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  1. I won !!! Thanks ! Looking foreward to move in :-) Merry Christmas 2010 all John.
  2. He..campers ? Never found them yet, good pictures !
  3. Hi Craig. Thanks for u help too... John.
  4. works now, reneme it to .zip another folder, not folder it was suppose to be, then copy the 52 mb over Andrea folder, thanks...puhhh...:-)
  5. Hi Tyrion. Thanks. i rename "unknow" file by hand to .zip works. But when i unzip, i cant get it to unzip to own folder or inside folder, strange file, i try start FSX, maby it got the update. thanks for for tips ! But dont think update works anyway, but i got file to right folder. well..update 1.05 will come soon maby.
  6. Hi..got update 1.04 today. my program says " file type unknow" ? this is no .exe file. I read on webpafe " to put on top update 1.03" i did that, and only thing happens, was that update runs again 1.03, no 1.04. ? Can anybody give me a hit what to do with the 13.5 mb update 1.04 ??? Aerosoft, please give update in .exe files
  7. I use AF homepage on my Favorit tool bar in IE browser. Would be nice with link to Aerosoft Homepage from frontpage AF ?? To check new release on news on frontpage. I guess many like me, that have spendt a LOT of money to buy Scenery and planes from Aerosoft, check webpage regular like every day to see if updates, news. John.
  8. has not set their status

  9. I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. Born 1966 last millium. Had use FS since FS2000 and still like it, guess i will use FS as hobby lifetime maby.

  10. Thanks. I will contact AF Airport Directure to suggest a helipad nr 2 in furture maby. John.
  11. Thanks. Yes, a helicopter can land on grass af Andras Heliport pad. But 2 helipads would be more fun for 2 friend fly online with helicopters, as a "target" to land on. Sound just nice to get few more helipads in area in furture maby. Thanks. John.
  12. I had fly around AF a bit last few days and i have no problem to PAY for a beatiful made "fictive" airport in FSX. Why ? I see it more like a virtual "playground" for me as virtual pilots like me to fly in FSX and spendt few houres to just fly and enjoy the surroundings. I had spendt a LOT of money to buy Aerosoft scenery and planes and i see AF just as a "extra" good scenery to my professionel made collection of airports. Last day, i took a flight with default FSX Ultraligt and R22 helicopter to Innsbruch, Austrian ( spelled wrong .-). No map no GPS, just fly south yo button at lake, follow small river to right a bit, when your see a railroad after few min of flight, follow it to to left, it will take your close to long vally when your find Innsbruch. That would be impossibel in old FS2000 days, to know terrain like your "pocket". This fictional AF airport, is very good to test new aircraft too. Most important for me would be the "community" around AF. Technolygy dont stop here, in like 10 years, we can walk around with a avartar in AF and vist homes inside to see if friend home ( online) then go to house hangar and take a flight togehter to like Innsbruch, where friend deside to stay and walk around a bit in city and watch Inncbruch 2020 scenery from Aerosoft. I fly on to see new the new Munich 2020 scenery, and pick friend up 1 houre later in Innsbruch and we fly back to AF 2020 and chat about, how beatiful new Aerosoft 2020 scenery is, compare with old year 2010. We arrive in dusk to Andras Field, and take few turns over the large AF Airpark, to see new houses. Easy to see who got money or not, big houses with helipads on top and large garden with walls around and big gate. After landing and taxi to house in airpark, we go to his place and watch latest videon of Aerosoft 2020 scenery, on the large screen in livingroom. My friend tells me, he will tomorrow buy the new Discus X 2020 version 27.20 with improved virtual cockpit, we make a appointment to meet infront of his house in AF Airpark at hangar and walk to gliderfield togehter, maby we meet some there. Well....this was fictional, but this is what is see for furture, to use fictional scenery like AF. Have a great day all ! John.
  13. ....maby 1-2 more helipads around the lake close to harbor would be fun too, or on top of hill at castles. John.
  14. Hi All ! I am not a very good helicopter pilot, because i had not take time to learn to fly this birds well, been using FS since FS2000 .-) I just noticed, that Andres Field have only 1 heli pad ? I guess some pilots want to fly multiuse with helicopters in FSX. I guess 1 or 2 more helipads is needet in furture, so 2-3 can fly online multiuser and start and stop from own helipad, or maby practice togehter to start and land same time. Have a great day all ! John.
  15. Hi ! Cant find next topic with auktion of LOT2 ? When will it be ? If we offer EUR100, auktion will stop and the bidder of EUR100 wins ? Been flying/walking around Andrea Field a lot today, it is really fine scenery ! Happy flying... John.
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