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  1. as AS Munich is quite old and no one reported this issue yet - first take a look which AFCAD is recognized by GSX. That's a solid ground for further fixing.
  2. another problem would be the x variations or places other addons could be installed. It shure may be possible to catch all that things for all the "major" addons (whichever that are) for all the variations of fsx, fsx-se, P3D v1, v2, v3, ... but in this case the installer would be more complicated (and expensive) to develop than the whole addon.
  3. ...may be slow - but dedicated and not quitting after backsets!!
  4. Du wirst wohl keine Scenery finden, die schon die Parkpositionen von nächster Woche kennt (insbesondere weil's noch gar keine AI-Flugpläne dazu gibt) - da hilft wohl nur das AFCAD selber nachzubehandeln (evtl. dann auch mit den Positionen die dann wirklich benutzt werden). Für den eigenen Flieger (und VA) ist die Codierung der Positionen ohnehin irrelevant
  5. good night and happy landings (better: crash free SODE)
  6. just install 1.4.2 over 1.4.1 (worked for me and I don't think there is an entry in the control panel)
  7. try installing SODE 1.4.2 (newest version)
  8. via the "SODE" menu - but not all the jetways are movable, mostly those that are able to move in 2 axes
  9. I checked my latest version of of the ENGM AFCAD (edited with ADE) and couldn't find anything special - what error did you get when trying to compile with ADE (maybe I changed something in the XML-Code which I do not remember)
  10. evtl. daran, daß 1.) ein "STAR" nie bis zur Landbahn führt und 2.) LPMA kein ILS hat.
  11. deinstallieren und neu installieren lässt deine Credits nicht verfallen (Du muss aber ggf. ein "Resync" in AES anstossen) ..das da noch Taxiwayschilder der default Scenery zu sehen sind ist ungewöhnlich (sofern die überhaupt welche hat...) - evtl. ist da noch was anderes aktiv. Nutzt Du evtl. MyTraffic? - das bringt eigene AFCADs mit die immer gerne Probleme verursachen.
  12. wie wär's denn mal mit einem Screenshot von einem oder zwei der betroffenen Positionen - dann können ALLE mitreden as this is the english section of the forum.. about one or two screenshots of the the affectd positions - so everybody is able to make up it's opinion
  13. well it's a bit strange that this only happens to AS sceneries as AS often is only the publisher and the sceneries are developed by different people (using different techniques)
  14. Weiss jemand, ob sich ausser der P3D Kompatibilität noch was geändert hat?
  15. only thing to consider - if all that "military spots" are coded for "BAF" and "NOW" it's unlikely that other military aircraft (e.g. GAF) will ever park there as an airline code will "distract" all aircraft not having that code (until there is really NO other spot of sufficient radius) - so to be "open" I normally leave one ore two spots of each kind without parking code to spare me aditing the ACAD for any chage of flightpans and visiting airlines. P.S. I edited the ENGM AFCAD with ADE and compiled it (works like a charm for me) - there was something I had to "set" - I'll try to remember what it was and post here.