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  1. "Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine." I've read this interesting statement a few years ago in a newspaper. Luckily last weekend it was very hot in Germany, so I had the opportunity to travel in the cold Antarctic to verify this statement. And which aircraft is the best for this cold and dark challange? For sure- the Twin Otter. "Aurora australis".
  2. Hey guys, as always, very amazing pictures here! "Hey little sister" - somewhere over New Zealand.
  3. Hello gentlemen, it's spring again, so it's time to get new wind under the wings and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. "Start into spring" - In memory of a good friend, see you in the sky.
  4. Something went wrong here. Can someone see my picture? @kroswynd I hope it is allowed to reupload my shot. If not, please remove it. Thank you
  5. Wonderful shots! I flew with this aircraft in 2014, thanks for reminder me!
  6. Hey guys, I will start this competition and I "jump in" with this skydiver. Best wishes and good luck too all!
  7. Oh boys! These pictures are such amazing, I have no words for this!!! @kroswynd, I think it´s very hard to choose the winner this month, every picture has it own spirit. I jump in with this shot- it´s very nessesary to check the lights regulary.
  8. @Aharon It's ENVA V2.0, you can find that hanger next to the Gate 45 and near the river "Stjordalselva".
  9. Hi everbody, I make a trip along norway's coast line to bring a necessary X-ray apparatus to Hammerfest. My first flight brought me from Stavanger to Trondheim, it was a hard one, after takeoff the weather changed and I flew into a heavy snowstorm... ...I had to go around two times... ...but after a safe land I picked up the X-ray apparatus with a short delay. Now it's time to start the engines again, luckily the weather changed. Next stop is Bodo. Good luck too all!
  10. "Departing into a new day" - that is what I really love. Every day we can get new chances, new views and new challenges.
  11. "Line up runway 24R, cleared for take-off!" Good luck too everyone.
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