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Your Screenshots (part 2)

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14 hours ago, Aharon said:

Detcord,  that is awesome Dutch repaint!!  Is it fictional for somebody's VA?


It's for a VA. Whether or not they end up using it is anyone's guess.


Working on the new TNT livery that I started a couple of months ago but never got around to completing.



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On 10.1.2016 at 12:17, DetCord sagte:


I don't recognize the jet blast deflector. What airport is that? And I take it that's Steve's AeroLogic livery, right?


Hi, my apologies for the late response.

The jet blast deflector is located behind RWY18 in Frankfurt am Main. As for the Aerologic paint job, I'm not quiet sure on who painted the livery. It's the default one which can be dowloaded via "PMDG Operations Center".


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Some bus action in Canada and Norway (first one)

















EDIT: I see that I have to update my signature. I run P3Dv3.2 on a 980Ti and a 2700k@5.0GHz at the moment so a bit outdated in my current signature.


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