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Mathijs Kok

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Potter, glad to hear you are considering or perhaps will be doing an Air Seychelles repaint for the Twotter. I am desperate for one! I bought Seychelles X, and all I need as icing on the cake is an Air Seychelles livery for the Twin Otter X Extended. Thank you for your interest in that. Sorry for the impatience, but do you have any ETA?

Thanks in advance.

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Would love to see that Air Seychelles first, but it's okay ;)

Wich one are you going to do? Or can you make an Air Seychelles package?

Are you going to upload it to Aerosoft?

Would absolutely love to see this one!



Ps: But please do it! I really count on you because there is no other painter at the moment willing to make an Air Sechelles livery :(

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That's guys for all the information and your interest in this plane. I just finished the Alaska Golden Nugget and will upload soon here, but also at avsim and flightsim. Getting started on Air Calin, looks to quick and easy.


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