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Photo challenge (closes Sept 1st!)

Mathijs Kok

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How real does it get... Well, I'd say it gets pretty real, but it does not without add-ons, especially in my case... ... . . .. . . .

As EDDL fsx is n/a, I'll still use the GA3 fs9 solution (+ SG3) for the next 48 months... ;) So, let's see the result, and btw, I've got 1 question.

Is it a must to show the situation without 1 single add-on? I'm asking, because EDDL without 1 single add-on is very naked... (and the default msfs 744 is not an eye-catcher).

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What a great idea, this is right up my alley, I enjoy a creative challenge. I believe we are not limited to just 1 entry? I have several ideas and photos I would like to attempt to duplicate in FSX, below is my 1st entry, hope it qualifies within the contest rules.


If allowed, will add more as I finish them.

Good luck to all, look forward to seeing many great entries.

Edit: I saw a few more real photos of which I fancied trying to reproduce them in FSX, the first 2 were fairly easy to make but the last one was really tricky but I am pleased with the results. Here are entry no 2, 3 & 4:AerosoftPhotoChallengeContest2ndEntry.jpg<AerosoftPhotoChallengeContest3rdEntry.jpg<AerosoftPhotoChallengeContest4thEntry.jpg

Done a few more, this time of one of my favorite 'small' scenery areas, The Isles of Scilly.





This one took me many hours but I am pleased with the results. I did find that it is nearly impossible to get a perfect alignment and position as in the photo, due to the fact that the scale of any fsx scenery/building/aircraft are not the same thus cannot get it exactly like a photo.


A few more added, this time of Manchester airport.




I think I am enjoying this challenge too much :P.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

There are really some awesome shots there. :)

One of my favourite destinations, not because I did the addon but because of the stunning beauty of this paradise:

Oh yes Torsten the stunning beauty of this paradise!

I was there two times to dive and your implementation of the scenery is really awesome, thanks!


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