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    • Not sure if this thread is correct for me!   I have the latest Patch, as of last night, but I cannot get the Japan Bundle as the Marketplace is greyed out. That said, I have raised the issue with Zendesk, but they resort to say it is to do with an XBox account and the MS account!!! I do not have an XBox account, only a MS account for the computers on my network.   Would there be an issue as I had bought the boxed premium deluxe through you, and not through XBox or the MS Store? Thank You Martin _Support Re Tour of Japan Greyed Out.msg
    • Und der Grafikkartentreiber ist auf dem aktuellen Stand? Falls nein wäre das mein erster Ansatz den mal zu aktualisieren. Die 1060 unterstützt Vulkan jedenfalls, möglicherweise aber nicht wenn ein sehr alter Treiber verwendet wird, da bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher.
    • Möglicherweise ist die Hardware, speziell die Grafikkarte, zu schwach? Bei mir läuft der Flughafen mit um die 60 FPS und einen Unterschied zwischen Tag und nacht sehe ich nicht, allerdings braucht die Nachtbeleuchtung natürlich etwas Leistung.
    • 'Tschuldigung, dass ich nicht geantwortet habe, da ich durch persönliche Sachen verhindert war .   Ich habe als Prozessor einen Intel Core i7 7th Generation und als Grafikkarte eine Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 mit 6GB. Außerdem ist hier der Log.txt und die ,,Fehlermeldung":  Log.txt     Tut mir nochmal leid und bleibt gesund. LG    
    • If that CTD bug does NOT appear on any of your test machines I would not halt a release when I feel it would solve other issues for a lot of other users, so would you as a software developer that has to support 1,4 million users.   I assume MS and Asobo test as we do. On a clean machine. So a fresh install of the OS, drivers and sim (with your own add-ons). There is no other way. If you want to add outdated versions of OS, drivers and other add-ons your test costs explode. You could end up paying more for testing then developing. And all the time knowing it runs fine on a correct, up to date system.    I assume MS and Asobo test as we do. And to be honest on our test machines we simply have never seen the issues many people report. I have helped dozens of people now to format their disk and re-install everything. and EVERY SINGLE TIME it solved the issues. 100% success. MFS will run on ANY system that can run P3D, but it is far more hooked into the OS and Store system. Therefor it is simply less willing to run with an OS that has issues.   That said, the Windows store system and the way MFS hooks into it, is problematic. I have actually never met anybody who preferred the MS Store over for example Steam. I reset on of my machines today, full format of C:. Installed Steam files, logged on, pointed it to my library (on my NAS) and everything works. 60+ games running in 2 minutes.
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