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  1. Okay, got it figured out. I use the keyboard commands primarily for the radar. The keys.xml for the F.53 was missing an entry for removing the radar boot, so that was added. And the command for turning the radar off and on is different than with the other models, "C" instead of "Ctrl+Shift+3." I may take a closer look at aligning the other commands and resetting those for the additional weapons so I don't get myself confused when flying different models. Fun stuff. I wasn't doing much over the holidays anyway.
  2. Yes, all is as it should be and I've tested the commands in the VC mode. The entries in panel [VCockpit02] are the same as in other models. Wait. I just compared the keys.xml file to another and noted the commands for the radar are different for the F.53. Hmm. May look at this further. And a Merry Christmas to you as well. 8<)
  3. Since the recent update to the Mk. 6 and Mk. 2A models, I'm back to testing my flying skills with the Lightning. Recently, I noticed that the keyboard shortcuts on the Mk. 53 are not working. They work on the other models. This is for an FSXA install, BTW. I just did a full uninstall/reinstall and verified my observation. No change. Not a big issue as I can still setup the radar using the VC switches. Thanks --WH
  4. Thanks. I'm off to check out the two new textures. Cheers --WH
  5. My install already has an F2A, so this is an update of that model? Are there any other changes included with the latest version of the F6 (2.3)? Thanks --WH
  6. I noticed on Fightsim there's an updated version of the F6 for FSXA. Do I need it? My install includes folders for the F1A, F2A, F3, F6, and F53 (as well as all T models), so I'm wondering if need to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the latest update. Thanks in advance. --WH
  7. Soooo... what's the plan? In other words, where are you going with it - part of an upcoming cockpit mod? Just curious. Hate to see one's good work not put to good use. :<) --WH
  8. Ah, sorry. Forgot to clean my glasses. Seems to be quite a bit of difference starting with the gunsight. And I don't see the airspeed ribbon, unless its covered. Somewhat similar to the F53. Is this an upcoming new model?? --WH
  9. More worn and dusty looking if ya' ask me. Cool. --WH
  10. Are their any plans for some -100 repaints?? Seems like all the latest releases (except one) since the update have been for the -300. I'd sure like to see some -100 repaints to round things out. --WH
  11. Perhaps someone might try this one? Web site here. --WH
  12. Looks great. I'd like it. Are you going to upload it?? Thanks. --WH
  13. I believe this is what you want.. //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] file=panel_modern_full.bmp size_mm=1600 position=7 visible=1 ident=0 gauge00=ASDHC2!MAN, 1083,692,150,150 gauge01=ASDHC2!RPM, 903,692,150,149 You're version gave two RPM gauges. This is from the Standard Wheels Modern panel, BTW. --WH
  14. I noticed something during my flight this evening in the Tundra version with modern cockpit. I believe that the RPM gauge should be on the left and the Manifold gauge should be on the right, but with the modern panels they are reversed in the 2D panel. The VC panel has them in the correct position. And they are correct for the older 2D and VC panels as well. Easy to correct by swapping out the two gauges in the aliased panel.cfg files. --WH
  15. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the response. I found my answer in the freeware readme file after I posted my question. Here is what it says.. The scenery is vicenh06.zip from FlightSim.com. They haven't restored the file yet on Avsim. --WH
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