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What is CFD? How do I use it?

Want to know what Connected Flight Deck is? Got any question on the principles? This is the place.

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    • Would like to request Kenya Airways and South African Airways liveries and flight plans, as well as the airport Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) to be included in the list of airports serviced by the tool. Thanks for adding this section so quickly as well, good stuff 👏🏾
    • Hi Mathijs Like others, I too welcome this initiative.  Tell me though, will this stop some a/c appearing at totally incorrect places?  e.g. Flying in Europe and a New Zealand BN2 is at the gate?
    • I can reproduce the freeze consistently.   Sitting on ramp at KBOS, programming the FMS.  It seems that the CPU usage spikes when adding legs until you hit EXEC, then it runs smooth again.  I was trying this method to hopefully avoid the freeze, but it still froze at the same point.     Here's my flow for what it's worth: I let the IRS align Set position Added basic flight plan info (KBOS -> CYDF (Alt CYQX) cruise 41000, alt cruise 38000 Added ARR/DEP info:  Departing RWY32, no SID.  Arriving RNAV Y RW25 Transition PELDI --Issue began as I was adding legs, it got worse the more I added-- Added LEGS:  HYLND, BLENO, BEEKN (freeze/lag became noticeable here - hitting EXEC after each leg brings sim back from laggy state), removed some discontinuities, ENE, AJJAY (lagging getting worse) ALLEX, SILRO (lag very noticeable and mouse clicks have to be made deliberately or they don't get registered, again hitting EXEC resolves issue) tried to add YJT and sim froze.  My CPU usage is at 100%.   I can reproduce this consistently.   FWIW, I hope this helps get to the bottom of the issue.
    • Avianca Colombia Airbus A320 (Star Alliance livery) N688TA   https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10077963   (Repaint for FSX)
    • Happened to me today with the 550 on a flight CYUL-CYQM. Cruising at FL390 at M0.76 and then all of a sudden speed is M0.56. No amount of thrust would bring speed back. Going to try the A320nx to see if it happens the same. Very weird. Forgot to look at the OAT. 
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