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  1. Not sure if the question was seriously asked or not but could not stop thinking about 2-3 other things that must be happening on planes..... and how those could be implemented... Regards
  2. Snow is understood but hail....?...hell no..... you mean broken window glass or something ? Next... flock of birds please... Regards
  3. A silly question maybe, have you armed reversals first place ? Edit: Ok read your first post. Sorry for ignoring that. Can you please paste relevant screenshot of your P3D controls here.
  4. The one I have configured for reverse detent with full repeat in P3D controls.
  5. Hi Okupton, I have similar setup with my T.Flight. I do press the button 2-3 times to ensure full reverse is deployed. Did you try this ?
  6. This is what I love about Mathijs. Never hesitate to speak his heart up and express passion of simming, put it so simple that even a novice would also get 100% out of it. Regards
  7. I think dtg has already clarified that fsw will not be backward compatible. This is because they want developers to use their modified core engine and develope a better product (in their opinion). So this is a wait game. Hope and wish its going to be fruitful in the end for all. Regards
  8. Only magicians called as "Fate" or "Stefan" can show you deployed reverses and non-deployed gears at the same time ! Regards Prayog
  9. Thanks Mathijs. Out of interest, you think that is the point where FSX(-SE) and P3D products will likely separate their paths out ? Can such thing still be handled via one single installer ? Regards Prayog
  10. Hi AS folks, Could not restrict myself from asking this. Please delete this post if you think it is discussed and/or irrelevant. Are you preparing for 64 bit compatibility up-front, should P3D go 64-bit around mid this year. It is understood that this probably cannot be tested but at least the turn over for developing the change can be minimized and retro-fit can be released in quicker time. (The question can be stretched to other AS buses and sceneries as well and of course there would need to be a road-map to address compatibility across the board like one we went through for P3D V3...) Regards Prayog
  11. Stefan must be the most sought person on Fridays..? I mean if you try googling "Aerosoft A330" on Fridays, it will auto-correct you asking "did you mean Stephan's weekly A330 update.. ?" Regards Prayog
  12. Stefan, I wish I sit beside you. I think I will never get tired watching you making these things. It looks so wonderful to us as an end result but can imagine amount of hours and some really tedious efforts behind all this. You are a perfectionist ! Regards Prayog
  13. By the way, is that a record for most number (#35 as of now) of likes for 1 single comment ?? Emi, You are being nominated also in "Shortest but most liked comment" category Regards Prayog
  14. My guess, for better SCM (Software management control). This might mean (more or less) up-front sync-up with the latest and more optimized A330 code so that at later stage baseline maintenance become simpler. Not to forget even the upgrades can move more or less together provided there are lesser specific complexities on each of the bus. Regards Prayog
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