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  1. Got it from Aerosoft website
  2. Hi Guys This airport is not appearing in MSFS section of AS updater.. Thanks, David
  3. BTW, tried loading the updater (1600) and will not load..
  4. Thanks guys I installed it to TS2021 and it seems to work well also with my Train Driver.
  5. Hi guys Is Heidi-Express Rhb compatible to TS2021 Steam edition? Thanks, David
  6. Hi Guys Due to lack of storage place on drive C:\ I moved Lukla scenery to drive G:\ which is a SSD one. I get pretty low FPS (12-16) in the parking area and on the runway.(VNLK) Any suggestions please. Thanks, David
  7. Now it is back up and showing both airports. Thanks, David
  8. Hi Guys After installing in MSFS can't see the airport in Asupdater same for PADERBORN-LIPPSTADT which was visible before. Thanks, David
  9. Do you have Windows 10 Pro and version 2004? Bye, David
  10. Hi Guys Tying to refuel via the MCDU but get no results? Thanks, David
  11. david_wi

    F-14 Tomcat

    Hi Guys Will the Tomcat be updated to P3D V5? Thanks, David
  12. Hi Guys Can someone shade some light on the "Toga Lk" and "A.Floor" warning on the left up corner of The MFD? Thanks, David
  13. Same here,after updating W10 Pro to version 2004 and P3dv5 HF2 all the three buses install perfectly and work well.
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