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  1. That constant left-right weave between DOFFY and CAMJO is normal? I wanted to include as much visual detail as I could, in case it pertains to any solution. The right picture includes the weather/wind/etc. coming out of the problem area for the LNAV.
  2. I will try this but, and this is nothing against you as you're being of great help, this is a whole lot of rain dancing to make sure the basic functionality/behavior of an airplane is functional. It's starting to feel like the FSX days of old and I am starting to get frustrated.
  3. Same problem here, and I followed your/AS directions to reset the aircraft three times. No joy. I believe something else is at play.
  4. I'm getting the same described behavior. On the latest version.
  5. Seconded, a phantom waypoint is added into the route and plane intercepts the line drawn from it and the intended direct to. In my case it happened departing from KORF, runway 5, and following the KISRR3 SID. I flew runway heading to 4000, used the DIR INTC page to select HPW after cleared direct-to, and yeah.
  6. Yeah, found this out the hard way. Let's just say several FAA violations occurred going into KMSP in bad weather the other day. 👀
  7. Need to make sure this switch is not on STBY, for Vatsim/vPilot purposes.
  8. Apologies, reading back this came off way too vitriolic. Worded better, putting roadblocks in front of features of accessibility because it doesn't conform 1:1 to real world specifications is a bit of a bummer. Mathijs those are all great options I already use to full effect. As I said in my original post this is an "issue" and not really an issue. Just spitballing a personal wishlist of sorts. Best.
  9. Just want to add something that worked for me if you encounter the nose-dive (which happened only twice in almost ~15 hours with the module so far), turn off the AP and cycle the FD on/off, then engage AP -> APPR again. Provided your descent profile isn't bent out of shape too much it reengages the FD back on proper numbers to continue the approach. Best of luck!
  10. I hear you Finn, fair enough.
  11. Oh I didn't mean resorting in a negative way, I love the HUD, especially coming from a mainly DCS background. Said that, inclusion of options that strike a balance between realism and QoL for video game purposes never hurt. Also, the concern of "die hard realism" people doesn't really concern me. People who treat this hobby like life and death suck all the joy out of it.
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