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  1. @Aharon this is the freeware island "Jan Mayensfield" (ENJA) from ORBX. Unfortunately you can only spot the Aurora near this island. As far as I know it's not possible to spot it somewhere else. But it's a good option to take some mythical pictures. Whatever - this month we have no chance against your great and funny picture, I realy enjoy it!
  2. Hi guys, first of all I know it's not the right season if you live on the northern hemishere, but it's a sim so I think it's okay when I post a picture from the high north. Luckily the good old A330 is very flexible, so this is my entry for this special month. Hopefully the "Aurora" is implemented in the upcoming sim. But I think we will see tomorrow. "A330 in the high north".
  3. If I order the "TCA Officer Pack", will I get the Sidestick earlier or after the release of the Quadrant?
  4. Wonderful pictures guys, keep it going! Here is mine: Two strong girls (or boys?) carrying people around.
  5. I'm sorry to hear this kroswynd, my sincere condolences. Final approach over the beach of Praslin.
  6. "Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine." I've read this interesting statement a few years ago in a newspaper. Luckily last weekend it was very hot in Germany, so I had the opportunity to travel in the cold Antarctic to verify this statement. And which aircraft is the best for this cold and dark challange? For sure- the Twin Otter. "Aurora australis".
  7. Hey guys, as always, very amazing pictures here! "Hey little sister" - somewhere over New Zealand.
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