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ATC window is greyed out.


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10 hours ago, hawkhero856 said:


Just installed the CRJ package. Started a flight and found my ATC window is greyed out. I can see other traffic talking. Tried reinstalling and the same thing. Other aircraft work fine.



You probably have Avionics bound to a Switch and that is telling the sim to disable this....  That also won't work in other aircraft...

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4 hours ago, GEK_the_Reaper said:



Test 1: Make new EMPTY profiles for all your controllers (including Mouse) -> test


--> YES --> then you do have a button binding.....

--> NO -->

Test 2: Unplug your controllers leaving just your Mouse -> test


I made it to test 2,still the same. Photo1 is test 1. Photo 2 is all controls empty profile. Photo 3 is just mouse with all other controls unplugged. I tried reinstalling before the test with the same results.




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@hawkhero856 So here you go....the DEV was quick on this...

If you start on a RWY, MSFS assumes you have already got your TO clearance and no other commands are available at that time --> same goes for all other standard ACFT (just check them).


As soon as you TO, ATC commands come alive again :) .

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