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  1. Because the previous topic was old, contained a lot of nonsense etc I decided to make a new one. How many products are this? And what will be the names? Aerosoft A318/A319 Professional Aerosoft A320/A321 Professional Aerosoft A330 Professional The 'Professional' in the title indicates that the product is developed for P3d V4 and partly for the professional market (did you know we sold over 75 educational licenses?). This 64 bit platform is our main development platform and our main market. We are sorry that this might lead to some confusion. In scenery we only use the term 'Professional' for products that are designed for P3d V4 and are ONLY P3D V4 compatible. They are not the same products as the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3D V3 versions. For aircraft they basically ARE the same. One product, one buy and you can install as many times on any compatible sim (as long as it is your sim and not that of a friend). In other words, you buy the P3D v4 version and get the FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, and P3D V3 version for free. A bit complex, sorry about that. Are these updates of the old version? No, they are fully new builds. The 32 bits versions had some code in it that was close to 7 years old and was holding us back. So we decided to redo a lot of the modules and graphics to modern standards. Around 60% of the modeling and textures are new and more then 75% of the code is new. So they probably are not free updates, right? Indeed. But as always Aerosoft will never charge you double for anything. If we replace 50% of a product the update will only cost you half the new price. I this case it's even better because we if you own the A318/A319/A320/A321 and want the newer versions you will be offered an update price of 16.95 Euro (plus VAT when applicable). If you want the A330 and have any of the older models we might be able to offer you an discount as well, not 100% sure on that. The full versions will cost just under 50 Euro. Bundles will be updatable for 24.95 Euro (plus VAT when applicable. Of course prices can always change. DRM? Online activation? Of course not. You paid for the files and can do with them (on your own systems) as you want. Feel free to install 20 times or on all of your own computers. As long as you do not share it with anybody else we're fine with it. What platforms is this for? We start with versions for P3D v4.2 (older versions of P3D have a bug that will prevent it to work) and will consider 32 bit versions as long as that makes commercial sense. To be honest the 32bit platform sales are drying up pretty fast and we do believe we got a good product for that platform at this moment. No decision will be made any time soon on that. What hardware is needed? We advise the same as Lockheed Martin does for it's simulator. As always things will 'run' at the required hardware and will run best at the advised hardware. We do know that the combination of P3d V4.2 and TrueGlass seems very demanding on GPU memory. Other products released at this moment seem to confirm this and we are monitoring that. We are not worried about that right now and are discussing it with de developers. Wingflex? On the smaller busses not (we simply have never seen the high frequency very small movements of the wings done well, they are remarkably stiff wings) and adding it just adds a load of complexity and development cost. Of course the A330 has wingflex, it has much larger and much less stiff wings When? We are not sure where we will be ready for a download release (a boxed release will always be later) because there are a lot of variables that we have little control over. We had some rather serious delays due to bugs in the simulator and we added 6 weeks to implement TrueGlass and RealLight, all not originally planned in our early 2018 release plan. However (and I am writing this Feb 21st) we are closing down code and testing is in high gear. While the dates are not clear, we do have a good idea what will happen after we get the first product online. It's not months away though. Please do not ask every few hours when it will be released as we will always refer you back to this post. A318/A319 Professional 14 days after A318/A319 Professional release A320/A321 Professional 5 weeks later A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Profession service Pack 1 This Service pack will replace the current PFD and ND with newer version that are better in resolution and designed to be used in 2d mode (the other gauges should already work in 2d mode at that time) Unknown period later, but we guestimate something like 4 weeks. A330 Professional Unknown period latert 318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Professional & A330 Professional service Pack 2 Note we skip the A330 SP1 to keep the names uniform. This service pack will bring all aircraft to the same status and will update the smaller busses with the knowledge gathered in the meantime. After this we'll most likely add more A330 models (more engine types etc). Of course, we'll always do hotfixes as soon as they are more or less stable. We promise not to keep them on our systems waiting for a larger update. Decisions on updates of the 32 bit version has not been taken. We feel that the models we know have are highly competitive in their price range and downloads for the 32 bit platform have tanked totally. When we get to that moment in time we'll look at it again. Please do not ask about this right now as I am not going to say anything else then that we'll look at it after point 5. How updates are handled and at what price is listed in the first post on every page. We'll announce deals on the bundle this week. But don't worry, they will be as sweet as our other update options. The DC8 should be out before you fly busses. But that one is pretty close, such a lovely aircraft. So how does it look? Well we think it looks pretty spiffing. We used the very latest technology to make sure this 'base' product stays viable for some time. Here are some of the latest images from our development team (do see them at max resolution) Got a question? It's almost sure that anything you could ask has already been replied to on these forums. So do everybody a favor and use the search option of the forum before asking what has been asked and replied to several times. That way you won't even have to wait for the anwer! Do not hesitate to ask anything or to suggest something! Hey, why is my post removed? To keep these topics 'topical' we do clean them out every few days. Of course we love to read 'oh my god that is beautiful' but it does not really help the topic. So please do post it but don't be angry when it deleted a few days later. As this forum and certainly this section, is part of our marketing, we are rather strict on content. We have no problems discussing things even if it makes us feel; uncomfortable as long as it is written with respect and is on topic. There are hundreds of forums where we are not the moderators and where rants and raves are very welcome. Heck we know some where they are the norm! Just stay on topic, stay respectful and when you really feel the need to bait somebody, bait me. I get paid to eat stuff, no other moderator, developer, or customer is. I am fair game, they are not.
  2. First glimpses..... Experiments with a new level of detail by Jo Erlend Sund.
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    Starseed that is a very serious accusation and I kindly ask you to take that back. You did get help from our support department, you just did not like the reply (that was 100% factual and correct) and you ended by threatening us with legal action. We are still waiting for that to happen. What I will not allow our forums to be used to say we are dishonest.
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    Pilot Flying Dave

