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  1. I run a Corsair H100i for a few years now and it keeps my 4770k @4.6Ghz in check. Although, this summer it was quite hot here in NL and I had to turn down the clockspeed because my CPU got too hot. But we're talking room temperatures of around 40C, so I was not surprised at all that the cooler couldn't handle it. I prefer a AIO water cooler, because of the cleaner look and easier acces to components in my PC case. But a big air cooler should cool around the same degree while doing it a bit quieter as well. It all comes down to preference and budget
  2. As far as I know, only the 'K' processors are overclockable. The non 'K' processors are not. And since the sim benefits a lot of a higher clockspeed, you'd be foolish to not choose a 'K' as long as you have the funds for a decent CPU cooler.
  3. You can just barely make it out of St. Barths in the 850xp. There is just enough fuel on board to get you to St. Maarten
  4. July's comp prize in action over Lake Benmore (New Zealand) Aerosoft AN-2, and the scenery is from Godzone
  5. Thanks Simeon! I was trying to think outside of the box. You can see the 'evironment' as well as an 'airport'
  6. Hey Kroswynd, can we please have the results from both the July and August competition too?
  7. Departing my hometown Rotterdam! (City scenery is an small project for private use and not even remotely near completion)
  8. Dutch Coast Guard Do-228 over Ameland (One of the islands in The Netherlands)
  9. Here is a nice piece about the Coral routes TEAL used to do: The airport in the pictures is Rotorua if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Who needs a virtual ejection seat? If that isn't attention to detail, I don't know what is?
  11. The funny thing about landing on a carrier, is that you're constantly lining up
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