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    • Good question. At the moment I see nothing that affects the compatibility. But I cannot work on issues that are with Windows 7 and SIMstarter NG as I have no Windows 7 any more.
    • Looks like it's time to completely delete the existing installation, ensure it's also removed from the Scenery Library, reboot, then download the complete 1.1 version from your shop account and install that.. The usual cautions about unzipping it first, turning off your antivirus, installing as Administrator, then turning AV back on apply. A reboot after installation is an optional insurance step, but shouldn't be necessary.
    • I just bought the A330 and apparently there are no airport charts unless I pay someone for a subscription?  That was not mentioned before the sale.  Any help would be appreciated.
    • I will test with other Gates to find if Jetways get sunken wheels during Undocking. The wheels issue occurs during undocking and when it finish the wheels become restored. This is not normal. Uninstalling the old version do you mean the files from SODE must be removed as well? I will see if that resolve the problem.
    • Hi I notice that the metars display in INs not Millibars which is kind of strange when flying in Europe .. any chance of an option to set Millibars?
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