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    Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a darn simple KPHL Philadelphia International Airport runway 27R approach and landing On final runway approach past Lincoln Financial Field football stadium that is home to Philadelphia Eagles and Well Fargo Center that is home to Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL) and Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Passing Philadelphia Navy Yard Passing blue Girard Point Bridge that is part of Delaware Expressway or highway route number 95 Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Braking down Darn reverse thrusters are not working!!! Gonna rely on simple braking!! Exiting from runway 27R into taxiway T toward gate Taxing from taxiway T to taxiway K toward gate Arrived at gate!! Thank you for viewing and stay tuned for next exciting flight please Regards, Aharon
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    One thing missing from the data up-thread is the GPU load when these stutters occur. I suspect that this is actually not a GPU issue and that GPU loads during these stutters aren't hitting the trouble zone (>85% GPU load). But nobody has shown that data in this discussion. winstonwolf's graphs above show that the combination of the CPU main thread on logical processor (LP) 0 and whatever is running on LP1 are maxxing out the first physical core (Core 0). Remember that on an HT-enabled CPU, both LP0 and LP1 share that first physical core, so if the combined load across the two LPs is at or above 100%, the threads running on those LPs are slowed down considerably as the physical core swaps between the LPs and splits its processing time. The thing to try here is to set an affinity mask that reserves the first core for the P3D main thread only, and I also do that for the rendering threads running on Core 1. So for a hexacore CPU with HT enabled, that means setting an affinity mask of 4085 (111111110101). It doesn't cost anything to try this. It might also be worth trying with HT off (no AM required in that case). Also, since it appears the CPU is getting hit hard at EDDK (something that also happens under other heavy scenery/autogen loads such as with some ORBX regions), setting a low value for FiberFrameTimeFraction (default is 0.33) will give the main thread some more processing time, at the expense of terrain/texture loading, to process the heavy load. I use a Dynamic FFTF utility to progressively drop my FFTF from 0.33 down to 0.01 as the altitude drops below 3000 ft AGL. But to see if this could help, you can just set a lower static FFTF value in the Prepar3D.cfg file and see if it helps with the stutters. Again, it costs nothing to try. There is need for some balance, as setting it too low can cause blurries, hence my choice to use the utility to start dropping the FFTF as I get lower in altitude and my visibility range to the horizon starts shrinking. Low FFTF values give more CPU time to the main thread and less to terrain/texture loading. If reduction of CPU loads using either of these methods helps, consider reducing autogen settings as another alternative, as well as AI traffic load, as these all together contribute to high CPU loads, and when the core running the main thread starts bumping against the 100% wall, stuttering is likely soon to follow. Regards Bob Scott
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    It happens to all of us. Thanks for posting the picture so anyone else this happens to knows where to look. Glad it’s sorted for you. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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    Ok thank's Herman. Maybe I pressed the button by mistake (first time ever).
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    Hattest du auch im Autopiloten Approach aktiviert? Ich weiß nicht ob das bei der C550 automatisch geht. Nur so ne Idee. Wobei, wenn es grün ist müsste es eigentllich aktiv sein. Ist zumindest in der Pilatus so. Weiß=armed, grün=aktiv Aber kannst ja mal probieren.
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    Totally agree here. The stutters are not a bug generated by buggy code, it is not generated because of non SDK conform Code and it is not generated by any other addon (in most cases). It is possible, that the type of hardware or it‘s drivers has an effect and show the issue more or less, but I don’t get any parameters to change to optimize the settings (drivers/cfgs) to change the situation. But, in difference to Mathijs, I see the issue since existence of the new P3D engine with all (more the 20) scenery addons ( all Professional products which I optimized for the new Plattform, EDDK is the only one I was not involved yet) before I start to change the form the MDL and XML data compiled in the BGL to get the best results how the engine of P3D V4 can handle it. The feedback here and of 1000end of user shows me, that the way was correct. There is no statement for this in the SDK, it is a result of 100rd of hours testing. I could not yet say, if the high detailed Objects of EDDK can be optimized the same way, but there is potential to test it. Jo will provide me the Data based on this knowledge next week, then we will see how far get it. As I can reproduce the issue on my PC‘s, which are free of any tweeks, overclockings or shader changes, I will be able to see, if the different form to build the BGL data used in all other Professional Sceneries will help for EDDK too. Until Jo and I have not finished this process, any statement about the reason for this issue are only speculation.
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    Sorry Mathijs, but obviously Oliver and Jo have at least something in mind that could possibly be related to the stuttering and is fixable, otherwise Oliver would not have posted this. Ergo: it IS POSSIBLE to do something about. Besides that, I agree that the stuttering might not be due to an ERROR, but obviously it is still related to the scenery product. And again, what does it help if it is not happening on your systems? Nothing. Also your statement regarding numbers of reports is just... well, almost an affront in a support forum. All I can say with my many years of experience in other support forums of games that are actually sold about hundred times (or even thousand times) more often than the EDDK scenery, never ever one of the moderators there dared to say "if only 22 people are reporting this and we can not recreate the issue, it is considered not being a bug of our product, otherwise the forum will be full of reports". This is just... I am not allowed to write this here... And honestly, I do not understand why you come to such a conclusion.
