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  1. Over the Rockies 2016-3-20_11-32-30-732 by Gregory Moore, on Flickr
  2. DetCord...is the RAF A321 going to be available? Like to use it in the round the world flight!
  3. Thanks for the DutchBird!!! Very nice.
  4. Very nice John! I picked up a DVD about DutchBird on eBay, Like the look of their aircraft.
  5. Just fix the bugs of Airbus X 1st then worry about the next version. Not to bash Aerosoft, but I felt I bought a Cpt Sim product!
  6. Is this going to be a new product or an upgrade to Airbus X? Greg Moore
  7. I did a quick IFR from KFMH to KBOS and it worked fine! I entered the ILS freq for RW 33L and it picked up the localizer and the the GS. clicked the 2 AP botton and did a nice landing!!! Maybe there is hope for this sim! (still get the nose dive sometimes flying manual) Greg Moore
  8. Well I flew from KLAX to KBOS and got as far as New York when I had to stop! (The basement was taking in water from the snow melt) It seemed to work fine so far. TCAS worked great, it followed the flight plan and held airspeed. I was using UT2 and REX with active weather.. Wanted to shoot the approach to see how that worked. Maybe tomorrow.
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