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Plot Sale AF-79 and AF-87


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This weeks plots are

AF79 & AF87 both cost 35 euros

AF87post-27132-090513300 1292607439_thumb.jp

AF79post-27132-016669300 1292607452_thumb.jp

Plotspost-27132-021494600 1292607307_thumb.jp

(Please note I only have the authority and the ability to post in the forum - I cannot change AndrasField.com- Aerosft have to do that- remember I am not an Aerosoft employee just a member of the community.)

If you are interested send an email to sales@andrasfield.com. If you are interested in more than one plot you do not need to send more than one e-mail but please make it clear which plots you are interested in- you can only win one plot. You can say an order of preference. If it is not clear which plot(s) you are interested then you will not be entered in to the draw.

If there is more than one person interested I will ask mini Chompski to pull the name out of the hat.

Please remember to add what the sign at the road side should show and if you want the hanger open or closed.

The deadline for submissions of interest is 8:00 pm UTC (GMT) Tuesday 21 December 2010 so that people have more time to see this post especially important due to the hectic time of year (NB the draw will take place shortly after 8:00 pm UTC - I then email to congratulate the winners – then I post on the forum – so it can take a bit of time after)



P.s. Off to an 80's style Christmas party – should be interesting –now where did I put my Miami Vice Jacket?:D

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Well this week has been a tale of two Johns

At plot 87 we have John Giezen and at plot 79 we have John H Olsen

Thanks to all those that sent an e-mail expressing interest (it was a big list this week). I don't have time to e-mail you all but thank you for taking the time and the effort.

Thanks again

Merry Christmas

p.s. I am working on a mission as a way to say thanks to all those that keep on entering and to all those who enjoy Andras Field

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