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  1. Just put in for my first bid. Things are seeming pretty quiet at Andras at the moment.
  2. Hi Matt, I'd like to have a listen in at the fly-ins even if I don't yet have VAE registration. I do have Teamspeak and if you could send me the relevant server details and a password I can use, I could at least come and meet some of the guys. Regards Foto
  3. Now that might be fun doing it online, although I don't have many aircraft that can "keep down" with a Tiger Moth, . Could always use full flaps and keep the wheels down! Just waiting now for my registration to be approved. Regards Fotoflyer
  4. I've just arrived on the site and can't wait to get online and fly with you guys. Looking to buy a plot too but the one currently on offer looked a bit "cool". Just planned a flight from Leeds-Bradford to Andras in my Learjet 23 which I wll swap for something more mundane when I've landed. A Cessna 172 would take a little too long,lol! Seems one of the best ideas since I've been flying FSX. Well done Aerosoft! Fotoflyer
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