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Where am I? - A little ongoing quiz

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Oh how I hate software that stopps working without any notice... it was still in yesterday lol


Should be back now, can you check it again?

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Nope, sorry, also not correct.

A hint maybe? :rolleyes:

Sure: It was an overnightflight in a Freighter. I landed at around 14 o'clock local time.

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No, also not correct.

Beware that some time ago we changed the rules that from time to time we can also do a non Aerosoft product here (actually the 777 in the screenshot is a product we sell), so don't just focus on the ones we sell, but also take others into account. Maybe that helps ;)

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It is not Stavanger, either.

Hint: instead of wild guessing, do some research. It is much more fun. I have shown a very characteristic object in the screenshot. ;)

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