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  1. @AdmiralNimitz04 Thanks for the 2 star review, but your cockpit issues have nothing to do with the repaint..........
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Delta Connection N319PQ which is operated by Endeavor Air.
  3. Thanks Ben! Fixed. She's almost ready for release
  4. Well, since I've recently found myself out of work I seem to have a bit more time on my hands. I've made some slow process on the front section.
  5. To be honest, there is quite a bit of work to do an Endeavor variation. The blue on the belly is entirely different to the one I/Aerosoft did
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Aerosoft for allowing me to modify the livery supplied with the 900 paint kit. I've made a number of changes to her. - Adjusted the fuselage base white - Adjusted the blue tones - Changed the registration to N800SK - Added WiFi logo - Added blue to front edge of the wing between landing light and fuselage - Added new registration decal including serial number in the VC - Added new blurred engine fan texture - Added some detail to the main wheels.
  7. Hi @Mathijs Kok I was wondering if you're able to provide the green light to upload an updated Delta 900 repaint based off the paintkit version? Thanks in advance
  8. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get consent from the original author (I'm not even sure who it is?), so I don't know
  9. Well, it's not looking too good. No one has replied thus far.
  10. If I get the go ahead, I'll upload her I modified the spec maps and added some other details here and there too.
  11. Hi @Stefan Hoffmann - were you the original author of the Delta -900 paint? I made some modifications to a paint using the textures provided. I was hoping to seek permission to make it available to download with full credits to the original author. Thanks in advance
  12. I'm happy to make it public if I'm allowed. It's a modified version of the paintkit provided, so I'm not sure who to ask? Here she is in slightly different light..
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