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    Ja, du musst sie so hinterlassen! Die TBM900 merkt sich jede Schalterposition und du solltest sie so vorfinden, wie du sie hinterlassen hast... Also nach dem Flug alle Systeme abschalten und herunterfahren...
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    I have to agree on this one. It was stated that a new screenshots will be posted and the update could be released before World Flight 2018. Now, I am sure there is a valid reason for this delay and I am not judging anyone involved in the project. I really don't mind that the PFPX update is still not released nor screenshots were posted. However, I would have appreciated a short update so that the people are aware of the situation.
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    Success! After the best part of ten hours spent working through this problem yesterday the third party liveries for the A318 now work. My suspicion leads me to think there was some corrupt (but hidden characters) in the aircraft.cfg brought about by pasting sections of the file following the update in October. The advice, on occassion, in advance of a update is to back up the aircraft.cfg to preserve any installed liveries. I rewrote the aircraft.cfg for the third party liveries to fix this problem. Regards
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    Several more things have been changed or fixed since the last update. It's time to make it available to you. Just run the Aerosoft Updater (with experimental updates enabled) to install it. While not separately mentionend, this version also fixes the issues with the latest Navigraph data. Version / Rev 359 - [Fixed] Other screens going black after InvalidParameter state of Graphics object Version / Rev 358: - [Fixed] DAVE screen going black after first menu selection - [Fixed] Holding leg distance calculation when time (seconds) is used as distance parameter in navdata - [Fixed] KSFO 28L OFFSH1 SID display on ND - [Fixed] PFD attitude indicator vertical alignment - [Fixed] N1 dropping below idle if power is advanced very carefully - [Fixed] VNAV calculation now uses CRZ ALT if as maximum altitude if no previous altitude constraint is found - [Fixed] Function to find previous altitude constraint now skips departure waypoints - [Fixed] VNAV profile and ToD calculation (special cases with (VECT), discos and constraints) - [Fixed] Tracking for Heading to DME Distance legs - [Fixed] A rare condition that could cause auto pressurization system go to descent mode while on cruise altitude - [Fixed] HUD speed trend indicator stuck - [Fixed] NAV-to-NAV transfer doesn't block manual frequency tuning any longer - [Fixed] FMS now loads terminal procedure legs even when RNP field is missing (RNP defaults to 1.0 NM in this case) - [Added] Force FSX/P3D fuel pumps to OFF after loading to avoid FSX/P3D fuel pump sound - [Added] Ground roll sound and bump on nose gear touchdown - [Added] HGS Flare command for AIII mode - [Added] HGS Flare cue for other modes - [Fixed] MFD ADV page text/map mode switching - [Fixed] VNAV profile calculation with manually entered waypoints ("step descent") - [Fixed] Altitude alert is no longer triggered by FCP alt selection knob - [Fixed] Removed turnover from NAV SOURCE selector (now moves only moves FMS1, VOR/NAV1, OFF, VOR/NAV2, FMS2) - [Fixed] Active transponder code shown in green on MCDU Radio page - [Fixed] "Gear Bay Overheat" sound plays completely even if button is released early - [Fixed] After forced autopilot disconnect (yoke movement), chime sound loops until AP is properly disconnected Important: If you use FSX:SE and don't see the CRJ in the ASUpdater, please download this file: crj700900x_fsxse.xml and place it in "Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products"
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a repaint of Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-214 (N625VA) in Standard Color Scheme after the merger with Virgin America. It is an original repaint for A320 CFM Pro - not a conversion. Should be installed using "Livery Manager A320-A321" THIS REPAINT IS FREEWARE, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ON ANY SITE THAT CHARGES FOR DOWNLOADING FREE FILES. THIS REPAINT MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED FOR ANY FEE AND MAY NOT BE INCLUDED IN PAYWARE PRODUCT WITH OUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION.
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    Or maybe some shader tweaks. Try to clear your shaders. We have seen this in the past also with other aircraft and as soon as peopl set back their sim to default it was gone. but definitely nothing Aerosoft can do about it, therefore I will close this topic now.
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    Well as i said this is not a problem of the Airbus and not something Aerosoft can solve. If you choose to install any fancy software that alters/delets default files, either ask the one who programmed that software or reinstall. you sim. And it got nothing to do with the installation folders, when a addon relies on default sim files.
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    Please delete the following file. That should fix the problem: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Fuel Planner\FuelPlannerSavedSettings.xml
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    Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Delta Connection N319PQ which is operated by Endeavor Air.
