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  1. data63

    System crashes

    don't just delete - uninstall!! - then check if all folders and files are "away" - then reboot - then reinstall!
  2. could you post a screen of your problem. "missing or weird" is hard to track
  3. data63

    System crashes

    do you use any AI traffic? a defective Ai model or texture can lead to CTD
  4. data63

    Iceland & Keflavik compatibility

    the airport alone with ORBX worked for me (but no guarantee there aren't any glitches)
  5. data63

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    AES (light) relies on an engine that is not compatible with FSX-SE or any version of P3D
  6. data63

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    which Sim? AES (light) is not compatible with all FSX Versions
  7. yes (backup original first! )
  8. data63

    Heathrow Pro and SODE 1.6.3

    yes - they are some 10ft to low - problem is, if you set them higher the model would not reach the ground - the 3rd jetway on T2 and T5 are on the same level as the other 2 so that model fits maybe the dev could supply another model in a later update
  9. you could "activate" the runway by switching one of the runways to takeoff = yes - compile it - run the EFB "Data->Simulator scenery data update" and afterwards revert the rwy to it's previous state not very elegant - but should work other way COULD be to change the runway paths to type taxiway - but you would have to delete all the holdings
  10. Sorry - it's not AppData bit ProgramData
  11. data63

    Heathrow Pro and SODE 1.6.3

    I did a little amount of research and a large one of "try&error" on this and came to a solution that works for me: for all gates that use 2 or more Type-A (movable in all directions) jetways I changes the MultiIndex="1" key to "MultiIndex="2" and vice verca. So the outer jetway moves first and docks to door 1 (if present) and the inner one moves second to the "free" forward door. Maybe not the correct order of movement but at least no crossing jetways. I can live with that until someone comes with a more professional solution
  12. the red X's are from SODE since the last one or two releases indicating SODE is missing some expeted objects. As you are using AES I suppose you don't need SODE for valencia. Go to the Appdata/12bpilot directory - there is some XML directory where you propably find some XML-file related to Valencia (normaly something containing the ICAO code in the name. Disable that file (chanching it from.xml to .off) and restart SODE.
  13. data63

    Oslo ENGM ground markings

    isn't there a config tool to switch the colour of markings (not on my FS gear right now to check)
  14. shurely NO overload - maybe that gear is bored and plays some graphic-games for itself
  15. maybe a System overload? what's your gear (GPU, CPU, RAM)?