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  1. Some small addition i maybe have: In shorter moments i had time to add the floor detail to the FWD Cargo. Any detail should be in there, that exists also in real world: Ball rollers, Cylindrical drive rollers, Clamps.... Still needs to be done for the AftCargo, but many single assets can be overtaken, while the basic layout is different back there.
  2. Really friday again? The time did flow by fast the last two weeks. Sadly i had not much time at all at the A330 as we tested all the new Prepar3D V4 features and to what way we can use them. For the A330 this is a huge favour too, as you can switch now the floodlights, domelights and the other lighting stuff fully independent from the panel backlighting, which so much of you dreamed of. This will be of course, part of the Prepar3D V4 package. We also talked with the sim makers of chances to get an efficient workout for dimmable stuff which is currently not implemented, and they reacted very open and i press thumbs we get that too in one of the later updates. So together with going 64bit and getting rid of that terrible small memory range of the past and all the other nice new features, the sim future looks technologically promising in that sector.
  3. Those are dynamic lights. The font for the displays we took from photos from the displays. It is hand made after the original. What may alter the perception of the font is that they are normally displayed on a CRT screen, which is not comparable to the TFT technology we are able to simulate here. The downgrade would need its own CRT simulation!
  4. Hi Carlz! Thats not a bug, but a feature. The strobes are pointing outward being an ordinary lightsource. If you point a flashlight away from you, do you await you can see its lightbulb? This has also a practical meaning: What if you look out at night at the wingtip? What about epilepsy among passengers, which is often triggered by strobe lights? Thats why its by design favoured, not to have the strobes visible from within the aircaft. Strobes are there, to make the aircraft visually known to other airtraffic under poor viz conditions. The only reaction you see from strobes in realworld is maybe minor glass reflections by the navlight cover, but mostly from humidity (tiny raindrops in air) and dusty microparticles. But those are not simulated currently. Would be a bit hardcore. But who knows what future brings...
  5. Time for a small update: Was again a shorter week here in germany due a celebration day, but the Bulkcargo Compartment is now also done. Next days will be used on a new platform, but back pretty soon....
  6. Time for a small friday update! Aft Cargo Bay is so far done. As i just recieved good photos for the bulkcargo section this gets a bit more attention at monday... The cargo door itself features also bump mapping, so with being in the sim later is will appear pretty plasticly. When stuff is alltogether done, i will post some images also with the night versions.
  7. Time for a small friday update: Work on the forward cargo hold is so far completed. Now work concentrates on the aft section one. All walls are covered with the detail that belongs there...
  8. My congratulations to your successful virtual rebirth!
  9. Time for a small friday update: Though my absence there were only a few workdays since the last update and stuff is now at a transitional state to completion still for the cargo bays. But next friday you will see again images here...
  10. Of course we keep also the current Dragonair livery for the release.
  11. Time for a small friday update again: The galley and cockpit interior is now inserted and functional too (door animations). I made some images within FSX which show the different looks between day and night. The pax window itself are still work and progress and get their passenger heads and seats visible one after another. Dont wait for an update next week as i am shortly working on another project. Cargo holds are then the next stop which are luckily much less complex constructions than the galleys...
  12. Yes, that has to be adapted. Old Busses were designed for Fsx, which included the exterior model for shadow generation within the VC view. Prepar3D decided suddenly another technical approach. But if that is kept that way, no one could prognost in that current very transitional phase.
  13. The Dragair features a layout that is externally very similar to our reference aircraft. The Lufthansa however features a different door3 (smaller variant) and an extra LARGE communcation antenna fairing on the aft section. So Lufthansa deserves a sepcial model even. After that base external model is done, Lufthansa will be the next variant to follow... But of course in a well planned project you first create a stable base and ontop of that you start producing your variations in an effective way...
  14. Yes, there is already a normal map on the outer fuselage for other details there. And without specular textures you would not see any gloss points; they are mandatory so!