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    Version 1.0.0


    New high quality repaint of the Czech Airlines A319 CFM OK-NEM. Rest of the fleet can be found also on this forum.
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    The forum is mainly driven by users and there are not so many people speaking french. So you can not expect immediate response. So if you expect immediate response, either you post your question in the English section or you contact Aerosoft directly at
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP-file contains two repaints for the Aerosoft Airbus X package, in the colors of Airbus A321 Cyprus Airways 5B-DCO (clean and dirt). ... more repaints on my homepage !
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    Version 1.0.0


    Repaint for Avianca Colombia Airbus A318-111 N590EL ex Mexicana de Aviación. Textures in HD 4K 4096x4096 for improved quality. Textures by Antoine Lapadite
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    View File Aerosoft A320 professional Turkish Airlines TC-JLC Aerosoft A320 professional Turkish Airlines TC-JLC Submitter PEGASUS&VA-2048 Submitted 09/12/18 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
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    Hi, Although this topic looks like too much as a monologue, I would like to make several clarification statements, after which the Owner cj3737, may wish to request closing it, if he is satisfied from the comments. 1. Most Important For me the subject got clear, which I will describe below. It was almost a week since I was working on it together with the very kind and continuous support from Hanse, member of AS Project team. I would say the following findings, if the subject should be resumed with several sentences: - The Pro version of the Bus is using completely new programming algorithm for controlling the flight and corresponding performances. In regards to the above, it is not quite proper to compare the performance of 32 and 64 bit version of same AC; - landing performance of Pro version too much depends on the airport equipment and has to be handled more carefully, if similar results to 32 bit version should be achieved; - there are certain variables, which can be easily monitored and which are representing the AC performance. They will be mentioned below; 2. Why landing rates? This question applies to those of us who are using the AC as part of their flying for particular VA. The main tool, which most of the virtual airlines are using for evaluating their pilots' performance is SmartCars. The easiest way for monitoring the pilot performance is how he takes off and lands. It is another subject, if this is the rightmost one. SmartCars gives an option to monitor and record the landing rate of the AC, i.e. the vertical speed at which the plane touches the runway. This is actually a parameter, which never is monitored in the RL, however being a computer program, the facilities for recording such are there. Most of the VA are setting their targets for what a perfect landing is considered to be based on this landing rate. The one where I am flying sets the target for -150 fpm for a perfect landing as an example. The evaluation system was made based on different ranges above and below that. All flights having a landing rate of -550 fpm and above are rejected. 3. How is this measured? This subject is a bit complicated to explain, but I will try to use the most simplest way of saying it. There is a variable called VERTICAL SPEED, which SimConnect provides and which represents the vertical speed at any moment (most correct is on every frame) of the SIM. I promised to do this as simple as possible, so anyone who wants more details can check "simulation variables" in the SimConnect API section. A wise Gentleman, his name is Peter Dowson, created a tool called FSUIPC, which keeps a track of this and other variables, which the SIM provides. Moreover the FSUIPC has an option for sharing these variables with other third party applications, including SmartCars. The programmers call them offsets and the one, which represents the vertical speed is 030C. The tricky part of all this is the unit of the variable, which is provided. The vertical speed provided by the SIM is 256*mps (meters per second or m/s), which is a standard unit for measuring speed. The aviation world is using fpm (feet per minute) for measuring speed, which needs some conversions to be applied (a simple formula is multiplication the m/s with 60*3.28084/256 and recording the closest integer value). 4. Some final words One of the mandatory conditions for using SmartCars is having FSUIPC installed in the system as mentioned above. It doesn't matter paid or unpaid version is used. SmartCars reads the variable from FSUIPC, makes corresponding units conversion and includes it in the log. Mr. Hanse and I did several tests, recorded different logs in different landing conditions. The conclusion is that landing performance of the AC is recorded properly and SmartCars logs are correct. It comes again to pilot's ability and skills to touch down within the required limits. Moreover, most of the airports do not support full automatic landing, which should be taken into consideration when flying. This is all what I can say for the subject. I am using once again the opportunity to thank for the support received for clarifying it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a replacement texture of the "GUNSSAM" phone that comes with the Aerosoft Professional addon. It replaces the phone texture with the home screen of a Samsung phone (and the phone's exterior will now read "Samsung"). This is an edit to xi-max's Samsung Phone Texture. The home screen contains several generic apps to simulate ones you'd find in an EFB. Among the generic apps, you'll find: Handler Contacts Flight Log and others Thank you to xi-max for allowing me to upload this edit to his Samsung Phone texture!
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    The paint kit is now added to the order history pages.
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    Incroyable ! Pourquoi personne ne parle français dans un forum réservé aux francophones? C'est curieux, non?
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