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  1. OMG, pictures look so great! And its so nice it will cover nearby airports....... itll be very appreciated to know more about the area.... Looking forward for release!
  2. Wow!!! any news on its development...? Looks amazing work in the pictures above....
  3. Raphael_Chacon

    lukla CTD general

    Ou, i just saw there is a new development for this airport.... Here...
  4. Raphael_Chacon

    lukla CTD general

    Hello to all, Flying a dangerous tour and wanted to buy Lukla for P3D4.3. Luckly(or sadly) i noticed people complainint about the CTDs issues, so definitely there is something wrong that made me stop and investigate. Is there any update on the scenery and/or cure for the problem already released these days(september)? If not, any planned review? Itll be sad otherwise, such as good dangerous destination... Thanks in advance...
  5. Raphael_Chacon

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    +1 for a reslistic template for Learjet 35A
  6. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

    Gee.... jejeje Happy Flying!
  7. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

    Worked like 5275N Txs, i dont know why it did not work at the very begining of my flight.... may be typo or something mistaken..... Thanks for answer....
  8. Raphael_Chacon

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

  9. Same here, I got to say flying the plane is very pleasant, but this issue sometimes tends to ruine the flight. Instead of selecting HDG after approaching, i disconenct the autopilot and fly the CRJ to land, so no risks to be taken for now that way... ;-) Happy Flying!
  10. Keep pushing, great update!!
  11. OMG looking forward for the A330, its been so long :-) Looking at those previews is so encouraging!
  12. Looking forward for the A330.... :-)
  13. Raphael_Chacon

    Airbus A320 IAE IndiGo VT-INI

    This file is not working well with Airbus X Extended...... Texture seems like dark and the panel inside for some reason looks black(VC)....... Any ideas? Only happening with this repaint... Regards...