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  1. david_wi

    Toga LK

    You are right, engine type CFM
  2. david_wi

    Toga LK

    Many thanks on such a good presentation. Regards, David Yes this is a A319 in 1250 version.
  3. david_wi

    Toga LK

    Hi Guys After getting to a higher altitude the Toga Lk starts flashing and the alarm is going on. Any help here please. Thanks, David
  4. Thanks for all your time and patient, it is now working fine. BTW, do I need to add the Sode file too?
  5. Thanks for helping me, see attached Scenery
  6. Hi Guys When loading the airport I get strange textures.(uninstalled and reinstalled twice). See attached
  7. david_wi


    Roger that thanks
  8. You are correct I now understand the MCDU 3 better and load the plane with Ready to Fly options. But there is that animation of coffee, newspaper... that can make me mad, but I close it with Shift+H Have a nice weekend
  9. Hi Guys In Version 1240 I can't get the plane to move for takeoff. The EGT is on 50% and will not move any higher. Bye, David
  10. david_wi


    Hi Guys After I get a strange appearing and disappearing of a coffee newspaper and more after loading. Bye, David
  11. Hi Guys How do I close Cargo and cabin Doors in the A318/A319 buses? Thanks, David
  12. By me the A318 and A319 64bit in P3D V4.4 load with engines shutdown. Also avionics are down.
  13. Same as he says, and which name you hate?:) See screenshot of the A319 in P3D V4.4
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