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  1. Wow!!! Stunning pictures. Waited so long for this and followed it on the FSDeveloper forum
    Es sit wirklich schön geworden, jedoch ist an der Unterseite an der Tragfläche das LNZ gespiegelt. das OE- ist aber richtig.
  2. I would be really happy if someone can maybe do one of these paints for me NIKI A319 OE-LNB NIKI A320SL OE-LEY NIKI A320 OE-LEG NIKI A321 OE-LET only 1 of these would be great
  3. AirMalta A319 9H-AEG would be great There are only A320 painted. thx
  4. Can someone do the Niki OE-LEY (OE-LER isn't in service of Niki anymore. Flies now for AirBerlin D-ABNJ) And maybe OE-LEL (now in Niki-Airberlin colours. Same like OE-LEU(-X) Cheers
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