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  1. Saitek X56 fail

    I was Google-ing a bit, and found this thread at Esp. interesting is the following: Is this the same for your (activation with right throttle segment)? That thread does not have a solution, but maybe a hint you may want to try: Use the device WITHOUT Saitek's official drivers (uninstall them), just calibrate it in X-Plane itself. Does that work better?
  2. Saitek X56 fail

    Okay, so it seems to be restricted to the X56, and I doubt it is an hardware issue. Does this device have any mode switches or macros that could be active? (Sorry to ask such dumb questions, but I don't have a X56 here).
  3. X-plane 11 will not download

    Can you attach your "installer log.txt" which the installer saved on your desktop?
  4. Taxi network at Antalya?

    I have tried generating ground routes right now with WT3, and it worked fast and flawlessly, aircraft spawned at the gates and they took off and landed.
  5. Saitek X56 fail

    This does not happen without the X56 attached? Does it happen in every aircraft, or only in some? Do you use any other equipment? Have you tried to delete your joystick settings and re-configure it?
  6. EHAM ATIS frequency

    I am not commercial pilot. These are forum ranks, based on your forum post count. For example, you are "ramp agent" right now. Thanks anyway for the friendly explanation
  7. X-plane 11 DVD install problem

    If DVD 1 installed correctly, you can simply copy the rest (the content of the other DVDs) manually over to your X-Plane folder; it's just the global scenery that belongs to X-Plane 11\Global Scenery\X-Plane 11 Global Scenery
  8. FMC data lost when resuming flight

    Saving flights only works correctly with default aircraft that don't use special plugins. X-Plane can only save its own variables (datarefs), but not those of addon aircraft.
  9. 14th stage lights

    Sorry, I don't understand the question. Can you explain this a bit more in detail? Which lights are you referring to, and how should they be instead?
  10. Reality XP GTN750 VC Integration

    Bisher ist, soweit ich weiß, das RXP GTN750 nur in JustFlights Arrow III im 3D-Cockpit integrierbar (d.h. "richtig", mit passendem 3D-Objekt).
  11. Installationshilfe

    Hallo hastar, willkommen im Forum. Ich habe deine Frage mal in den deutschsprachigen Bereich verschoben. Ich vermute mal, du meinst Günther Kremps VFR-Szenerie. Die runtergeladene Datei enthält eine "liesmich.odt", in der genau beschrieben ist, wie man die Szenerie installiert und welche Voraussetzungen nötig sind. Wobei genau brauchst du denn Hilfe?
  12. Mega Airport OSLO for XP11 isn't showing traffic

    Here are World Traffic 3 ground routes for Aerosoft's ENGM:
  13. Mega Airport OSLO for XP11 isn't showing traffic

    First, make sure your scenery load order is correct and it is actually Aerosoft Oslo that is loaded. Then, check the "static aircraft" checkbox in X-Plane's rendering settings. This should bring some static (non-moving) aircraft to the gates. Finally, World Traffic does not work automatically on any airport. For every airport you need to convert the airport's taxiways to World Traffic's ground routes. This is done in the World Traffic flight setup window.
  14. Problems with flap lever and autobrake jardesign a320

    How do you use these levers? Buttons? Mouse?
  15. Great video and scenery. You obviously had some fun with that flight