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  1. could you show a screen with the AS A319 at that gate with a correct door-config (just to show how it is meant to look)
  2. soweit ich verstanden habe, nutzt Pisa SODE (stand irgendwo im Preview Thread) - da hier der "bewegliche" Teil des Jetways fehlt tippe ich mal auf ein SODE Problem (unsauberer XML Eintrag, falsche Nummerierung in den SimObjectPath Einträgen oder so was)
  3. don't have the AFCAD to look at right now - but according to the ground chart cargo area are the 200's
  4. could you post the complete message about "not being able to...."
  5. it's a bit small - but imho the docking position is way to low which exagerates it (lower edge of the jetway should be above the red line)
  6. that's funny - many "online" pilots demand that such "double positions" should be in the AFCAD to be able to use either of them. There are some topics around inthe forum about it) (but I'm with you - with AI-traffic it's not very nice. Maybe you choose one of them and assign a "XXX, XXX" parking code for the other)
  7. No prob - you asked nicely, tried to follow intructions and... FSX is sometimes a bit "strange" in all it's different configs and combinations if you are new to it (even if you are not).
  8. yep! - it's named "traffic" but it contains the AFCAD files of the luxemburg scenery (naming is slighty misleading)
  9. is the Luxemburg Traffic folder in your scenery lib - and are the BGL's "active" (no .off, one .cr is ok!) ?
  10. some bread, butter, 2 bottles of good bordeaux, ...
  11. NEVER NEVER delete or renam BGL files while FSX is running. FSX creates an index at startup an "assumes" that files "present" just rename the file 'til landing and that error will go away
  12. which P3D Version do you use? According to the AS shop it's only compatible to V1 and 2 ----- Minimal System Demands: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Accel. Pack) / Prepar3D (V1&V2) 3 GHz Dual Core Processor ----- and LM changed many things with lighting in V3.x
  13. could you provide a screenshot? your problem for shure has nothing to to with wrong or outdated AFCAD positions If you have only FSX-SE installed (and never installed FSX on your PC) you should try to install it as "FSX"
  14. looks as if MT6 brought more than just an AFCAD for ELLX :-) how does the scenery look now ?
  15. naja - auch wenn Du's nicht glaubst - probier's doch mal (ist ja ein überschaubarer Aufwand)