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  1. Hi mates, you are know something about the Huey startupsound from these forum. I have a little bit tricky the turbine run up sound defined at the DEFROST knob. It´s maybe a compromise. See here
  2. Final Part 4 is online. Watch in HD now.
  3. Part 3 Starting Part 4 Engine Run-up
  4. from cold and dark. After using the starter a quick engine sound is runing and then very fast the idle sound. If i shut down the Huey and then start again, the starting sound is running.
  5. Hello mates, I have a question. If I start the Huey I doesn´t hear the "bell205_start_in.wav" sound. Is there a chance to here the start_in sound? I try to chance the sound.cfg, but it doesn´t work :-( Regards Andy
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