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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. Overall, the forum does well. I'm only interested in specific products, naturally, so my interest is limited. Only issue I've had is the closing of a topic. At times I feel a topic was closed prematurely or the initial question remained unanswered. --WH
  2. Changing cockpits do not matter. The English and Russian cockpits are different due to the panel textures. Both share the same panel folder, gauges and aircraft.cfg file - the later containing all the sections for electrical, etc. Also I should point out that the systems you are not losing appear to be all hydraulic, whereas the systems you are losing are all electrical. I'm assuming that you do not have a failures set for your sim? --WH
  3. I'm running FSXA so I haven't experienced this issue exactly except for what I mentioned earlier. I had one payware aircraft that I could not start at all until I changed the starting voltage, and my latest acquisition does not follow the cold-and-dark startup unless I hit Ctrl+Shift+F4. Dave, was there any solution for those examples mentioned? One more question for dizzy so I better understand the issue. When you lose power, exactly what happens? Do you lose thrust? Does the propeller stop in flight? Do you lose all electrical? Or all of these symptoms? --WH
  4. Dizzy, after you lose power... pause the sim and switch your aircraft to the MS Cessna, then look at the state of your avionics, generator, battery, etc. I'm curious as to what you might find. --WH
  5. In reading everyone's comments the problem stated is something similar I've encountered from time to time. Not necessarily with the AN-2, but with other aircraft in FSXA. Basically it boils down to the default flight and how things are setup. In my install my default flight is with the MS Cessna in a cold and dark state. What happens is that with some aircraft when loaded the generator is not activated properly. The aircraft will start properly and even the switches may indicate generator power, but after a few minutes I will lose power because the generator is not functioning. The aircraft is basically flying on battery power which soon drains causing loss of electrics to radios, etc. The best solution I've found is to create a keyboard shortcut to turn the generator on. I think I use Shift+C (for current). When you start losing power in flight use the keyboard shortcut and see if the power comes back on. BTW, I also have keyboard shortcuts for the battery and avionics as a doublecheck. Hope that helps. Worth a try. --WH
  6. Thanks for the update. I'll keep checking in for any news. --WH
  7. Thanks. I'm aware of that section. You may note that the May 8th announcement for the AN-2 update did not specify the simulator. In other words it implied the update was available for all the simulators noted in the original release. --WH
  8. Yes, I saw that topic. The additional effort towards release was not articulated. And I was surprised to see the topic closed since the FSX update was not available. I have been coming to the forum almost daily for well over a year when the product was first released to see what progress was being made on correcting some of the missing features and errors. So, yes, I am patient. --WH
  9. Still no answer?? I keep going to my downloads and the FSX version is still at v1.03. --WH
  10. AS the title says, there has been no word on the 32-bit version. The other thread on this subject has been closed so I'm starting another one. Please let us know when it is released. Thanks. --WH
  11. Soooo... what's the plan? In other words, where are you going with it - part of an upcoming cockpit mod? Just curious. Hate to see one's good work not put to good use. :<) --WH
  12. Ah, sorry. Forgot to clean my glasses. Seems to be quite a bit of difference starting with the gunsight. And I don't see the airspeed ribbon, unless its covered. Somewhat similar to the F53. Is this an upcoming new model?? --WH
  13. More worn and dusty looking if ya' ask me. Cool. --WH
  14. Okay, I'm game.. from FSXA ..more to come. --WH
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