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    Paint Kit has painted-on textures?

    PSD textures are made for photoshop or analogous paint programs which are able to read that format. The special livery is an extra layer group which you can swiftly erase, so you get a blank sheet in a second. DXTBmp is more a converter from BMP to the more modern and compressed DXT format. However i not would go that ancient way of painting. Most painters simply use Photoshop nowadays, even older version of it and get the nvidia DDS exporter.
  2. That is what i get here currently....
  3. That component you describe is called Aileron. The latest built should already contain a trailing edge that is of the same thickness and the wings/flaps trailing edge.
  4. Thats is the simple 3dsmax preview window with only one shadowless light...
  5. If you think something is not looking like it should, then we of course welcome your input. But please provide evidence for your claims, because how shall we go with "looks like the edge of a knife". Could be also "looks more like a goat, than a sheep". So we can only work with good photos and plans. If you can provide: Pretty good! Only sending text claims not helps so much!
  6. Time for a small friday update. Detailing of the main gear has advanced pretty well, the last details are added on monday (some covers of joints). After that work will proceed into the bay itself, which has also to show remarkable detail. Stay tuned!
  7. Time for the small friday update: The missing details on the nose gear covers have been added now and work shifted to the main gear area (hydraulic hoses not fitted yet). Centimeter for centimeter details are now added starting from the tire section up the main gear stem going finally into the large main gear bay. So you will see in the coming weeks how this will come to finalisation. Among the details are stickers, hydraulic pipes, screws and on and on...and finally of course a bit oil stains and typical kinds of corrosion (of course switchable for the repainters and people who already wanted to post now: "But i want a pretty new plane without, i don't want to buy a used plane... ;-) )... The textures shown are not renders, they display actually what you will also see in the sim...of course there better shaded, so with shadow casting and reflections.
  8. Time for a small friday update on the A330. How you could already last days i took up work on the A330 again. Works left is the detailing of the gearbays and landing gear itself. Here are some images from the nose gear. Work is still not finished. Especially at the covers itself there is still quite some detail to add! Images are not taken out of the sim, but the textured model is shown from within my working 3d software.
  9. Hi Hugo! Good to know. If the aircraft model/paints are overworked at a future date, i will introduce those variants too.
  10. What are the differences? Could you post images A vs B? The current paints should be compatible, so of course in the coming months we stay with what we have now. But for future updates (which i cannot rule out), it would be good to know what the differences could be...
  11. Hi Dony136! Those "engines" are called (when i remember right) the N1 Fans, a fast rotating forward component of modern turbine engines. Those move very rapidly and the "smearedness" simulates the motion blur happening to all optical devices, including human eyes. Check other addons, you will witness similar "smearedness" also there, even smeared propellers are around the simworld!
  12. Time for a small friday update: One of our testers informed us that the TCAS we used until now became obselete. So we exchanged the whole panel against a more modern variant currently in use.
  13. Stefan Hoffmann

    Paintkit Issue

    Hi tdorher! It is very clear, what is "bleeding through" here. The textures, how also the manual states, consists not only from the RGB channels, but also the alpha channels. Those were not updated by you. In the case of the _C texture the alpha channel controls how much of the environment is reflected by the pixel. So having more glossy parts to simulate, you make the amount stronger. In the older shading engine of FSX that overglows at some daylight conditions, so with brighter colors you tend to reduce the glossy effect. Inside the _S (specular) texture, you control the wideness of the sun hilight. Also the alpha layer is to adjust here. So having the hilight spread over a larger area lets you simuoate a more rough or matte surface. Having the alpha channel here with a brighter value is shrinking the hilight area, making the surface look more like high glossy coat or glass. I hope that makes the situation clearer, which you are currently in!
  14. Hi SK10? On what are you basing your claim that the pillar would be off? Your personal eyesight? Be aware that we carefully measure out what we model. What would you then favour? The real measures or your own subjective impression? Note that off course what you see in the sim will differ from your real world perspective due different FieldOfView and off course the stereo feeling. Thus we cannot rely on our eyesight fully but must base the work on facts, which are in this case measures... (and before i have to write a second a post): Yes, the other dimensions were also taken...
  15. That mainpanel texture (a new one will be provided soon) exists in any case. If we add there pixel patterns that read like the registration, this is not creating more work for the computer which is busied with hundreds of parallel tasks already. Anything beside will and when your wish is to create an optimal running model, the credo is LessIsBetterThanMore, which is of course counterweighted with the aesthetical demands of the costumers. This is a delicate balance...
  16. That decision is not as trivial as one might think. To read out that ATC-ID you actually need some active running code lines, that we call gauges. After that you need then a transparent texture on a polygon which needs to be masked, so rendered double. Additionally you next prepared fonts which are not flexible once set. Also 3D effects in the text are not possible, but only plain color, which also can hinder the demand to let all look as one piece in the pit. Surely i could add even more cons beside all those stylistic and computational needs. The only pro would be a tat more convinience. But in our view, the painter should have all the freedom that is possible AND of course included in larger freedom is larger responsibility. The paintkit comes with prepared Alphabet set consisting of all needed symbols. The rest is just copy and paste. And what is a minute more after sitting quite some hours on a repaint?
  17. If you can buy an A321 the basic outer shape of course remains the same. But what comes inside you decide as the costumer. Some put in more seat rows, other larger galleys or toilets. This different distribution of the interior mirrors also in the outside window placement. When there is a closed room inside, the window gets removed and only a pure blind surface remains. So the current configuration of LH´s D-AISP is so replicated in detail.
  18. Hi Darryl! I created both paintkits. And in both kits the dirt layer is an extra section, which means it can be deactivated in a split second by a click or faded in fine steps after pleasure by the opacity settings also within a second?! Would it be a good idea to use this option?
  19. Don´t blame trueglass too much for that lol. What is needed that it rains? Clouds probably? And those have transparent material values means, their computation is much harder than with solid objects. Then you get much of them on overcast skies.... You can witness that frame loss also without any trueglass active btw....
  20. Stefan Hoffmann

    Cockpit Lighting

    Hi Caribpilot! Thanks for your input. Can you make a screenshot from what you see and think is wrong?
  21. Time for a small friday update: The last VISUAL model elements were put into the cockpit this week including even seatbelts and especially for CheapCharlie: A flashflight security band ;-) And for those guys who starved for an exterior view, this time also you get something the view!
  22. Nyxx: To underfeed your arguments you used an image with the minimum zoom / wides angle. Of course the displays are MUCH LARGER in the default zoom view you get on startup. Thats like you should an image of the sky around sunset, and claim that the sky would be golden all over the day! There are a lot of images around with larger displays AND the same distance of the observer from the displays.... ;-) Check some pages back....
  23. Time for the small friday update! Enjoy the pictures...