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What happened to Deutschland X?

Mathijs Kok

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WAOUH....indeed there are some big issues....... question is how can the developper missed that and release it ?

Not everyone had this problems, some said it happens because of a certain combination of addons which change a file which dex makes use of. I'm sure they tested it, but it seems they tested not well enough. If you take a look at the original preview screenshots, you can see how the scenery appeared to the developers and how nice it was supposed to be.

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Here's an interview with Thorsten Reichert (in german, but I guess you'll understand the most important things using a translator)


Glad they want to release it again. I really hope they get a good start-off with DEX 2.0. Personally I'm usually flying in NRW and at Frankfurt, so I'll wait for the west-part. If it looks as good as the screenshots promise, I'll definitely buy it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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