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    Es sit wirklich schön geworden, jedoch ist an der Unterseite an der Tragfläche das LNZ gespiegelt. das OE- ist aber richtig.
  1. I would be really happy if someone can maybe do one of these paints for me NIKI A319 OE-LNB NIKI A320SL OE-LEY NIKI A320 OE-LEG NIKI A321 OE-LET only 1 of these would be great
  2. AirMalta A319 9H-AEG would be great There are only A320 painted. thx
  3. Can someone do the Niki OE-LEY (OE-LER isn't in service of Niki anymore. Flies now for AirBerlin D-ABNJ) And maybe OE-LEL (now in Niki-Airberlin colours. Same like OE-LEU(-X) Cheers
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