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  1. try to switch off UTX Europe and Mega Scenery Earth one by one and check if there is a difference
  2. try searching for duplicate AFCADs for EIDW and disable all outside the AS Dublen dirs
  3. in fact if used with the correct AFCAD the scenery depicts the current situation quite well. all the buildings of the "bigger airport" as well as 07R/25L are present but not used.
  4. some testflight departure sneeking into the installer
  5. in that case it would be a good ideas to check for an "old" LPMA altitude correction file in ..\scenery\world\scenery
  6. out of interest.. which tool are you using?
  7. crashing at 97% in FSX definitly pointed to AI aircraft - I'd guess P3D is somehow similar in that respect. try setting AI-traffic off
  8. as the info comes ENVA_Alpha_Flatten.bgl that looks like a fake runway so a "fake" icao would be ok, doesn't makerunway detect the right AFCAD (with the right ICAO?. 5 letter ICAOs normally just produce a warning in EFB when imported, not an error.
  9. this "bug" is present even in PMDG and (afaik) FSL jets. Even the real (Bpeing and Airbus) ones can't cope with some route combinations - call it "some kind of reality level"
  10. Du schreibst, das du ORBX Norway + Vector laufen hast - das sind auch keine echten Leichtgewichte. hast Du alle Trondheim betreffenden Datein bei ORBX deaktiviert? - ansonsten kann es sein, das sie zwar nicht sichtbar sind aber trotzdem Speicher verbraten
  11. ??? Dir ist aber schon aufgefallen, das die "neue" Version kein Update war, sondern eine neue Version von einem anderen Developer? Es ist schon irgendwie nachvollziehbar, das ein anderer Dev keinen Rabatt gibt nur weil Du irgendwann mal den Flughafen von jemadem anderen gekauft hast. (cross updates gibt's zwar - aber nur dann, wenn sich ein Anbieter künftige (bezahlte) Update verspricht.)
  12. problem is that the AFCAD parking spot is reflecting the center of the model of the aircraft and that is different for every model (e.g. the TFS Dash8-400 models have that center quite aft) so you either have to center that spots for your favourate AC or life with that differences
  13. problem is... a moden airplanes (sim and real) is a highly complex system, so adding/fixing one feature can start an issue in another one. Systems functioning perfect can be corrupted be "fixing" another system. It's like juggeling more and more balls.... every new one has to "fit" into the row. as the CRJ seems to be in the top league systemswise and the systems are mainly developed by ONE individual it's hard to figure when all the balls will be "in line" and stable. Even today boeing and airbus are still fixing their system software of aircraft that are years into service
  14. I'll have a look if I have a backup if I have it will be a slightly "tweaked" version (parking and rwy turnoff's - but could fit your need.) As I'm away from my FS comp 'til weekend it could take some time