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  1. which kind of disk are you using for your P3D installation? - slow (5400rpm) mechanical disk with heavy fragmentation could affect LSZH more than other APs

    ...sorry "wingspan" was somehow wrong - AFCAD parking size is wingspan/2 therefore 40m for the A380 and 33/35 for the B744/B748 :-)
  3. Oslo/Gardermoen v.20 SODE issues

    I can dock jetway 50 to a 737 (don't have any heave iron on P3D yet) - try to move the plane a bit backwards. Maybe it's not the distance but the angle to the door.

    those gates are not designed for a380 - max wingspan (AFCAD) should be 33m (744/77W) maybe 35m (748) - A380 is 40m
  5. ohne GES oder mit einem deaktivierten GES? das Problem ist, daß ORBX gerne in den zentralen Config-Dateien für Landklassen rumdoktert und das bleibt auch bei deaktivierten ORBX Addons erhalten.
  6. Heathrow Professional Gate 246

    I think they made 2 small Gates L246 / R246 out of the large 246 position
  7. Genoa LIMJ at night

    which "water landing" are you assigned to? ..and what aircraft type is configured in your aircraft.cfg?
  8. Wichtige Frage zu Prepared v3!

    maybe some admin could move this to the german forum...
  9. Stuttgart V2 AI (AFCAD?)

    I had a look into the AFCAD. It looks as there is only one position marked for GWI (Gate 10). Plenty of EWG, DLH, DLHX and CLH though. the 40's positions are marked for Aegean, Air France, Easy and Air Berlin (and more...)
  10. Aerosoft EGCC missing ground textures

    did you check if the EGCC files in ORBX ENG are disabled? (and ORBX ENG is below EGCC) also check for othe EGCC AFCADs (e.g. MT6 or some other traffic addon)
  11. Heathrow p3d v4

    my guess is GPU 2GB RAM is petty small for P3D4 as it heavily "outsources" tasks and textures to the GPU (I also still have a 2GB GPU and it's constantly at 99%RAM on bigger airports while the CPU has some "space left")
  12. aren't there some more "EGCC" files in FTX_EU_ENG_05_Scenery? (those APT / AES Files look like as if they are from FTX Vector)
  13. Manchester X

    don't wright it off right now - I'm shure it's just a minor flaw AFCADs may be named AF* AFD*, .... something sized 50-100kb
  14. Manchester X

    strange... - I do not have that scenery so I can't have a look into the AFCAD - did you check that e.g. for codes and size of the parking?
  15. Manchester X

    which AI traffic (MyTraffic, WOAI, UT2, ....) do you use - maybe the parking codes do not fit