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  1. GPU Panel

    Marcel: Can you send us please a picture, tell us the plane type (7 or 9) and the sim version you use the aircraft in?
  2. Really? Take into consideration that the high performance mercury lights on many airports are high intensity red-orange in truth and trick out cameras white balances!
  3. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Those small stuff above the pictures called "text content" is also an important part of the forum. It had told you even about a "warning" that still a lot of old parts are present in the pictures which are still to be exchanged. The former HD Set for the Airbus series concentrated mostly on the type art, as exchanging the shaded material attributes is not possible that way. But the changes go much deeper: ALL geometry is also overworked and optimized, material layout is freshly done and the shading is done with the most modern technology saving a lot of geometry with the same visual result keeping a lot of geometry related tasks away from the CPU. As we have a lot of work done in parallel, i can only forward completely working cockpits to my programming buddies and testers. Elsewise they would become stuck in their adventures. So of course parts which have not been changed yet, stay visually the same til the next working step. Thats why you maybe mistakenly seen OLD parts as NEW parts. Again: I try to rule out such misinterpretations by typing extra words about it. By the way: The post told about the next part I am working on is the pedestal section -> logical conclusion -> currently seen is the old pedestal version... (window stuff is also old)
  4. Of course they should! But as we did it like this the cockpit was flooded with light from the back. Reason: The landing lights dont cast shadows yet and penetrate the hull without any resistence. We will need some patience and hope that this will be updated by LM, as we will see this very often happen also with other wingmounted landinglights in future... Also the overbright buildings on airports are not our fault. It seems that the landinglights currently handle the ground and other objects differently. This must also be overworked by the sim makers....
  5. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Time for a small friday update: A warning up in front: The cockpit is currently a somewhat "messy" construction site. There are still a lot of old components which are exchanged piece by piece with new ones. Work concentrates on the functional stuff like important panels currently. The overhead has been replaced now and is back in action. The images show the complete list of the button lights now; all there are existing. Mainpanel has been refreshed and modeling is already completed on the new pedestal stuff which starts texturing next week. Also the displays are old ones from the last version as i not immediately take the new BETA stuff onto my machine. Higher resolution is planned also there... The older textures for FSX also needed to be much brighter in the more remote spots. Prepar3D V4 with HDR features that much better, with simulating the eye opening / exposure time dynamicly.
  6. PaintKit downloads

    I figured out the offset of the tailart between VERTICAL TAIL AND RUDDER. Simply move your tailfinart copy that pixeldifference, delete the overstanding rest and you are done (Shift arrow in PS jumps 10px per input to move fast and correct over larger distances):
  7. Tips for repainting the tail

    If its about the Tail/Rudder combination. There is also a simple pixel offset formula existing: Simply do you tail art and for the rudder, move the art the same amount of pixels listed in the image; then it fits correctly. You can removed that not needed parts via masking
  8. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    This was no arrogance, this was an attempt to scientificly understand the motivation of some posts. It was also not directed towards you, but an answer on Mopperle´s question. But the anonymous situation of the internet often introduces people to release their inner itches that way, without any serious connection to the topic. And to be true: If you are endless happy with a thing, you focus completely on it as it fills you with pure luck. And if someone knows what this means, this someone knows also in those moment you dont need any other thing; also not to open an account on a totally other place and tell people about your discomfort with them. And when you witness that rather often and are still eager to learn more, you start to ask yourself what motivates such people. Its important for social relationships to understand what drives the other. In the end we ALL want the same: Be lucky. And when we understand the other, you can better control the situations to the favour of each of us: Relax, communicate, take the needed actions to return to a healthy state...
  9. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Got fresh images this morning about the subject lordweedy: What i got a source was an old variant of the buttons. Mine showed clearly a difference between the white and orange ones. On the new images i can see clearly the SQUIB is now clearly colored in white. Maybe the old ones were not different enough for stress situations. So this is of course updated now to the new standard! A330 300 Lufthansa of course gets one... on the other models we dont know yet....
  10. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    To the lights: We are already in connection with LM on a future implementation of dimmable lighting of all sorts. But it is important that the graphics engine ITSELF provides such a feature. All current solution use "hacks" which you pay with performance decreases. Imagine it as the panel itself and an extra layer with the panel backlighting on a semitransparent foil ontop. Literally this is the same technology used for the PFDs and NDs on the instrument panels, with only seeing the text information and on a bitmap base. Instead of rendering only the single panel surface, you have to render both layers (really two surfaces) and an expensive transparency pass. A modern game engine features that within one material and without that transparency pass. Also this calculation process must be repeated for any large panel section (only 1024x1024 pixels per texture sheet allowed here) and that possibly with at least 30 repetitions per second. So once the modern solution is introduced by the engine manufacturer, the old variant needs strongly overwork, the additional layer removed and the panel retextured etc...But as it is only a question of time the new solutíon is introduced and it is also clever to invest into future and not stay in past, we currently still stick to non dimmable lighting, while you can trigger already dynamic light but at ON/OFF state. But still this way is more future ready and hopefully we can soon witness the full bandwith of dimmable lighting also within the Prepar3D V4 platform. It is a time full of changes currently, but i am convinced it will pay out. LM took quite more time with the 4.1 update than i guessed myself, so i think they are currently doing a lot of refinements and additions to their beautiful product which will experience are steady development. And that already made my mind shining brighter. FSX became quite frustrating for devs in the last years, which are also eager to extend possibilities to enhance the flight simulation experience continually...
  11. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Of course! Crazy times! I had an analogue youth and still need to adapt lol
  12. PaintKit downloads

