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    Why not an addon "Great European Stadiums"

    In fact we had a project (free product even) for that a few years back. But these stadiums stand so lonely in the default scenery it simply does not look very nice. Will discuss it though!
  2. Mathijs Kok

    Aircraft can be funny!

  3. First glimpses..... Experiments with a new level of detail by Jo Erlend Sund.
  4. Guess the airport we just got the sat images for (and boy oh boy it is hard these day to get those legally and for a acceptable price) and you get it for free. If it is not guessed in 10 minutes I will be very very disappointed.
  5. Time to give this one it's own topic (I'll make one for the A320/A321 as well but for some reason that won't load at this moment). As explained while the graphical work on the A330 is progressing nicely we want to have the A320/A321 out first and have the A318/A319 on the same system status (SP1) as well. So we are not thinking about dates. But so many of the systems have been done already and so many others are the same as in the smaller busses we do not see major issues at this moment. It's just a lot of work, not a lot of unexpected surprises. As you can see from the images, the modeling standard is VERY high, on the same level as the A318/A319 Virtual Cockpit. You can see what the advantage of doing an aircraft directly for 64 bits is, If we would work with a 32 bit model we would never dream of this level of detail and in P3d V4.3, compiled with the very latest compilers the framerates are simply fine. It's a new dawn for the simulator if you start fresh! The images that follow are renders from the 3d tools. in the sim that rendering engine smooth things out a bit and generally makes it look better. Keep that in mind. The prices have not been fully set but should be in the same ballpark as the A318/A319/A320/A321 and there will be a modest discount for people who own any of the current busses because we reuse some parts from the current project (and you know we never ask you to pay more then one time for a file).
  6. Mathijs Kok

    Web MCDU display frozen

    Okay, I will check that tomorrow.
  7. Mathijs Kok

    zoom + preselected cockpit views

    I will check all views to be zoomable before the next update.
  8. Mathijs Kok

    Sound reduction

    They sure help me! Thanks.
  9. Mathijs Kok

    Problem When Undocking MCDU

    It's also looked at from our side. Should be fixable.
  10. Mathijs Kok

    No pop-up panels except PFD

    Lol, it is indeed weird that they can be popped up with Shift 7 and Shift 8 but not with the mouse. I inserted in the (massive) task list of the responsible devs.
  11. It was indeed something we worked hard on to get right, lol.
  12. Mathijs Kok

    Strange strobes

    And that one overwrites the default strobe effect with one that is not backwards compatible. We are not fans of these products.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    Pause at TOD not working

    Mmmmm, we have not seen that in testing, but it is very well possible no tester ever used it. I'll check it out. Thanks for the report!
  14. Mathijs Kok

    WebInterface Missing?

    Yes, think I understand the issue.
  15. Mathijs Kok

    Brussels International preview

    All downvotes are being followed up on, most of the time we ask the voter why he did what he did. When there is not valid reason we remove it.
  16. Mathijs Kok

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Believe me, I have on my disk. It is amazing. Jo has such an eye for colors.
  17. Mathijs Kok

