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  1. are you using the "bufferpools" options in the FSX.cfg ?
  2. ADE ? (
  3. looks as a photoscenery background not the one I know from the AS one (e.g. the parked aircraft at the cargo area in the foreground). Do you have some photoscenery for the paris region which is on top of your library?
  4. schau mal in den ORBX Verzeichnissen nach anderen Dateien mit MYNN und deaktiviere alle mit einem .off - da sind ggf. noch ein paar mehr da
  5. in the previous version "Balearic Islands" was just a compilation of the three island for a lower price than the 3 single ones - I suppose it's save to assume it's the same with "Evo" (same with "Holliday Airports")
  6. did you check the ..\pilots_software\AFM\scenery directory?
  7. what do you mean with "My traffic appear at a normal density but they do not takeoff/land/taxi " ? which airport, time, traffic density settings? - it's awful hard to help you with that little information
  8. better than that: disable the CR2_LCLK.bgl completely - AS Larnaka has it's own AFCAD and the MT one will cause trouble!!
  9. try disabling FSX Global AFR for the moment - just to check the effect It's somehow straneg that AFX_LPMA_ALT.bgl in ..\world\scenery ist back after running FTX Vector as the vector AES files are in a completely different path
  10. on the backside of that sheet - only visible to MK and the devs
  11. what error messages are displayed - sometimes be changing something the ADE file or the XML are corrupted but ADE mostly shows the offending XML code
  12. that problem sounds familar to me - wasn't there a fix for it with the latest update?
  13. as ALL the APC controlled features (ground markings, trees between runways, jetways) are missing it shure looks as if APC isn't running or is misconfigured (exe.xml, simobjectspath entry, ...)
  14. any AI traffic? (maybe that's not counted an "Addon" )
  15. you may have a look at this video (last minute) to see that GSX runs together with Sacramento. So no big room for conspiracy theories. In fact many people run GSX and AES together to get the best of both worlds (AES for airbridges, GSX for services) - needs just a little bit of configuring