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  1. Raphael_Chacon

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    +1 for a reslistic template for Learjet 35A
  2. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

    Gee.... jejeje Happy Flying!
  3. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

    Worked like 5275N Txs, i dont know why it did not work at the very begining of my flight.... may be typo or something mistaken..... Thanks for answer....
  4. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

  5. Same here, I got to say flying the plane is very pleasant, but this issue sometimes tends to ruine the flight. Instead of selecting HDG after approaching, i disconenct the autopilot and fly the CRJ to land, so no risks to be taken for now that way... ;-) Happy Flying!
  6. Keep pushing, great update!!
  7. OMG looking forward for the A330, its been so long :-) Looking at those previews is so encouraging!
  8. Looking forward for the A330.... :-)
  9. Raphael_Chacon

    PFPX 1.27 --> 1.28 wont start - Missing DLLs

    All right, For future reference: 1- Unistall W7 libraries X86, X64 2- Restart 3- Download and reinstall both https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 4- Worked... Solved now... :-) Thanks
  10. Hello, Got new PC so im reinstalling everything. I use Win7 64bits(SP1 updated), but when trying to start program im getting these errors: I have reviewed some post about it indicating to update windows libraries, but i have them already installed: vcredist_x86.exe for Windows 32bit vcredist_x64.exe for Windows 64bit I even tryed downloading and reinstalling those libraries, but the Microsoft program confirms they are installed. What i have done so far: 1- Tryed to load 1.27 before installing 1.28, wont work.... 2- Installed 1.27 then used the PFPX.exe patch 1.27.3, wont work... 3- Installed 1.27, put the hotfix, then updated 1.28.... didnt work either.... 4- Revised if the mfc140.dll was into c:\Windows\System32\ - Affirmative, it is there.... 5- Revised if the mfc140.dll was into c:\Windows\SysWOW64\ - Affirmative, it is there.... 6- Retry from fresh install--- Nope...same thing.... Any clue? Thanks in advance for support
  11. Raphael_Chacon

    Airbus A320 IAE IndiGo VT-INI

    This file is not working well with Airbus X Extended...... Texture seems like dark and the panel inside for some reason looks black(VC)....... Any ideas? Only happening with this repaint... Regards...