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Repaint request


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Another " Work in Progress " , this time two A319 CJ's ( not modelled by Aerosoft ) in Czech Air Force livery . Still hoping to find a Czech translation for the text on the passenger doors . Will be uploaded in the near future .

2801 named General K Janousek KCB

post-29473-0-50203900-1435299710_thumb.j post-29473-0-96069200-1435299715_thumb.j


3085 named General J Ocelka DFC

post-29473-0-38476400-1435299727_thumb.j post-29473-0-34550700-1435299734_thumb.j


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The problem with this ( kind of ) livery is that even if you do make all of the written text by the time you have re-sized the text to fit the model , there is nothing left but a blur anyway , so it's a lot of work for basically nothing . The best thing would be to wait until other aircraft are painted in the new livery as I cannot imagine they will all be made in the same way , then at least you have photo's and ( other ) registrations to work with . I was surprised to even find the photo I linked to in my previous post and I don't believe that other photo's ( of the entire fuselage ) with the same clarity will be available anytime soon .

Another example is the BA Dove livery that Holgi is ( still ) working on . This is also a livery that needs a lot of time to make if you are going to do it any justice . If Holgi paints as I do then after a while with a complicated paint , you have to stop and go do something else before the " madness " kicks in , so that you can return to it in the future .

My comment about several " hours " work was meant " tongue-in-cheek " , as this would really be several hundred hours if ALL of the text was made and placed . There is ( unfortunately ) a limit to what you can do with the model however " good " it is .

The new livery for Alitalia is now applied to an A320 without the written text all around.



I think it's more reasonable to reproduce, isn't it?


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Hello @ all,

first a big compliment to aerosoft and the users here for that great forum . Thanks for all the repaints and Support if needed.

This is my first post and I hope somebody could help me : I´m searching for a fictional repaint of the A321 with the last ( newest ) Germanwings-repaint.

Or is it possibly that somebody could repaint it !?

It would be very nice.

So if somebody could help me it would be great !!

See you and evertime a happy landing


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Hello, everyone. I don't think that they have any in the pipeline, but either way, I was wondering if someone would be willing to paint both A319 and A320 in the current United airlines livery, but with Sharklets (IAE, of course)? It would be much appreciated. Also, I know that there is one done already, but could could someone do an A321 in current United? The one that's out there has CFM engines, but would be nice to have with IAE engines (and possibly Sharklets as well). Thank you.

- Chris Jepsen

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