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  1. Just flied from Barcelona with the Airbus 330 and it a pleasure to fly and see the airport and the surroundings area. Thanks guys for such a huge free updated gift. Best regards, David
  2. Will like to thanks Aerosoft for all the new installers they provided that makes the use of the new simulator a joy to fly.
  3. REINSTALLED AND IT IS FINE NOW Hi Guys Have a strange runway look with no numbers, using the updated installer C7_29P_EDDN_113 See attached photo. Thanks, David
  4. david_wi

    P3D V5

    Hi Guys The new installers point the scenery to a PD3V5 folder.Will it be OK for me to point it to C:\Users\USER\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons ? Thanks, David
  5. Thanks Tom Here is a screen shot of the products listed.last installments were Lukla and Chania. The message is only showing when it is opened but not specific for a product. Bye, David
  6. Hi Guys Lately I started to get a remark in the Aerosoft Updater that looks like this: : folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** Thanks, David
  7. Hi Guys This is one of the best products I owned for years. Lukla looks fantastic and so are the rest of little airports (such as Phaplu for example). The scenery is beautiful and enjoining all over the Himalayas. I really give it a five stars. Regards,David
  8. Will Lukla be on Simmarket in near future?
  9. Generally the download links with Aerosoft are very slow for me(250Kb/s),will like to know if it will be on Simmarket soon?
  10. david_wi


    Thanks for a kind answer and your time too
  11. david_wi


    Hi Guys Have a strange white mark on the front left window. Bye, David
  12. SOLVED I have just installed FSX for some testing and have the Brakes showing as pressed. I moved the sliders of the calibration screen to all directions but it still stays pressed. Thanks, David
  13. Hi Guys How can I change my email address in the old download shop? Thanks, David
  14. Hi Guys Just installed after having it for a while and can't get the plane take off due to low RPM.The brakes was fixed in Aircraft.cfg file. Thanks, David
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