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  1. Emilios , i really love this scenery alot, excellent work by you and your team and aerosoft, ive been waiting for a great corfu scenery for a while Please if you could add to the control tower the rotating beacon on top, really would make the airport even better, always loved seeing it turn over the airport after landing there in the summer, ill never forget landing there in a Olympic B727-200 in 87:) was last there in 2008. looking forward to the next update best regards, alex
  2. Great Work!, looking forward to buying Corfu X this week:) all the screenshots look amazing and lifelike.
  3. WOW! I cant wait to land in Corfu these shoots look so lifelike I feel Like Im viewing this view from Kanoni hill over runway 35:) Superb Work...
  4. Wow This scenery of Corfu is so lifelike, having been there many times to visit my family, always enjoyed walking down those airstairs of those boeings:) the terminal looks realistic, looks like they are filling in the left side of the lagoon of the airport for apron expansion. cant wait for this beautiful scenery to come out.
  5. wow looks so realistic im sure the rest of the terminal is gonna looks great:)
  6. [Mathijs The Corfu Scenery looks amazing i cant wait to fly there:) looking at those lovely screenshots makes me feel like im actually on the apron. one of my favorite airports when i visit my family in Kerkira. will this release be boxed or download? really would love a boxed version with some nice approach charts. well congrats to aerosoft on this Great choice im sure it well sell well. [ [ [
  7. Hello just sent my bid for AF87 wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year.
  8. Hi Chompski, mail sent for the 1 plot bid. Keeping my fingers crossed looking forward to having a home soon:) Happy Holidays Best Regards, Alex
  9. I know hsp and others have made this nice airport, but Aerosoft would make it even greater Its one of the top 5 airports in greece and gets airlines from all over Europe and the middle East Its like the st maarten of Europe. You guys did an Awesume job in Santorini and Kos and Larnaka. This would defintely sell well. Keep up the beautiful work.
  10. it still is listed in the future release page so we hope it will still come out since i am too waitin for it. until then im enjoying project hellas excellent addons and the superb kerkira project scenery addon which even i haven gone to kerkira many times feel like im there , thts how close it is to the real thing
  11. It would be great if there was a good payware scenery made on cuba and with an emphasis on Havana and Jose Marti airport with its IL62M restaurant parked by the airport with all the nice looking building's and the capitolto which is a replica of the us a one ( the capitol in washington d.c and the famous fortress tht protects havana's harbor is an exotic destination it would defintely sell well with the flightsim community
  12. i also wouldl love to se a puerto rico scenery it would be a great addon since no has done a payware version i have flown there before and love it (san juan's two runways esp the smaller isle verde airport
  13. Havana Cuba Jose Marti airport runway is 13,143 feet long i think it is the largest in the carrabean cuba would be a very intresting place to add as a scenery as many people are curious to go there and cant due to the embargo i feel it would sell well
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