    F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    The new release of the F-14 X will be renames into F-14 X Extended because so much has changed just a version number does not do it justice. All customers of the initial release will get this version without any additional costs. They will find the new version on their order history page. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- General Code/System Improvements + Fixed E-Gen Switch logic + Crew Visibility + Ground Power (Selectable) + "Speedbrake" no longer displayed with Flaps Down in 2D Mini-HUD + Contrails now display above ~32,000 ft + Fix Lua items in Manuals + Added 33 new lua function for new features (below) + Added Key Events for PITOT heat and Panel Lights + "REFUELLING' Message now displays in B model HUD for the A-6 Tanker + A-6 Tanker hook-up window increased to compensate for model clipping from the VC Features + Added 3D landing light, ground illuminates (Thank you Anthony Lynch!!) + Many xml systems converted to C++ for more robust function + Auto Throttle logic improved and more robust * A model now exhibits more realistic cyclic type control system * B model now exhibits a smoother and more modern control system + All control surfaces now exhibit more authentic hydraulic response * Includes Rate limitations and time constant damped responses to control input (sourced from NASA) * Implemented (authentic) octogonal control response such that inputs are cut at the 'corners' of maximum combined control input * Strongly recommended that users push the controls around from an external view to see input-output delays and responses. + Wing-sweep, Flaps, DLC, and Glove vanes now directly animated through C++. * Flap lever and sweep lever interface improved * Animation state now directly corresponds with the augmented lift provided through SimConnect * Wings will stop moving if any sweep interlock is encountered (e.g. if flaps are mid-retraction) + ARI/SAS system more authentic by implementing time-constants, damping, and other gain adjustments (all sourced from NASA). + Built from scratch airspeed system that starts with Ambient Air properties and ends with Indicated Airspeed using NATOPS data + Steam gauges now exhibit errors in transonic flight and with the refuelling probe extended + DLC and Maneuver Flap Logic reworked - DLC ON/OFF Toggle (Implemented through EXT/RET Floats) * Only one button needed, both serve as a "toggle" function - DLC and Maneuver Flap Thumbwheel [Incr/Decr] (Implemented through INCR/DECR COWL FLAPS) * Thumbwheel is spring loaded to return to center * A pilot command input will be held until either cancelled by the pilot, or until the next scheduled CADC deflection 'intercepts' the current maneuver flap deflection RADAR-TACAN + Radar returns to previous setting after breaking lock rather than resetting + Change Kitty Hawk TACAN channel changed to 109.00 - 27X for better multiplayer compatibility + Added team SDB USS Enterprise at 110.50 - 42X + TACAN channels for all common carriers are now displayed on reference plate just below pilot TACAN input + TACAN/GPS data on BDHI removed in A2A or A2G modes + Added ability to change course setting with active TACAN + Added Friendly-Unfriendly track designation to TID * Tracks can be designated in TWS mode or STT mode, including when viewing through TCS (TacPack) USS Kitty Hawk + FLOLS Lights do not Float away in P3D + Baked textures (Thank you Metal2Mesh!) + Improved and P3D v2.X and v3.X compatible wake effect (Thank you Vince McCoy!!) RIO Stick is now active + Can be assigned to button input or take input directly from hardware joystick + Mode 1: Target Selection from the TID + Mode 2: Target Selection from the DDD + Mode 3: Radar Steering in AZ and EL + Mode 4: Slew input for TCS and LANTIRN Targeting Pod (TacPack only) + Targets can now be identified as 'friendly' or 'hostile' TacPack + TACAN compatibility added for TacPack spawned carriers + P3D compatibility + Late model F-14's have C model AIM-54's + TCS now implemented with two (correct) zoom levels, rather than continuous zoom. + Added TARPS Digital Integration (DI) - Any TID mode other than 'TCS' mode with a Tarps pod installed will link video feed to VDI and TID + Brightness and Contrast knobs on the RIO TID adjust all TV images + Manual Chaff/flare dispense (uses DLC Toggle when GEAR UP) Guns (TacPack) + Gun now fires 100 round salvos + Salvo size can be switched between 50 or 100 using lua input + Early trigger release can cause the gun to jam * Gun jams are only simulated if compressor stalls are enabled + Guns now have dedicated A/G operation * Armed as primary A/G weapon if no bomb ordnance is selected, and Guns are selected in the Pilot's seat * Armed as secondary weapon using 'mixed' mode (RIO seat), enabling bombs and guns on a single strafing pass TCS (TacPack) + Corrected symbology + Can function as independent, radar slaved, or it can drive the radar LANTIRN targeting pod (TacPack) + Area mode (static GPS) with Continuous Target Designation (CD) and Single Target Deisngation (SD) sub modes + Point mode (moving AI) with A/A and A/G sub-modes + Training mode (target practice) + P3D version implements pseudo-IR, so you can see AI even with low visibility VC fixes from F-14 driver feedback + Wingsweep Indicator now contains Auto Mode caret and bracket for Selected Sweep Angle + Emergency