    This is a complete Pilot Flying set. Easy to understand and generic is accent and terminology. It was the default of the previous generation of our busses. Sample: ASC_PF_ATCRecive2.wav Download: PF
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    Want to make a voice set?

    Should you want to create a voice set and upload it here follow these guidelines. Balance (left/right): The PF voice ideally should have an 85/15 balance between the two stereo channels. The PNF (PM) is best with a 20/80 balance. That way you hear the voice coming from the most logical locations. Volume: Check the volume of the default files, try to get as close as possible. Format: Wav, stereo, 32 bit, 44100 Hz Set: The voice set should contain the complete set of PF, or PNF (PM) or Ground. You will recognize that from the file names. Do NOT merge two sets. Naming: The zip should be called PF_name of author etc. So or When uploading make sure you inform the downloader what it is. So for example that the ground crew has a French accent and is best used for users who fly a lot in France. Do note that the ground sounds are not automatically selected by region. Perhaps later. The sound files themselves HAVE to be named as the attached document instructs. Upload the zipped file to our download section (I will provide a direct link next week) and make an announcement here. PF-PnF-GND-Calls.pdf
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    British Airways A321 livery

    Ahhh that would explain it.
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    Fuel Planner XML error

    Is that the one from the Busses?
  8. To easily install, backup and remove liveries we have included a Livery Manager. You can find that product using the Windows Start menu. You can also find it in the product folder [Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional] that is installed where you wanted by the installer. If you are not logged on with Administrative rights it is highly advised to use elevated right when you start the tool, Simply right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator: After you opened it the main screen (and in fact only screen) is shown: Click on [Add Livery...] and select the zipped livery you have downloaded from our forum download section. When there is more than one version in the file you can now select the one you want: Click [INSTALL LIVERY] and it will be added to your aircraft selection: Please note that this will ONLY work when the file is prepared in a special way, This is explained in the paint kit. The texture.cfg file is adapted automagically to suit the new paths.
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    We're updating the forum software, should be back soon.
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    British Airways A321 livery

    Did you install the livery using the livery manager?
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    mein Homecopter

