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  1. Checklist camera not proper

    Gents, if Chaseplane is installed you should totally ignore the view system that we build in Chaseplane is simply a lot better. But as they change the system build in things can easily fail. And they can be very tricky to remove, I still have a camera called ChasePlane Camera in all aircraft even though chaseplane is no longer installed. Drives me up the wall. This ia s very old project and we currently have no plans to open it.
  2. Hello all my airports cant be downloaded

    The new FF has a bug that makes it impossible to download for thousands of sites. They are aware and everybody is waiting for them to fix it. I can tell you we (and thousands of webmasters) are not happy about them right now.
  3. Donwloads impossible

    As we are sure both servers are working but we have two users with issues it could be some part of the internet has problems. For sure our parts is up and running.
  4. Hello all my airports cant be downloaded

    What server are you trying to reach? I checked both FTPs and can download from each.
  5. Compatibility problem Skiathos with Samos

    And the fact it simply will not work for some scenery no matter what you do. Trying to get Lukla to function for example is a guarantee to get crazy.
  6. TNCB aircraft below runway and ramp

    Well it could simply be that Freemeshx has an incorrect altitude and oversampled mesh. Not the first time we had some issues with freemesh to be honest.
  7. Genoa X 1.20 and p3d v4 hf1

    If I get, you will hear about it. That dev team is hard at work on other projects so it might be a while.
  8. Donwloads impossible

    I checked the log files of both servers, both are spinning around 18% load without errors, around 200 download going on. As they are not even on the same continent and not using the same OS the issue simply has to be at your end.
  9. Because the previous topic was old, contained a lot of nonsense etc I decided to make a new one. How many products are this? And what will be the names? Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Aerosoft A330 Professional The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses?). This 64 bit platform is our main development platform and our main market. We are sorry that this might lead to some confusion. In scenery we only use the term 'Professional' for products that are designed for P3d V4 and are ONLY P3D V4 compatible. They are not the same products as the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3 versions. For aircraft they basically ARE the same. One product, one buy and you can install as many times on any compatible sim (as long as it is your sim and not that of a friend). In other words, you buy the P3D v4 version and get the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, and P3D V3 version for free. A bit complex, sorry about that. Are these updates of the old version? No, they are fully new builds. The 32 bits versions had some code in it that was close to 7 years old and was holding us back. So we decided to redo a lot of the modules and graphics to modern standards. Around 60% of the modeling and textures are new and more then 75% of the code is new. So they probably are not free updates, right? Indeed. But as always Aerosoft will never charge you double for anything. If we replace 50 of a product the update will only cost you half the new price. I this case it's even better because we if you own the A318/A319/A320/A321 and want the newer versions you will be offered an update price of 16.95 Euro (plus VAT when applicable). If you want the A330 and have any of the older models we might be able to offer you an discount as well, not 100% sure on that. The full versions will cost just under 50 Euro. We still have to decide on the update and full prices of possible bundles. Will be okay. Of course prices can always change. When will they be released? Next week? No. The 64 bit version of the A318/A319/A320 and A321 will come first (because we got so many customers of those who want 64 bit versions). That will probably this year. The A330 (32 and 64 bit versions) will be next, early next year, the 32 bit A318/A319/A320/A321 after that. [15.11.2017] Please read an update on this here! DRM? Online activation? Of course not. You paid for the files and can do with them (on your own systems) as you want. Wingflex? On the smaller busses not (we simply have never seen the high frequency very small movements of the wings done well, they are remarkably stiff wings) and adding it just adds a load of complexity and development cost. Of course the A330 has wingflex, it has much larger and much less stiff wings.
  10. As far as feasible, yes. They are memory intensive though so we need to be careful.
  11. Got some questions by skype about CFD that I like to address. For FS/P3d products we are no fans of products that need a server to use or activate because it always include the risk that the serving company shuts down and you loose the use of your products. That's why most of our FS products do not need online activation and that's why we will always look for an alternative. Clearly here that is not possible. So we decided to deposit the code for the server with a 3rd party (say for example PMDG or AVSIM) so it can be reactivated. Not that we are in risk of going out of business, we have been growing for 10 years on a row and just this year we grown with another three employees! We decided to go for a server based system because it offers many new features but mainly because it removes the user to user connection that is potentially dangerous and in for many users seriously complex to set up. This will be MUCH easier. There are no fees for this service.
  12. Well we sure hope to add that one as well, but to be honest, no work on that will be done until we got the Busses working. Hans is crazy but not THAT crazy. But also the MD80 and even the Twin Otter are on our list.
  13. Gibraltar Professional is updated to 1.01 1.00 Release Version 1.01 Roof fix Taxiway Center- and Edge lights added
  14. Preview - EDDF Frankfurt Airport (XPlane)