Fuel Shut-off handles no longer rotate + Turn Needle animation fixed and re-colored to match historical progression + Gear Indicators fixed + Speed Brake indicators fixed + Slat indicators fixed + Horizontal Stab deflections fixed + ACM JETT converted to button + Canopy OPEN/CLOSE is now FORE/AFT sliding level + UHF Channel now rotates "around the horn" + Master Test Switch now rotates "around the horn" + Engine gauges on the F–14A (RPM, TIT, and FF) are white tape gauges, like the AOA and wing sweep indicators + F–14B, the gauges are small white segments and EGT replaces TIT as the temperature instrument + The engine nozzle position indicators are 1–5 in the F–14A and now 0–100% in F–14B Caution and Warning Light Logic Rework + Master Caution Light does not reset CAW's, instead it alerts pilot of a new active CAW on the Master Caution Panel + Add Engine Stall Tone + BRAKES light is now on when Parking Brake is ON + Light colors - Warning lights: Black letters on red background - Caution lights: Yellow letters on black background - Advisory lights: Green letters on black background - Blanks: Horizontal line through + All lights illuminated during Master Test should revert to off once Master Test switch is pulled up + Master Test logic improved Seven new Liveries by Tom Stovall - VF-31 1987 #206, (F-14A Block 100, BuNo 160913) - VF-101 1994 #115 (F-14B, BuNo 163221) - VF-111 1981 #212 (F-14A Block 90, BuNo 160686) - VF-124 1989 #453 (F-14A Block 110, BuNo 162591) F-14A BuNo 164342: This airframe was a D model aircraft is real life, and the personal ride of Craig 'Hutch' Hutchinson during his tours with VF-2. Craig provided relentlessly detailed feedback that brought a new level of immersion to the front and back seat of the F-14. His aircraft is modeled as F-14A Block 110, because VF-2 never flew F-14B's. F-14A BuNo 157991: This was the 11th Tomcat built and was initially assigned to high speed testing. It made the first supersonic flight for an F-14 and eventually achieved a speed of Mach 2.41. In the late 70's it was transferred to NASA, where it was fitted with canards and an emergency chute to conduct spin tests. It was then used as the test bed for the development of the Aileron-Rudder-Interconnect that was implemented later in the F-14's life to improve stability in the landing configuration. More to the point of this project, it collected 6 DoF flight data that was directly used in the development of the flight model for out version of the F-14. F-14 BuNo 159827: The infamous "Eagle Eater" flown by Joe 'Hoser' Satrapa at ACEVAL/AIMVAL at Nellis AFB in 1976. At ACEVAL F-14's and F-15's were pit against one another with no rules. Among the outcomes/events was the 8mm gun camera footage where Hoser traced the pipper from Pilot to Tail to Pilot on an F-15. In AIMVAL, Hoser figured out how to defeat F-15's armed with the (then) new AIM-9L with frontal lock capability. He would shut the engines down (OFF not idle), restart them in the vertical and then fly the aircraft 'like Mary lou Retton on steroids", using asymmetric thrust to perform a low speed aerial cartwheel to evade and obtain guns solutions on the attacking F-15's.
  18. You should know by now that at Aerosoft we feel a very high degree of transparency and interaction with our (potential) customers is of the greatest importance. And that goes from top to bottom, you see the students that take an internship at Aerosoft on these forums but also the management. If there is anything you would like to tell the top of Aerosoft, this is the topic to do so. Our CEO, Winfried Diekmann, will read what's written here and will, where needed, respond. Just be patient and asking him anything technical is useless as he is not involved with the products directly. His simulations are all financial and in Excel! Wenn du alles lieber auf Deutsch besprechen möchtest, klicke hier.
  19. I am considering doing a major update of the Twin Otter aimed at P3d v4. This update would include a few minor fixes here and there but would mainly focus on adding Connected Flight Deck and dynamic light. As this is a lot of work and does not bring in a lot of additional sales it can't be done for free. Think about a 7 euro update fee or something. How would you react to such an update and are there any specific things you would like to see included in such an update?
  20. Mathijs Kok

    zoom + preselected cockpit views

    And you are sure you use the right procedure to close the window? First click the small clickity thing and then the big lever?
  21. The load on the GPU depends a lot on the add-on. Those that are compiled with the latest compilers (and thus not backwards compatible) can access a lot more of the hardware. Basically there is not a lot you can do, your hardware is fine, great even. But you are using a large screen (got the same monitor, love it), pretty high settings and a lot of demanding add-ons. You are simply pushing a lot of pixels around.
  22. Mathijs Kok

    ¿Is it a failure of the A320/321?

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. Mathijs Kok

    No pop-up panels except PFD

    Looking at this today because you are indeed right.
  24. Mathijs Kok

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    We have no idea on this right now. We hope we will get a reliable scenario so we can recreate this and see what variable is set.