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  1. data63

    Jetway not moving.

    in fact it was afternoon ;-) in general - if you have a "clean" FSX-SE installation (never side by side with FSX) you always should use the FSX installer option as the STAEM people in this case use the "default" FSX config files and paths - in a "side by side installation other file-names and paths are used.
  2. evtl hilft Dir das hir weiter
  3. data63

    Jetway not moving.

    if you never installed FSX (not STEAM) try to install heathrow with the FSX (not STEAM) option (sounds weird but the STEAM people did some weird things between SE only ond SE beside FSX install)
  4. data63

    Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended FS9

    if you are using ORBX Vector - check for an AEC file for EGLL and disable it (check the ORBX vector docu for details)
  5. mal ganz in's "Blaue" hast SDu evtl. einen "nicht AI" Flieger für AI-TRaffic eingebunden - der würde sicher die CPU ganz gut beschäftigen wenn er in LEBL geladen wird
  6. data63

    EDDT Jetways don't move

    do you use any ORBX producs of the area? - if yes check there for some EDDT files. If you use GSX try to "customize parking position" - in the editor the AFCAD file "found" by GSX is displayed - maybe that helps
  7. data63

    Flight Rome-Madrid Fuel Planner problem

    could you post a screen of that planning? (and did you "load" passengers and cargo according your planning?)
  8. data63

    Mega Airport Heathrow P3D4.3

    which version did you install? - Mega Heathrow PRO??
  9. data63


    I do not think that Toulouse is compatible with P3Dv4 - it was done for FS2004 and adapted for FSX and early P3D (V1 maybe V2)
  10. I use a Samsung 27'' at 1920:1200 to have some more "vertical space" - no problems wirth pixeling/graining (also not too hard on CPU/GPU)
  11. ich hatte ursprünglich mal die Box und weiss nicht mehr wie die Prozedur für das 1.6er Update genau war (war irgendwann in 2015) schau mal hier dort kann man Dir sicher helfen
  12. hast Du die aktuellste Version (1.6)? - die hat IK-Jetways (Ctrl-J) und die sollten sich per exclude entfernen lassen - die älteren Versionen hatten nur die Wahl zwischen statisch und AES
  13. data63

    Problems at LPMA with GSX Level 2

    your topic title is REALLY nice and polite..... maybe you ask at the FSDT forum.
  14. there is a quite decent A300 - it "just" has to be updated for P3DV4
  15. was that an position that is - in the AFCAD - for a plane much bigger than an A320 (radius more than 27m)? In that case the plane is simply positions too far away from tha gate because the AFCAD sets the plane center for a B767 or bigger