of this is in reference to the A330 forums specifically. I am posting this to comment on the closing of the A330 preview forum. And then the subsequent forum to discuss yeas and nays. I'm posting this here because the appropriate forums are closed. I have some things I would really like to say. I'm not a troll. I just very much disagree with the way aerosoft is conducting themselves. Also, I have read basically every single forum post for the A320-A330 preview forums going back the last year and a half. Every. Single. Post According to the release schedule the A330 is now late. The A18-19 was also late. That's not ideal but development takes time. Ok cool. But then for the project manager to be kinda flippant about it. ( the post is deleted now, but I think he wrote he was sitting down with a glass of wine and writing the post. It's not a yelp review! It's an update on a late product of which your in charge. ) (I'm not calling @Mathijs Kok unprofessional) I don't care so much about release dates and whether the whole project is late and by how much. But a person @calzoom asked some very legitimate and uncomfortable questions and Mathijs Kok basically ended up closing the forum. And then whole downvoted forum was opened then closed. Saying people are trolls because they disagree with you is ridiculous. I dont really have much of a point. More of a general collection of statements. But if I was to have overall statement(s) it would be this / these: 1) Closing forums because not everyone agrees with you is not right. 2 ) Updates should be separate from the forum. The forum being a place to discuss. And updates by the project manager in a separate closed update section. 3 ) This is a forum to discuss a virtual plane, not Greys Anatomy. There really should not be so much drama. Just turn off the upvotes and the downvotes.
  6. I did some tests. I feel like this is already known but I’ll repeat it anyway. The conditions seem to be varied, I looked at several videos. One guy had it as soon as he turned on the batteries. Another person had it when he loaded the Turn Around state. A third person had it when the nav lights were on, the batteries were off but Ext Pwr connected and on. And the PED at auto with parking brakes off. I tried recreating all of these scenarios but without luck. I also tried measuring the length of the time between beeps. In one case the beeps were every 10-15 seconds. Another case had the beeps at roughly every thirty seconds. Plus, after playing through a YouTube videos at the slowest playback speed and pausing on the warning showing up, there was no messages or anything on the ECAM. Essentially, I couldn’t recreate the problem and the range of conditions when the beep appears means it’s hard to figure out what to recreate. Any ideas?
  7. Actually, an app would be a good idea. Maybe somehow the app could connect to aerosoft products installed on a persons computer. Applications like the CRJ load manager or the A320 configuration settings could be controlled from the app. Also, documentation for aerosoft products could be in the app. Another idea is that maybe aerosoft could take the idea of webMCDU and allow for the aircraft’s route progress to be displayed on a map, or maybe some basic autopilot controls for very long flights that require people to step away from the simulator.
  8. Assuming your correct, it shouldn’t matter too much. Even though we cannot predict the future, we can be realistic. Right now, there are currently 1400 E jets with more on the way, and this is not accounting for future sales of the E jet Evo. My point; it is safe to say that even if devolpment took 5 years, the E jet will probably still be around. Also, right now, most modern airliners have a quality flight sim counterpart. The 737 has PMDG, the A320 has aerosoft and FSLabs, the 717 has Tfdi design, the L10-11 has JustFlight. I mention this because most of these simulated planes have one or 2 prominent developers of them. However, the most modern airplanes that has not been made with current technology is the E jet, the A380, and the A350. It would be In aerosoft’s interest to develop a e jet because they have both the team and the time. To my knowledge, aerosoft doesn’t have plans after the A330 (although this is probably incorrect) so when they choose a new plane to make, shouldn’t it be the one that’s relatively new. Finally, there are nearly twice as many EJet in service as there are CRJ, so even if a new plane pushes out the e jet family, it would take several years to fully phase out the e jets, in which time, Embraer is likely to make a newer more efficient version of their e jets.
  9. I wanted to just add some real numbers to what I said. According to Wikipedia (because I cannot find the numbers on Embraer). As of September 2017, the number of CRJs built totaled 815. However, as of December 6, 2017, the number of EJets totaled 1400.
  10. I want to make the case for aerosoft doing the Embraer 170/5 - 190/5. Right now their is no company that supplies a good e jet that is up to date. Feelthere has one their package which is now available for p3dv4 but they haven’t updated it to make it modern. Also, PMDG CEO apparently said something about wanting to see some good Ejets and c series aircraft out there, which hints that PMDG might eventually make the e jet series. However, he also hinted at the possibility of the MAX series. So why shouldn’t aerosoft try to beat PMDG to the punch and make the Ejets before them? Also, according to Wikipedia, in 2013, there were more orders for the e jets than for the CRJ, so is it not logical to assume that the greater popularity of the jets should be reflected in the flight sim market? Thanks fo r considering what i have se=aid. I truly hope aerosoft will make the Ejets.
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