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  1. Airport Lugano XP11

    Ich habe vor einem Jahr Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 für den P3D gekauft. Gestern habe ich mir das Update auf Zürich Prefessional für 5 Euro geholt. Ich würde erwarten, dass man dasselbe tut, bei Lugano. Habe bisher nix gekauft. Habs versucht mit dem alten Code und dann gleich abgebrochen als der Preis nicht geändert hat.
  2. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Ok. I'll give it a try
  3. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Sorry. I don't get it. Paste your scenery.cfg or a screenshot of P3D V4 scenery library from in game, please
  4. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Ok. Hope I understood you right. In-Sim the sequence would look like this Prio 1 ... x Custom Airports Prio y ... z ORBX Bathymetry (P3D default scenery start) So in my case, I would take Aerosoft LSZH 2.0 as insert point, as this is my first installed custom airport. Right now for me in-sim looks like this FSDG- Reunion add-on.xml (Not shown in scenery.cfg) FSDG-Ayers Rock add-on.xml (Not shown in scenery.cfg) ORBX Custom Airports Bathymetry .... Did I understand this now correctly?
  5. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Tom, not sure where in the scenery.cfg your UUEE airport sits. So i cannot reference it to what the correct insert point on my system would be.
  6. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    To 1: As screenshot would help. Actually FTX Central places the scenries always at the top of the Sceneries, except "add-ons" when viewed in game. For the scenery.cfg this means, thats ORBX is at the end of the file.
  7. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    To 2: The tool comes with FTX Vector. Don't have this
  8. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Maybe not. Could you show me your scenery library from in-game?
  9. Jo Norway sceneries and ORBX

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. As the problem is wide spread, the post is certainly helpful. Maybe someone already did experiment around the topic. Meanhwile I did it myself. I removed FTX Global and FTX EU Norway. I changed the configuration of my airports and uncheck "FTX Installed" Vaeroy, Svolvaer, La Palma, Alta, Oslo is now OK, while Narvik from ORBX is is now not displaying. But the reason is clear. FTX EU NO is now missing. Yesterday, La Palma Prof was released. Will test this scenery now with FTX again. If this fixes the issue, I will be looking forward to get the Vaeroy/Svolvaer/Tromso/Alta Prof too, which will fix the elevation issues
  10. Hi I got P3D V4 and FTX Global, no Vector and ORBX Norway installed. The sceneries of Jo are so nice, but it drives me nuts with all the elevation issues I am getting. Am I getting all these elevation issues with Aerosoft airports just because of FTX Global or is it because of P3D V4? If it is OBRX, then I will kick them out of my drive, if this fixes the issue. Any idea?
  11. Installer issues

    Dear Developers and Aerosoft alike The installers start me off. I have a dedicated SSD drive with 1 TB dedicated to P3D V4 and I want to install my sceneries over there. Unfortunately I found a few never installers that actually installed the sceneries into my D Data drive, where my documents are located, into a folder from P3D add-ons This is filling up my smaller data drive and leaving a lot of room and performance at the dedicated this. Why you cannot just let the user select where the heck I want, into the folder I like to to. Thanks
  12. ENVA Elevation Issue

    I have several of your airports. Thats a standard behaviour in P3D V4
  13. Preview Vaeroy (X-Plane)

    I know. Jo's airports are so much nicer, i prefer to pay a few bucks for them
  14. Gran Canaria preview

    the Teide will be modelled Get yourself a ferry and come over to the correct island. Your travel agency sent you on the wrong island, unfortunately ... I will follow the principels I own La Palma X, El Hierro X and will buy La Gomera X, Tenerife X, Lanzarote X and Fuerteventura X. I will never ever spend a penny on Gran Canaria