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  1. lukla CTD general

    du you use a 3rd party mesh in the region? - if yes try to disable it
  2. After installing El Hierro

    Sorry - found the release note just this morning
  3. After installing El Hierro

    afaik El Hierro was never announced officially compatible with P3D
  4. Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 FSX

    ...or install/rerun Steve's DX10 fixer if it worked with DX10 before Win10
  5. as you have a problem with AS and UK2000 it's unlikely that it's a scenery problem. As P3D quits after "loading up" I would have a look at ai aircraft (missing/corrupt textures or such). Try to set your traffic to 0% and try.
  6. Blurry terrain in landing

    HDD is not that slow - if your P3D is on a SSD it should not be a problem (but to defrag a HDD from time to time is always a good idea) manually editing a p3d.cfg is never a good isea unless you really KNOW what you are doing and knowing your system - using a p3d.cfg edited by others is nearly always BAD!!! please just try to lower your setting - sliders full right on P3D is not recomended, even for high end rigs!
  7. Blurry terrain in landing

    Hard Drive = HDD INCREASING LOD will worsen your problem as it increases the amount of data to be displayed maybe you really just try to DECREASE some of your scenery setting to see if your disply problem gets better. To compare your pictures to some YouTube vids without knowing their exact settings and hardware is senseless
  8. Blurry terrain in landing

    what's your harddrive? - maybe it is simply to slow (or fragmented) to deliver the data fast enough?
  9. Landung vorbereiten....

    Moin! anscheinend ist die ATC in XP11 ähnlich "korrekt" wie in FSX/P3D - aber dazu gibt's Flugpläne. Einfach rechtzeitig vor dem sinken von der Cruising Altitute die Speed rausnehmen, damit man ohne "Reverser" sinken kann.
  10. Athen P3D V4

    V1.6 came out in november 2015 - the are some files available on the FlyTampa website to make it compatible with P3D4 (mainly some changes with the lighting)
  11. I checked this in my own installation (EDDB Gate 60 / PMDG 737) - no problem, EDDB_AFX_OP01-SXF.bgl is shown as "active AFCAD". is the EDDB folder well above WORLD in your scnenery lib and is the EDDB_AFX_OP01-SXF.bgl present in your EDDB-Scenery folder?
  12. could you please clarify your problem by adding a screenshot. "Overlapping" is a term very hard to understand in this context.
  13. Athens Mega Airport (LGAV) AFCAD

    AI traffic behaving strange is a hint for duplicate AFCADs. Do you use MyTraffic? - it brings along it's own AFCADs which have to be disabled if you use addon airports
  14. gibralta x

    do you really think asking for an "apology" is worth opening another topic? btw.. please apologise to the people of Gibraltar for spelling their home town wrong (for a second time)
  15. ENVA v2 Elevation issue

    do you have an installation of the "airports of norway" freeware?