    I will give you help on monday....
  13. PaintKit downloads

    I mean for the rudder section.... The complete paintkits can give you also reference there...
  14. PaintKit downloads

    Why dont you introduce reference lines? But I can create such as the as template also at the start of next week...
  15. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I would have awaited a photo to underfeet the demand! You promised one with white paper! Only with words, you could demand it is pink and proved with MK1 eyeball. But to follow I at least would have too see that the white OFF looks exactly the same as SQUIB! If i fail such a thing, i have to oversend my letter of resignation already this weekend! ☺
  16. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    The SQUIB in this image is also bright orange (and not white!) and has a different tone than the white OFF. Please check also my image below, the difference should be clearly visible..... Its very dangerous to photograph self emitting sources against a dark background. The camera orients its auto exposure than very often on the dark areas, overexposing the lighted stuff. Thats also why i take a deal of time to memorize how my physical EYES see colors and contrasts and not only rely on the photos sounds in the first way almost paradox, but we cannot fully trust a SINGLE image of an item. A camera also "interprets" a situation an your own eyes, if trained, are still better than such equipment!
  17. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Better use a more correct exposure time in the next try please....
  18. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I guess this is a phenomena from psychology: Cognitive dissonance. In their subconscious they have strong doubts on their excessivly expensive purchase but somehow their brain must find a logic conclusion that it was still right. This is an age old survival mechanism. So the most convinient way to get their devils inside calm again is in trying to degrade another very good product by speech. If that brings peace for them again it is also good for the rest of mankind and we did still a good job in providing them a release vent here. If not i strongly recommend in looking for a good therapist to avoid additional harm to them and others! Any problem in your life is solvable buddies!
  19. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    For those i have photo coverage and they are not white lordweedy!
  20. PaintKit downloads

    Here is the "master painkit" for all three sections together. Use the colored squares as calibrators to insert the large pieces into the smaller final textures. The squares must be located cleanly in the upper left corner of each texture map, without any gap. The the texture sits correct in the "local texture sheet" (3 of 3). ASCRJ700_TRIPLE_TEMPLATE.psd
  21. PaintKit downloads

    The copyright of the American Eagle livery should be with me. If you make alterations to it, simply tell about the initial author and then yourself and your additions. Nordica paintkit: Where is the nightmare? There is no nightmare! I will create a quick template for the painter of the 700. Later you must split up so or so the stuff up again, which i never do. I think Holgi has also no problem with this kind of working. Not forget to create three pixel layers of flesh then on the cut, as the graphics cards blur out those areas (also called TEXTURE BLEEDING). You encounter this with adding a border of three similar pixels by copy and paste...
  22. GSX dynamic lights

    Only celestial bodies (so Sun and Moon) cast shadows currently inside Prepar3D V4. Any other light sources are shadowless. The examples shown in the video dont cast any shadows. With the general aviation aircraft example you only see the stuff from the side and that there is shadow casting is an illusion. We as developers had from start on problems without those situations. Hans told already about the landing lights, which shine in a conic form. As the cone widens, the landing light rays also enter the cockpit. In real world, the outer hull surfaces covers that area with its shadow. But as we dont have shadows on landing lights, it was quite some work to keep the cockpit dark and still have good illumination on the runway. I made already an inquiry that we are allowed to exclude for example certain geometry from lights. But this is still pending at LM as they told, that would make them some headaches graphics engine wise. But personally I await a strong overwork for the graphics engine as for the lights, as they seem pretty busied with the 4.1 currently. On larger aircraft like an 737 or A320 class aircraft you simply sit much more above the light, so it dont shines in that much like on the CRJ. On the avatar i must check myself, as i not tried out that stuff yet. Edit: In Prepar3D, and this is still partly based on FSX, collision detection works on a simplified basis: Any object regardless of its form, is surrounded by a virtual cube on its extremes, which determine the outher boundaries. So when you have a rounded object, like the CRJs nose, it can be, the avatar is held back soon before he reaches the hull surface itself. Imagine a sphere which is captured in a cube. There are distances to the spheres surface, when you try to enter from one of the cage cubes corners. On really large aircraft you dont hit the tubes collision cube as it sits high enough above the surface. But on the CRJ its sits VERY nice the ground. The only way to overcome this in my eyes, would be to modify the Avatars collision cage. Normally it reaches from head to feet. But if one would scale that down to the feet, its should avoid the avatar from colliding too early. But i think the small rest on the feet is needed, to keep the avatar from falling to the center of earth.... I will take a further look at it....
  23. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    TIme for the friday update: How you can imagine the CRJ took also a part of my attention during this week. Nevertheless advance was good: The overhead details are now also fully intergrated and the status labels for all panels have been redone in higher resolution. As the A318-A321 project is now more modular and features may still be added in future, the indicator light labels are now completely existing. So any single one which was maybe missing in the old version is now included. On the small overhead fusepanel there is a large button collection in the upper right corner. I had no actual footage with knob status lights on there. If one of the "ON"s has a wrong color (they are sometimes white or blue), please report, i will change that then immediately!
  24. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    TIme for a little update: Had some sidejobs to do over the week which took the focus for 2 days away, but the shading of the overhead stuff continues. Currently only the panels bases and the white knobs are shaded. All other stuff not; so not wonder why that looks so dark. Follows then monday... Screens are out of the 3d software, but with the "final" textures which will be used also inside the sim...
  25. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Time for the friday update: During that week the overhead panel and small fuse panel was overhauled fully. New labels with the original font and higher resoluted textures were introduced. Below are two pictures with the pure raw textures, which need of course to be shaded for final use.