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  1. It seems to be a customer selected option but the bus has the capability to automatically print something when a hard landing is detected. Now, in reality, that's a very complex and complicated message that only maintenance people can decipher so we decided to simplify that. It now looks something like this: So when you hear the printer spit something out as you land, do check. Other new print options are also included in the next build.
  2. Mathijs Kok

    ASUpdater always trying do an update when started.

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. I'll need to ask about this.
  4. This is expected behavior.
  5. Mathijs Kok

    Strange Pushback Issue

    We have currently no plans to change that., sorry.
  6. Mathijs Kok

    Loading Loadsheet

    That sounds a bit like you do not have write rights. Sure it is all running as Admin?
  7. Mathijs Kok

    GSX Automatic Door Handling

    Thanks, inserted and most likely shared later today. Drop me a mail at so we can gift you a free download.
  8. Mathijs Kok

    Minor wingview issue: A320/321

    Not a bad idea... Done. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Mathijs Kok

    GSX Automatic Door Handling

    Would you be okay if we add this to the file bases until that is done? (full credits's of course).
  10. Mathijs Kok

    ASUpdater always trying do an update when started.

    I suggest picking up a clean one here:
  11. Mathijs Kok

    A318 - CTD (not resolved)

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. Mathijs Kok

    Pitch Trim not worling

    Make sure no AP mode is active as well.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    Flaps at 0, but showing deployed.

    We have never seen that. What aircraft/engine type is that? And it's not that it is still in motion? The 0 indicated that is requested, not what is actually deployed.
  14. Mathijs Kok

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    We are still unable to recreate this following all correct procedures. Do make 100% sure the MCDU is fully filled because something missing there could cause this.
  15. Mathijs Kok

    CLIMB and DES issues.

    We'll check on that.
  16. Mathijs Kok

    Managed Speed at Cruise

    The most logical cause of that issue would be an incomplete set of data in the MCDU.
  17. Mathijs Kok

    Spoilers in the climb

    Issue has just been found and corrected. We'll do an update soon.
  18. As we do not use FS2Crew we are unable to assist here.
  19. Mathijs Kok

    Minor wingview issue: A320/321

    That 'clipping' (the transparent) bit is because that speeds up the sim a lot. The only real way to solve it would be to put the viewpoint really outside the aircraft. I was sure I fixed that zoom issue but indeed it somehow crept back in. Now solved and should be delivered with this weeks build.
  20. Mathijs Kok

    speed - course 318/319/320

    That sounds like you are not in the right mode. I suggest starting to read Vol 8 and then start to follow up with Vol 6
  21. The tool should all handle that for you. Does it not function on your system?
  22. Mathijs Kok

    RAAS Included is locked?

    We'll change that. sorry for the misunderstanding.
  23. It's not compatible as far as we know. If only P3D is mentioned you have to assume it is the originally released version that was called like that.
  24. Mathijs Kok

    Loss of power combination topic

    We have had reports from 11 people that they had total loss of power (engines, hydraulics and electrics) during flight or taxi. So far we have been unable to understand what is causing this and we have never seen this in any testing. Clearly this is one of these cases where we have to understand what is similar on those systems. We do not believe it is caused by an action of the users. Could people who see this behavior follow this topic and respond? 1) Did you do a clear P3D V4.3 install or the client update? (we know of the users who have this issue used the client update that is not always successful) 2) Did you manage to get the systems back and if so by doing what?
  25. Mathijs Kok

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    As these are not loaded when you are in the VC they shouldn't affect FPS a lot. They are done in such detail because we need to do so for a professional spin-off from this project.