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    • Hi Jens!   You got two choices:   1. Use the new 64 bit livery manager which should do all changes automaticly.   2. Simply do it manually. Don´t be afraid. If you can heat up a meal in a microweave, you get also this task mastered. It is not more complicated.      a) copy the livery into the correct aircraft folder (A318, A319CFM, A319IAE...). A text file will tell you what the livery is for.    b) go into the livery path and alter texture.cfg content to:        [fltsim]
             fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC
             fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A31X    c) the livery archives text file contains also a paragraph which i similar to paragraphs in the aircraft.cfg. They start all with [FLTSIM.N]        the N stands for a number in a series. Copy and paste the paragraph at the end of the list and the select a number N+1 of the last FLTSIM entry.    d) check the line: model=        If its empty you check if you are with the A319IAE or A319CFM.        In case of A319CFM put there : model = DAIBA        In case of A319IAE put there : model = GDBCF       If its not empty you have to do nothing.    e) Save aircraft. cfg, load sim, fly....   After some repetitions you make that below 30secs. You don´t need to be a nobel prize winner. Trust your abilities!
    • Grundsätzlich lässt sich ja jeder Flughafen realisieren, solange man gutes Bildmaterial hat. Wenn man also niemanden kennt, der auf dem jeweiligen Flughafen arbeitet (z.B. Ramp Agents o.Ä.) und Bilder zur Verfügung stellen kann, steht und fällt alles mit der Kooperationsbereitschaft des Flughafens, einen auf das Vorfeld zu lassen zum Bilder knipsen. Und die ist erfahrungsgemäß immer sehr gering. Wenn du also jemanden kennst der jemanden kennt...
    • What do you think about my first livery? Maybe it's not perfect...  2018-8-14_14-45-46-862.BMP
    • Right, some reporting back to do. I have regained some credibility in the product by unchecking ORBX FTX England completely (which regains up to 10fps). If anyone knows how to tweak ORBX to improve this situation other than taking such measures then let me know. The resulting performance in P3D is very smooth with no stutters (and a happy customer indeed).   But the sticking point for me is the very erratic frame rates ranging from a low of 17fps to a high of 32-34fps. I might not expect that with other high-end aircraft that quite a large fluctuation (which could result in stutters) exists.   Any thoughts here are most welcome, please.
    • I'd like to request removing my previous post as it seems to miss what I actually wanted to point out.