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  1. Performed LEBL/KEWR and performance was kind of expected according to the PER file.... Too soon to talk, but let me go back to LEBL and see...😎 Thanks for contribution!
  2. True, we need to test it a bit more to reproduce issues(thats a very good approach), but seems faulty so far... I mean, basic setup, right?
  3. Thank you... Lets blast some runways this weekend! 😎
  4. Look out this CRJ from Dominican Republic! This is an Active Airline and they are really getting the hang of the market around DR... Terrific Paint! I Guess a CRJ7 is like best wishes yet jejeje But is very nice! There is a SF34 from that airline available already(actual fleet) . Happy Flying!
  5. +1 for the PFPX 78X profile..... Happy Flying!
  6. What is going on in the world! Air Berlin, T.Cook, Adria.... OMG.... I hope somehow they find a solution..... Happy Flying!...
  7. Ou yes, very very real experience to me, It is a random CTD but always when clicking MFDs(I can lovely move around using views, EZCA, etc etc, without any problems, no CTDs at all). Actually, i was flying at the time i decided to go back and read this thread. So, like trying luck i just to clicked copilot MFD and ....guess what.... This CTD is always related to that DLL.... Yes i´ve read all kind of things about the DLL, the Avsim Guide, etc etc... but no solution so far. So i just use EZCA camera movements to move around the MFDs and avoid CTD. It is only happening when flying the AS CRJ, that is my experience... BTW, i reloaded the flight, everything ok now 🙂 So lets continue to Slovenia! Hope this is helpful somehow... Happy Flying...
  8. Yep, Something similar happening here(V1.2.3.0). When clicking over the Multifunction Display (24c in Tutorial PDF, like HSI) in order to pop-up a bigger screen to read data, well, a CTD is likely to occur.... Not happening with EICAS displays, but it is randomly happening with PFD..... So, avoid clicking over it and everything will be fine for now until next update.... Happy Flying!
  9. Got it..... Good to communicate before.... Happy Flying!😎
  10. I have a simmilar problem with DIFF PRESS... Departing from Tunis to Zurich. Set 1420ft landing altitude. Followed all procedures, but......had the DIFF PRESS msg again. After reading this post and still climbing, i turned PACKs off, turned cabin alt to Zero and turned the system on but manually, and then automatic again. Voilah! System started to increase pressure until normal pressure differential at or below 8.6..... but then noticed cabin altitude continued to increase, passed amber and turned to red..... also pressure differential continued to drop oxigen mask had to be deployed... No response from manual controls in the overhead panel to solve this... If switched to aotu, continued the altitude increase. If switched to manual, apparently stopped at that point, but did nothing more, no matter what i tried with the pressure controls... So.... Following thread.... Happy Flying! 😎
  11. Same here, system apparently not working at all, not even in manual mode. Ill restart the sim a see what happens...
  12. Solved this way: Since i use PTA, i returned default shaders and darkness was gone after little sim testing i did. After that i reinstalled the preset Adams 2.63 disabling "water Tweaks effect" as per PTA Dev advice, and added this to the Prepar3D.cfg: MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=True to MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=False No darkness... even with the PTA mod installed. So well, i hope this one is helpful for any other fellow pilot.... Happy flying!
  13. Few days ago i updated to driver 418.81, not sure if something to do with it, but now that you mention it, are you having any issues after? This is happening to me even on any other payware acfrt. If i start cool and dark, the darkness is total... cant find any buttons.... But external views..... there are no spot lights for that except tail and wing edges... Everything super dark...
  14. I hjave same issue..... P3DV4, DL on, and updated Nvidia Drivers... Changing NVIDIA settings to try the colour thingy wont solve the issue. No matter which i try(CRJ default or added texture), everything looks pretty dark at night. Actually, lighting is not working at all.....its just a black thing there and i just can see screens on. Not even Shift + L works... Everything is dark during the night but ok during the day... Even night lighting can be seen normally during the day....(you see the light showing up...) Ohh.... a CTD after a while, no matter what i try.... Something is not wright: I found this at LM: General bug? Or after Nvidia drivers update?.... Dont know....
  15. Thank you... holding short for it..... 🍻
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