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  1. The new livery for Alitalia is now applied to an A320 without the written text all around. EI-DSY. I think it's more reasonable to reproduce, isn't it? Regards,
  2. Yes I well know it, same thing for scenery development.
  3. No reverse psycology, just consideration, I'm not a painter, only a scenery developer, an I know how long is to work textures with photoshop. The EI-DTJ is full of text write on it, of course to make this livery is necessary to have many hi res pictures to take the writes on, and needs many many hours of photoshop working to fit them correctly. Maybe when the second A320 family airbus will be painted, it'll more easy to make the plain Alitalia New Livery. And the basic new livery can be used, in future, as base to paint the EI-DJT having more hi res images...
  4. +1 But the new livery is too difficult to paint due the pearl white and the body logo, so it could be a very difficult challenge for forum's repainters. For this reason, I think that no one will try to make that. I hope i'm wrong.
  5. Hi can you kindly make A319 CFM in new alitalia livery (EI-IMU)? COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM. and if you have more time the next a320 (EI-DSM) would be nice too: and this A319 (EI-IMI): Unfortunally there aren't Aerosoft A319 in the alitalia new livery.
  6. Please can you make this Alitalia Special Livery? an this two easyjet special livery? Thanks.
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