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  1. Mario Donick

    SSG Boeing 747-8i Navdata Issue

    It should. Which date has the file "Custom Data / UFMC / airports.txt"?
  2. Mario Donick

    Aspen appearance

    Thanks by pointing out these wording issues. To be honest, though, you're the first one who asked this kind of question and we had no other complaints about the appearence or missing photo textures. When we write in our manuals "if you have HD mesh installed", we assume that you read it as "if you have HD mesh installed for the scenery tiles affected by this scenery", because you can either use HD mesh OR you can use photo scenery at a scenery tile, but not both at the same time. If you have installed HD mesh v4 and photo scenery for the same tile on your computer, X-Plane will only load one of these -- the one that has higher priority in your scenery_packs.ini. Contrary to what you say, in X-Plane a photo scenery is combined with mesh data. If you have used Ortho4XP for creating a photo scenery for Colorado, or downloaded one from the Internet, your photo scenery already includes the elevation data (the mesh). So having HD mesh v4 installed for the same region (the same tile) is in fact a waste of disk space.
  3. Mario Donick

    SSG Boeing 747-8i Navdata Issue

    The issue mentioned in this thread was only affecting cycle 1806. It is fixed now, you should simply redownload the cycle.
  4. Mario Donick

    update ndp to A320 flight factor utlimate on xp10

    Have you configured NavDataPro already for the A320 (i.e. selected this product, set the correct path, etc.)?
  5. Mario Donick

    Scenery failures

    This is not a failure necessarily. It may simply look like this way. If you want us to look further, you need to attach your full log.txt, after you flew in this region. You should also tell us where this region is. Australia? Africa? USA?
  6. Mario Donick

    Fire Handles

    I've read a while ago that the 777 in X-Plane 11 does show this issue whereas the X-Plane 10 version didn't. Maybe a bug with the airplane in X-Plane 11, if it can be confirmed by other users. In this case, maybe file a bug report:
  7. Mario Donick

    Radio frequencies with 3 decimal

    X-Plane uses datarefs for storing frequencies. Here is an overview of datarefs related to COM radio 1: As you can see, you have different options, but the format is integer, values are in hz, khz and Mhz. Either using X-Plane's own network data output options or maybe using XPUIPC (which it NOT related to FSUIPC and has not even nearly as many options) you can send these values to other software.
  8. Mario Donick

    airbus a320 ultimate

    Hello Petter, when --- are shown for SPD and HDG, the A320 is in MANAGED mode and only using the FMGS calculations for flying. This is the default. You can pull the HDG knob to change to OPEN mode, after that you can set the heading on your own. Think of it like this: when you PULL the knob, it is YOUR aircraft when you PUSH the knob, it is the computer's aircraft. I suggest you watch some tutorials on how an Airbus is operated. It works a bit differerent than Boeing. Here is a tutorial for A320's autopilot system. It's based on the FSLabs A320 for FSX/P3D, but it works similar in the FlightFactor A320 for X-Plane.
  9. Mario Donick

    EDDT Winter Textures Issue

    This is normale. JSGME is a generic tool for modifying game files (used in many games, not just X-Plane) and of course it warns you about modifications. you need to confirm this message.
  10. Mario Donick

    EHAM What is this problem

    Looks as if you crashed? Or installed EHAM not correctly? Please describe your problem in more detail.
  11. Mario Donick

    FPS drop ENSH-Svolvaer

    There is no real solution to this. Some scenery needs a stronger computer than others. I'll ask our developers if there are ways to optimize it in a future update, but I can't promise anything.
  12. Mario Donick

    FPS drop ENSH-Svolvaer

    So, which one has low performance? (You first write Vaeroy and Svaldbard run perfectly, but then you write that Vaeroy has bad performance). In general, try to reduce your rendering settings until you find a setting where it's smooth. Then start to increase settings again until you find the optimum.
  13. Great video, as always. Was your approach in Bella Coola successful at the first time or had you to practice?
  14. Moin Mario,

    im Anhang die Log.txt Datei,nach der du gefragt hattest.


    Gruß Volker


  15. Mario Donick

    Please do not modify the buildings around SBRJ.

    If your scenery load order is correct (I'm assuming this), this is probably related to the mesh modifications of the airport. If it brings own overlay data and these are older than X-Plane's own data, this can be the effect.