    That looks amazing!
  12. Any comments about liveries, put them here. For the first 10 liveries uploaded here I will get a free download of your choice (from our products) assuming that the repaint looks okay.
  13. Erase thumbnail for aircraft selection menu (not used anymore) Erase night version of tailfin texture (not needed anymore, sim itself lights the geometry now) Erase old mainpanel day/night map and add the new one provided within this mail; Save as DXT3 format into the livery folder ATTENTION: There is now a special operational speeds sticker special for A318-A320 and one for the A321 (the A321 one must be activated before saving the file finally) I kept all other registrations i did for the product, so people can orient on this and even exchange some characters to come to a fast result; a complete alphanumerical alphabet is also provided with the PSD. Please note that this is NOT needed, it will just remove unneeded files. AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.7z
  14. Yes, but they can be optimized. So all liveries in and will work. You know we have over 1400?
  15. Check out the system requirements of the newly 64 bit Switzerland Professions from FlyLogic (we are reseller for that). Note that it needs a 8Gb graphics card. Now this will be a shock to many users but it is something that we'll slowly will have to get used to. P3d V4.2 is a professional simulator at heart where the cost of the hardware is hardly something the developers have to think about. But when you decide to switch cards (the moment the prices drop a bit) it is something you have to keep in mind. The whole new generation of GPU's will come with 6 or 8 gb of memory (not a moment too soon as many titles will benefit from it). We have been experimenting a bit with these cards and we see that the performance gains in some conditions is considerable. As always using the hardware that is advised by the developers (in this case P3D V4) will guarantee good performance. Anything below that will most likely work but will not be optimal.
  16. Note, new download name: HISTORY 1.00 Release Version 1.01 - Using "HDR" in P3DV4 caused the apron lights and light effects at the lightpoles to appear too bright. This was caused by a wrong bloom material flag and is now solved. Anyway, please don´t use HDR brightness values above 1.2 as it could again turn too bright and is not recommended - Texture of "AIDA" ship had no mip-maps. Solved - Green Taxiwaylights corrected (sometimes Z-order was incorrect) 1.10 Switch to Add-on.xml activation - new Config Tool - minor Bugfixes - Added Parkingpositions and Taxiways in Afcad of Sabadell (LELL)
  17. We were a bit handicapped because it was nice weather in most of Europe and some of our testers had to spend time with family on barbeques and other related matters, but in fact there was good progress on a part that worried me, the semi intelligent co-pilot and the audio checklists. I think I explained this but debugging that is very hard because often you have it takes 45 minutes to check one single issue. But Rolf (who helps us with that) did a fantastic job in fixing stuff (and he is not at all a programmer) and I ma now not at all worried about that. Half the open issues were solved in a few days. As many of our testers are real pilots or customers with hundreds if not thousands of hours on record they tend not to use the co-pilot functions. The are really intended to assist users. In my mind also to greatly enhance the realism because it let's you experience what a real crew does far better, but some people think they can do it all alone. Let me show you. These are the showstopper issues: The simply have to be sorted out. If you check back you will see this list is na lot smaller than before. This is the critical list: These issue have to be sorted out before release or in the first week after release. We will SHOW these issue daily when we release so you can decide what is a good point for you to buy the product. I will not show the list of Major, Minor, SP1, and SP2 issues. It's long. All in all I'm still comfortable. I spend the day working on the Checklist sound files. We got 3 PF and 3 PNF sound sets ready on release with many more to be done. As default we now chosen sets that are very easy to understand. In terminology (it differs a lot between airlines) we have moved it all to what a major German airline uses. As the PF (captain) voice is now done by a real pilot I also believe it simple sounds a bit better than before. ASC_PF_ATCRecive.wav Tomorrow I'll work on the PNF (co-pilot) default sound set). That's the one with the Scottish accent. Call me silly but I wanted that.
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    Honeycomb Products.

    I was hoping nobody would ask, lol. First of all, it WILL come and it is badass, very very nicely Secondly, it will come 4th quarter.
  19. I'll have a talk to the dev.
  20. As far as my memory goes it is was term first used by customers, not companies, some just picked it up, others did not. And I agree it is a silly term. There is not sub $150.000 product that can/should be called that. It makes customers think that real pilots train on sim add-ons and as we have sold a lot of files for real big sims I can assure you that is not the case.
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    Simplanet Order

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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    Simplanet Order

    Something must have gone wrong sfgiants13, as Herman said contact me (at and I'll sort it out.
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    Aerosoft shop Preise X-plane 11

    Sorry for an English reply. Tom is right, it is just the tax that is the difference. Soon though US stores will be forced to charge you your local tax, just as out store has to do. In the mean many countries expect you to declare the purchase yourself to your local tax office. Of course not a lot of people do that.