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  1. samwise7

    P3DV4.3 wont start

    Hello, Have a look at this topic on the AVSIM forum., I think it will help you avoid a complete re-install and help correct the issue preventing the sim from starting. Saludos, Jose
  2. Glad I opted into these experimental updates. The easiest updates I've ever experienced, also glad to have the VOR course section working in the MCDU again. You guys seem to be working at a furious pace. Thanks! Jose
  3. I think I found a slight issue, don't know if its just me but on a flight into JFK I decided to fly the Parkway Visual 13L approach from the south of the airport. The approach begins at Rockaway Point using the CRI 223 and 041 radials for guidance. On the MCDU Rad/Nav page, I entered the navaid id and frequency just fine, but when I entered the course the MCDU did not display it, the course was fine on the PFD however so it didn't effect my approach, but I was wondering why the MCDU didn't display the entry? And thanks by the way, I'm having great fun with this simulation! Regards, Jose Albino
  4. samwise7

    Aerosoft Updater

    Have you already installed SP1?, once you have that installed, future updates will be handled via the updater. However, you need to download and install the SP1 first.
  5. I'm receiving this error while downloading the package, when I look up the error details it says that the server has not granted permissions for the file to be downloaded? EDIT: 3rd attempt completed successfully. Thank you. Please disregard.
  6. samwise7


    Really nice work Mathijs. I just did a short cruise in the pattern and it just feels comfortable, like seeing a old good friend after some time, but not having to foot the bill for an expensive dinner to celebrate!
  7. I would never disagree with the intent of a creator to protect his/her intellectual property or their right to do so. Not even so much the method this developer chose. What offends me is that they did not disclose it to the consumer. A clear and obvious statement or warning that they have coded a very strong anti-piracy software, the specific circumstances that would cause it to execute, a clear definition of the information it would extract, and the how that information would be used and finally a caution not to proceed with the purchase if the consumer does not want this on their PC. However, they did not do this. They forced it upon the consumer, and that is unethical.
  8. Good to know you're all starting to see the end of the tunnel. I hope this release is a success for your company, and wish you all the best with your commercial contracts as well! Just a clarification please, is it still your intent to release only the A319 as a stand alone first? Looking forward to this release either way! hoping it's a good one!! Edit... found the answer in the post I should have read first!
  9. With all due respect to everyone here, in my eyes this thread has lost its usefulness. Its really just become a "can we have this or that" followed by "(spank) its already been answered, just take the time to read above". Of course you decide whats best but maybe you guys should consider just closing this thread and reopening one when whatever you have is ready for release. Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone here.
  10. Looks great. Hope you can release it on your revised schedule. Really looking forward to getting it.
  11. samwise7

    YOKE issue

    Click the speed placard on the glareshield just above the pfd. Not the yoke.
  12. samwise7

    Cabin Announcement Recordings

    Hans, I'm sorry for not being exact. You are correct that there is no recording where the FA tells passengers to return to their seats. However, the recording that loops, (plays again and again), after landing is named ASC_CC_Des_SeatBelts.wav. I beleive the file that should play is ASC_CC_After_Landing_Dest.wav. Both these files were included in the standard download (they are not custom). Hope this helps On another note, I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great simulation experience. I believe one reviewer mentioned that this is not a study level sim. I beg to differ. You cannot experience what this sim has to offer without at the very least recognizing that it is not a Boeing "set it and forget it" type sim and learning to use it correctly. For those who take the time, ask the proper questions, and employ correct procedures you can expect to be as immersed in this sim as long as its running. I love the way this title makes you really pay attention and stay in your seat while your using it. In that sense it is the most involved flight simulation I've tried and deserves the respect of at least a little study (alot actually).
  13. So I completed a flight and didn't notice until I was taxiing off the runway the flight attendant recording advising the passengers that the captain had turned the seatbelt on please return to your seat and fasten your seatbelt was playing in an endless loop until I pulled up to the gate and shutdown. Seems like a small bug.