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    I think Aerosoft is not good to speak about FSLabs Airbus and is not happy with providing cycles for competitor Airbus products, but they must. Otherwise there is loss of customers Navigraph.
  2. Da ich mich in einem offiziellen Aerosoft-forum befinde gehe ich davon aus, dass es einer "persönlichen" Kontaktaufnahme per Email oder Telefon gleichkommt und nebenbei die Antwort auch für andere Nutzer ersichtlich und deshalb hilfreich ist.
  3. Hallo zusammen! Ich habe Anfang März mir ein Jahresabo NAvdataPro gekauft und würde jetzt gerne nochmal das Komplettpaket mit Charts erwerben. Bekomme ich die verbleibenden Monate (7) der NavdataPro Bestellung zu meinen neuen Paket dazuaddiert?
  4. Ahh OK. Thank you for this important information.
  5. Hello! in the ULLI Scenery from Digital Design, the Jetways 366, 367, 368 are not working with AES.
  6. Hello people! What enter into this fields: Wind Speed/Direction (Takeoff-wind or average cruising wind?) Total Air Temp (Takeoff-Temperature or average cruising temperature or top-of-climb-temperature?)
  7. Are all thrust fixes from 1.30 up to 1.30f included in 1.31? I don't see this in the change log.
  8. I have the same (old) takeoff-problem with IAE bus 1.31. After takeoff, the engine produce not enoght power with FLX. Result is Stall and AlphaFloor. I went back to 1.30f and the problem is fixed for me.
  9. Use this: static_cg_height=13.70
  10. Please fix this ugly GA bug. I cannot understand what's so difficult here. It has worked good in the 1.21.
  11. OK, but please try this with Hotfix E. I don't have C. I tried 5 go-arrounds today with hotfix e. No success.
  12. OK I understand. In the meantime I please you to provide the old version 1.21d. I want to fly an GA without problems like before. And to have an ATH without problems. Please! You must not support the old version only provide to download please. Normally I trust aerosoft and delete old versions but in this case it was a very very big fault.
  13. Hmm I think the new hotfix is only affacting CFD.
  14. I think you don't understand the problem: The problem is not to have 240ias at 1400fpm, the problem is, that the speedbrake is not reducing it. This was working fine with 1.21d. Please take a deeper look to this situation above: I'm on a very final approach state. at this state, normally the airbus must reducing speed to "clean speed" but it stuck on 240IAS also with headwind AND speedbrakes fully extanded.
  15. Here you can see there is no speed reduction with speedbrakes fully out and headwind!! This will result in a missed approach and this is the next problem GA is not working with Hotfix D