  15. Time for a small friday update: Galleys are now almost complete; only some very small details left for the doors interior itself and after that a fast nightlighting pass. As easter egg a compilation of the three main galleys. The geometry is rather light, only where you see really major corners a larger single surface ends. Also the texture is rather efficient, the pixels wisely used. But i personally see a time coming, were the door of the aircraft and surrounding will more cross each worlds than it was in past. So you can set at least a step into the aircraft maybe (dont ask for a complete cabin yet), while of course it cant be that detailed like in the cockpit. Of course we are exploring any time we have the chance new techniques. So have alltogether a nice easter time and relax a bit; i will now also retire for this weekend...
  16. Small friday update: Galley2 is now also done. The crew seats near the exit are detailed after this post (so please not complain about it). The layout resembles lufthansa.
  17. A repainter knowing his tools well would be able to do that, yes. Nice weekend and thx again Amahran!
  18. Small friday update again: Galley detailing continues; this time master templates for the kitchen equipment itself were created and can be now spread over all three galley sections (ovens, waterbasin/sink, coffeemaker, chillers, trolley sized cabinets, trolleys, trash compactors...) So the kitchen will really look like their real world versions. Research was also done for the coming different external models for other operating airlines. Lufthansa for example will get a model on its own, featuring the large aft antenna fairing they installed there as optional add. So we stay very close the real thing there too.
  19. Small friday update: Work on the galley detailing advances nicely. Galley1 almost complete (Still needs trolleys and casing of the kitches painted). Other galleys follow detailing...
  20. Some small update: No, for Lufthansa it is still to early "sk5645". Among other things the modeling, unwrapping and animation on the three galleys were finished this week. The door mechanic was to model rather near the real thing, even the guide arm cover on the top of the doors, as elsewise they hit the doors inner surface. So the designers at Airbus had to made this cover movable. Check the movie... Monday is then start of the galley texturing, the Lufthansa variant mainly was taken as blueprint. The galleys can differ strongly between the airlines; they even can have bars with cool neon lights which can take it up with every premium hotel bar!
  21. Hi Patrick! To that issue there is a relativly easy answer: The calculation of the visible result on your monitor happens after formulas which mimic the reality, but are far away from what mother nature is doing there. All what your eyes can see is based on electro magnetical radiation. An incredible number of little "particles" called photons come in from the sun, hit surfaces and are changed in that event. On black surfaces they get mostly absorbed and their high movement energy is radiated out as heat, others get some part of their energy absorbed only and come back in different "colors". Even at moon night, the sunlight first hit the surface of the moon which bounces it back to us. Btw. only 16% of that energy come back, moon is rather dark and we often get a wrong feeling for it. Basily its almost black as coal when we see it under earthy conditions. Such bright is the sun light and of course the dark background does the rest. But how much processing time you think would it take for a computer to re-generate all this in realtime, at 60 FPS? And we speak here not only of billions and billions of particles with multiple interactions in the same moment. So simple algorithms were invented to come near the natural result. The pro is the fast calculation, the con that it is still rather far away from natural result. The artist simply cannot control the visual apperance in the FSX generation of simulator. You get only ONE optimal look for a certain time of day, to which you can calibrate. But more modern variants of realtime render engines go a step further and can adapt nicely to different times a day. We hope that in future editions of flightsims those achievments are made accessible to us visual artists, as we of course aim also for the best looks for all flight simmers.
  22. I am not here tomorrow, one day break. But if you read the last friday post more detailed, you will see that the galley modeling (incl. door interior) is underway now. 70% done already. This must be to optimally distribute the geometry to the textures.
  23. Nothing decided yet Nothing known yet...
  24. And not only Hans is there. I will be also ready in the modeling department to do changes to animations if needed etc etc...
  25. That was an misunderstanding i think. Of course the paintkit isn´t ready, as the plane itself isn´t complete!