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  1. Rome fsx, Runway 36W?

    There is a 5 x 3 ft water runway in the AFCAD that seems somehow to be linked to a orphaned (stock) ILS (ITA 108.0 Mhz) - but it's strange that FS-ATC uses it as the runway is by far to small (and water) to support any aircraft....
  2. No aircraft

    I suppose you are talking about AI aircraft. So which AI package do you use? What are yout AI setting (%)? Any other EGLL AFCAD files (ORBX, MTX, ...) present?
  3. Bali X problems

    you have to edit that AFCAD with an editor (eg. ADE) removing the offending connections from the parking spots and recompile the AFCAD (maybe it's a good idea to backup the original one first)
  4. WADD parking problems

    WADD_ADEP2_ADE_ALT.bgl is not a real AFCAD but just an "altitude correction file" that puts the altitute of the airport to the value the airport dev desires (default are sometimes wrong) just scan your FS-directories for some WADD...bgl files. any file outside the "normal" WADD directories are suspicious to be "wrong" (from frreeware, or some AI-packages)
  5. Anchorage Pro afcad suggestions to change

    that would lead to a somehow "ugly" taxi in for AI traffic - AFCADs are nor able to make anybody happy :-( maybe you could edit it yourself to fit your need (exchanging a curved lead in for a staight line shouldn't be that hard)
  6. EDDL and GSX not working together

    If I do remember right, the AFCAD for EDDL and some of the older AS germany scenerys is not in the Airports-Scenery folder but in some ../Aerosoft/AFD/Scenery folder which must be added to your library (In fact it should be added by the installer but there may be resosns why it didn't work.
  7. EDDL and GSX not working together

    sounds definitly like another AFCAD as GSX "reads" it's infos from AFCAD files - go to a gate and choose the "edit position" option from GSX. there the name of the AFCAD that GSX reads is shown. Check if it is the AFCAD in your AS EDDL installation
  8. are you shure - as far as I understand GSX can TRIGGER the SODE Jetways but FSDT is not keeping the SODE engine itself up to date (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  9. well... I use a Thrustmaster T16000M FCS - maybe not the most "authentic" but affordable and sturdy
  10. TNCB aircraft below runway and ramp

    ORBX vector and an airport elevation correction (AEC) file?
  11. thanks for clarifying - I referred to "ORBX" as I wasn't shure if there are any EGLL enhancements in other ORBX products (Vector, OpenLC, ...) - I usually go to the ORBX "Base folder" and search for the airports icao code (EGLL..) - so I find them all, wherever thy hide
  12. pics look as if there are parts of some other EGLL scenery actice. Do you use any ORBX product for that area - if yes disable all *EGLL*.bgl files by renaming them to .off
  13. Jetways

    the only option to get movable jetways for AS EDDM ist AES, so in FSX-SE the is way
  14. If I'm not completely on the wrong track MT installs it's own AFCAD files for many airports to enhance the default ones - this collides with most addon airports. You should look for duplicate AFCAD files and disable the ones not in your Addon scenerys folder
  15. which kind of disk are you using for your P3D installation? - slow (5400rpm) mechanical disk with heavy fragmentation could affect LSZH more than other APs