    I'll see if I can get some answers.
  15. As we at this moment also setting up our Connected Flight Deck server I wanted to show you some of the work on that. Now before anything else, this is the server end, other then needing it to register you will not need it. You can set up the whole session using the right MCDU (A320 series) or third MCDU (A330 series). But you can always go to the server and see what flights are going on. When you see one and the captain allows it, you can join the flight as second officer (able to fly the aircraft) or observer (no interaction, just watch and listen). When the captain wants that the complete flight is stored and can be recalled, we see for example good use for VA's and check flights for this. Even though there is not a lot of need for security, after all it does not do a lot more than any VATSIM or IVA flight, all coms is encrypted end to end. Of course this works fine with IVAO and VATSIM, in fact we feel using a two men cockpit is ideal for online flights. Here is a mockup of the webpage (again a mockup to get an idea on the functionality, not on layout or how it will look). If you got any comments, questions, suggestions, now is the time to talk. And please note that this is not a Aerosoft only initiative, we are currently talking to several other aircraft developers who know that flying on your own is boring, unrealistic and in fact illegal! Uhhh and of course where it shows second officer it should be first office.
  16. I had to do some tests on the animations and decided to do a very quick video. What is shown are: Footrests extending (sound effects missing) Tray table extending As pilots almost always open the tray tables in cruise, we animate these automatic, if you close them a lot of the animations will not occur Flight documents between throttles This is where pilots keep all the paperwork that is checked before a flight, it is stowed before engine start Coffee, as we all know aircraft run on coffee and avgas This is shown close to when the aircraft reached cruise altitude, and once every hour after that Smartphone Randomly shown when the aircraft is cruising and when the aircraft is on ground with engines off and parking brake set. Newspaper Randomly shown in cruise and when the aircraft is on ground, parking brakes set and not interacted with for some time Activation of door camera with three different screens (two of those now placeholders) Of course before you get the coffee you will hear the door chime, see somebody in front of the door on the camera and have to open the door. It's all par of our immersion idea where we want to show the cockpit as much as it does in real life. The sterile cockpit we are all used to is simply unrealistic. There are some more of these things planned but this gives you a good idea of where we are heading.
  17. Now I have tried every VR goggles there are, but none of them has a resolution good enough to read the frequency on a nav chart. Unless you put your face 10 centimeters from the display, but that more or less spoils the who idea doesn't it? This is how a chart would look on a EFB on a HD screen at normal zoom factors. That's real size. All the pixels it will have in an EFB in the VC. Now of course you can make it an undockable windows and use higher res in that, but again a tablet or even a smartphone makes a lot more sense then.
  18. First glimpses..... Experiments with a new level of detail by Jo Erlend Sund.
  19. TNCB aircraft below runway and ramp

    The obvious reason is that there is a conflicting scenery. Are you using any 3rd party mesh or traffic add-ons? Have you tried disabling those to see if that is indeed the issue?
  20. Sparkling scenery

    A suggested setting is very hard as it completely depends on your demands and hardware.
  21. Problem w new update

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. Checklist camera not proper

    I am unable to recreate this issue.
  23. As far as I am aware VATSIM and IVAO still have no CPDLC servers we could connect to. We are more then wiling to include it of course!