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  1. I tried that and it works! Not the best results but at least I can use it now. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Like I said, I click on anything and nothing happens. Very frustrating.
  3. I can’t do anything! I click on my email, nothing happens. Same everywhere. I tried to find any folders and deleted them from my c drive. Restart computer and install software with admin rights. Same thing happens. The prior version worked fine. This started when I updated the software a few days ago.
  4. Hi, I opened the One app yesterday and it installed a new update. It restarted and now when I click on anything, nothing happens. I Removed the app and downloaded the app. Installed ok. Opened the app and the same thing happens. I am running Win 11.
  5. Yes. Start at the gate, no problem. Connected all controllers one by one and it works! Just can’t start on runway
  6. Ihave been starting the flight on the runway. This photo shows me at the gate, ready to start mode.
  7. I made it to test 2,still the same. Photo1 is test 1. Photo 2 is all controls empty profile. Photo 3 is just mouse with all other controls unplugged. I tried reinstalling before the test with the same results.
  8. I checked all of my controllers. No comm buttons binded
  9. I checked that yesterday. I’ll look again today.
  10. Hi, Just installed the CRJ package. Started a flight and found my ATC window is greyed out. I can see other traffic talking. Tried reinstalling and the same thing. Other aircraft work fine.
  11. I found that my Bravo throttle was conflicting with the TCA. I set the Bravo profile with no throttle functions but I guess it's something else. So I turned off the Bravo USB and now the TCA works fine! Thanks for the help.
  12. Yes. engines idle at 21%. When I go to full power #1 go's to 30%. #2 go's to 100%. But today I tried and #1 engine is at 3% and seems like it's not getting fuel.
  13. Yes, both throttles move visually. I did set to a linear curve. Both throttles are calibrated by the EFB also. It detects all movements. I started the CJR ready to taxi and now #1 engine does not even start. Hangs at 20%.
  14. Hi, I have set up my TCA throttle and everything works fine except the #1 throttle. Both idle at 21%. When I advance the throttles, #2 go's to full power, but #1 go's to about 30% and no higher. I have done all the calibrations that are posted on the forums. This is the only issue with my set up.
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