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  1. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    I downloaded and installed LSZH pro yesterday - the crosswind AFCAD has "overlapping" parking positions (mostly on dock E but also some on A and B - didn't check the other 2)
  2. did you download the latest version? (see above) The original box version will not be compatible with P3D V4
  3. are you shure - I think the last version dated 18.7.17 is - just with the installer pointing to the appdata directory (some threads about that...)
  4. I'm not at my FS PC - check for a bgl file starting with AF.. and BIKF in it, that's normally the way they are named. You'll need an AFCAD-editor (e.g. ADE) and the P3D SDK installed to change the AFCAD
  5. problem is that the runway heading in the "real world" really changed since the release of the airport. maybe you could "rename" the rwy in the AFCAD - so EFB "finds" it - but that wouldn't correct the heading
  6. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    if designing parking in an AFCAD you have to opt either for AI or non AI use. AI Use will mean that you design it so that all spots can be used without overlapping so you have to decide for eiher one large or two small etc. non AI will provide a large enough spot for every plane that in real live can park at the gate - mostly leading to overlaps. Online pilots will prefer the non AI version as they receive there parking assignment from a "real" controller based on the "real" airport layout - people using AI traffic (including me) will prefer the AI version to avoid pictures like above. Whichever version a dev will make one part of the community will not like it As for the codes there is no strict rule which airline uses which parking code and in special airlines with some "history" like swiss or brussels airlines are often coded different by different AI painters. so CRX is not unusual for swiss. Best thing (imho) is to grab a AFCAD editor like ADE and change the positions to your needs/likes. This will surely be needed after some time as airlines change, merge, disappear, come into service or simply change their destinations. - just think about the American Airlines - US Airways merger, US Airways once used AWE, changed to USA and now it's AAL or think about RYR suddenly appearing in EDDF
  7. as you do not have MyTraffic it obviously something else - so please give some real info instadt of posting that it's "the same as above". There are some really nice and helpful people here. But without adequate info they will not be able to help you (sorry)
  8. maybe, instead of opening anoher thread with the same problem it would be helpful if you gave some more info (e.g. your scenery lib, a screen of the situation, ....)
  9. FSX-SE Vaeroy X

    if you never had FSX (Box) installed on your PC choose FSX (not SE) as installation target. also if you are using ORBX vector or ORBX EU Norway check for duplicate AFCADs or elevation correction files (vector offers a tool for that)
  10. afaik "Sky Ai" is AI traffic with some "doubtful" origins - so it will be hard to get support for this
  11. EDDF v2 Professional lights problem.

    @OPabst just want to thank you for you efforts to solve that nasty lights problem - GREAT support!!
  12. FSX stürzt ab

    wenn es "tageszeitabhängig" ist, dann probiere mal step 2 aus meinem post vom 6.8. (ich tippe auf ein kaputtes AI Modell)
  13. New Product (Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional) with an Update price for owners of the previous version (Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0).
  14. P3d4

    maybe a screen to shed some light?
  15. maybe you should distinguish between - "convert" (incl. using some new features) and "make compatible" (= making it runnable) (no bad meant for Gary or FlyTampa)