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  1. Soooo... what's the plan? In other words, where are you going with it - part of an upcoming cockpit mod? Just curious. Hate to see one's good work not put to good use. :<) --WH
  2. Ah, sorry. Forgot to clean my glasses. Seems to be quite a bit of difference starting with the gunsight. And I don't see the airspeed ribbon, unless its covered. Somewhat similar to the F53. Is this an upcoming new model?? --WH
  3. More worn and dusty looking if ya' ask me. Cool. --WH
  4. Okay, I'm game.. from FSXA ..more to come. --WH
  5. Both. Team SDB scenery in the earlier shots - Binbrook, I think. AI Formation Toys for the aerial shots using various ai aircraft. --WH
  6. F3, right? Thanks --WH
  7. I was unaware of these replacements so I thought I would install them. I saved the originals under a different name. In comparing file dates, my F3 interior seems more current than the replacement. 3/7/2016 for the original vs. 10/18/2015 for the replacement. How can that be? --WH
  8. Not sure about that. I just did another download and the installer is the same, v100 dated 3.7.2018. The issues are minor and don't impact my flying, but I do want to stay on top of any changes. Can you check on that as to when they were added to the download? Thanks --WH
  9. In reading some of the posts I get the impression that an update is being worked on. Is that true? --WH
  10. Yes. Vulcan B.2 MRR. One of the ai aircraft I have on my setup. --WH
  11. Thought I'd get these posted before they hose my Photobucket account. --WH
  12. I have many products from PC Aviator and Aerosoft. I've learned over the years that it's better to purchase a product directly from the "developer" as compared to a "distributor" for the issues being discussed in this thread. Saying that, I would recommend contacting PC Aviator directly. They seem to update their download products on weekends or when they get around to it, implying they have limited time to stay on top of product changes or updates like the F.53. They are pretty good at e-mailing notices when products are updated, its just that they seem to lag behind other "distributors" in their update process. --WH
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