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  1. if you rebuilt your PC you can just use your Codes again
  2. FSX / FSX-SE users may be the majority but P3D seem to be the more "active" ones As P3D with all the recent updates seems to be more prone to errors it looks as QI is more "P3D centered" these days - but I'm pretty shure they'ii figure it out and fix the issue (hopefully with some hotfix and not another complete installer)
  3. there are more files about BIKF than the AEC file in the "ORBX realm" ..\FTX_Vector\FTX_Vector_Apt\Scenery und ..\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU8\Scenery, 6 of them in whole) - just disable them all (.off) - I also found an AECBIKF.bgl in ..\scenery\world\scenery that has to be disabled (not shure where that came from - maybe the ORBX OLC Demo)
  4. sofern Du FSX / FSX-SE nutzt - ja da scheint es ein Problem mit den neuen Jetway Modellen zu geben. Es gibt dazu auch schon ein paar Themen hier im englischen Forum.
  5. as 1.03 is a new version and new customers will only get this, it should at least be compatible with FSX / FSX-SE
  6. is this is this FSX-SE or P3D ? looks as if there are some issues in FSX-SE which are not present in P3D I also lost the jetways (repaired by using the 1.02 models) and can't see any rain or wet effects
  7. I can see 2 of them in the NE maintainance area (A747 and some small one, both basically "white")
  8. to worsen that some (many?) FSX-SE users in the early days of SE did some registry hacks to install their addons into SE (being guilty of that myself)
  9. looks as if the new jetway models (jetway.mdl) don't work with FSX-SE as this seems the only difference in the SODE jetway settings
  10. don't get me wrong - but I think you should spend some time with the really good tutorials for PFPX available on youtube ( to get aquainted with the PFPX basics
  11. fs2004 "picks up" some memory items during a flight - so it's normal that you have less memory at an arrival airport that at departure. you beat me (one more time...)
  12. wie äussert sich denn "GSX geht nicht" ?
  13. ich hab' gerade keinen FSX greifbar ;-( laut dem MSDN Eintrag müsste um einen Eintrag im Abschnitt (General) gehen - ATC_TYPE=AIRBUS, ATC_MODEL=A320
  14. in my installation the folder is called so - and in the same directory (Aerosoft) as "Mega-Airport_London_Heathrow-Extended_Airport"
  15. looks as if you don't have the "Mega-Airport_London_Heathrow-Extended_Terrain" layer activated in the scnenery library (looks somehow the same at my FSX if I deactivate it )